Scott Stulberg


Finally someone has a incredibly well thought out website that is just what photographers really want. Filled with so much….and will help all kinds of photographers with so much information.
I love Dodho!!! +

Laurent Decuyper

Dodho is great magazine that covers all styles of photography and allows any photographer to show their work to the world. +

Susan de Witt

Dodho shows a very diverse variety of excellent and quality photography. I highly recommend it! +

Laurent Baheux

Very nice site and great presentation ! Thanks Dodho for sharing my b&w work.+

Robert Hutinski

Excellent work. congratulation. +

Star Rush


Each issues’s collections of photographers and images inspire and provoke in ways that always surprising and pleasurable. +

Diana Debord

Dodho magazine is one of those photography magazine that can really inspire you: I was so happy to see my works featured on it and become a contributor! +

Tommaso Di Donato

I really love the format Dodho presents the author’s work! Clean, nice web template, and good quality for the pictures.
Hope to have a new project to submit, as soon as possible! +

Philip Faith

I had the pleasure to have my work featured in DODHO magazine, and I have to say that its a gorgeous magazine, that gives exposure to photographers worldwide, the content is very well woven and the staff are very kind…I would suggest this Magazine to any Photographers as well as Photography enthusiasts. +

Dina Oganova


One Of the Most Interesting Magazine. +

Ralph Graef


Dodho is one of the best photo magazines I’m aware of. I’m always surprised by the high level and variability of photographic works highlighted in the individual articles. I’m looking forward to the future issues. +

Patrizio Silvi Antonini

I think dodho is a brilliant and inspiring magazine full of pictures never trivial, but exciting, with lots of new stimuli. Particularly well edited and with an eye-catching graphics.+

Eduardo Almeida

Very few magazines about photography and art are able to pay attention in a way as simple and the same time as powerful to the artist vision like Dodho Magazine, leaving it to the interpretation of the reader each work as has been created by its author, with all its purity and essence intact. +

George E. Holroyd III

I am honored to have had my work presented on the Dodho web site and then later to be asked to participate in a “Five minutes” article. Thank you for providing an excellent platform for artists like myself. Keep up the good work! +

Carmelita Iezzif

Doho is very inspiring magazine and the website is beautifully designed, where you can discover the best of talented photographers from all over the world and also you can read a very interesting interviews.
I appreciate the time taken from the staff to promote each of the selected artists. I’m so proud to be featured with my work on Doho Magazine. I highly recommend it! +

Zuzana Uhlíková

Dodho is a great magazine that gives an opportunity for all types of photographers. It is very inspiring. Thanks to all those who create it. +

Leighanne Deeney

Dodho was such a great organization to work with and I am proud to be able to say I have been published by them. They responded to me in a reasonable time and were kind in all manners! Definitely recommend this online magazine to anyone interested in photography a whatsoever! +

Adrián Morillo

Congratulations! A fantastic photography magazine. +

Nenad Saljic


Inspiring content and great design. +

Audrey Simper

Dodho magazine is a dose of inspiration and the thoughtfully chosen photographers never cease to amaze me with their incredible work. It’s such a great experience to read the interviews from the artists and hear their voice through their stories. +

Michael F. McElroy

dodho is just an absolute beautifully designed magazine that offer its readers a stunning diversity of emerging photographers from around the globe. A diamond in the ruff. +

Daniel Kovalovszky

Thanks to Dodho Magazine for the recommendation of my series Green Silence. It was a big help to expose my work . I’m so satisfied with their friendly attitude and the professional approach. One of the most important and creative photography magazine around the world. Submit you work! +

Yanina Boldyreva

Thanks, you do very important work. Dodho is the friendly and convenient website with the interesting and various contents where everyone can find something for himself. +

Balarka Brahma

I heard the name of this splendid magazine from one of my friends. This is an excellent resource for all type of photography. Dodho also keeps a very high standard while selecting works. Emerging photographers can take lot of inspiration from this magazine. I have an wonderful experience to publish my work here. +

Cees Maas


I am very proud to see my work published in Dodho Magazine. To be featured among the best of the worlds contemporary photographers is a great honor. For me, Dodho is a main source of inspiration. A platform where many talented art photographers show their impressions. Dodho is a place to admire, to learn and to evolve. +

George Digalakis

A magazine like Dodho was absolutely necessary. The presentation of new talented artists, is a great help to their emergence in the difficult field of artistic photography.
Browsing through it’s “pages”, has been for me a source of inspiration and surprise for the variety and quality of the presentations. I discovered artists with fresh ideas, who have something new to give in the world of photography.
I hope the route of “Dodho” to be successful and long lasting and continue to be a reference point and meeting place for young, but also established artists from around the world. +

Yury Bird

Inspiring Magazine, beautiful presentation. Dodho is the friendly and convenient website with the interesting and various contents where everyone can find something for himself. Very important for me to printing here. Thank you Dodho! +

Gittan Beheydt


Dodho is such a great inspirational magazine. You might say as a contemporary photographic encyclopaedia. A never ending resource of the greatest visual stories and insights of the best international artist.
So it is really amazing to be featured and I’m feeling deeply honoured and proud to be among all the great photographers you are publishing. Thank you Dodho! +

Bob Demchuk


I been in the business for over forty years, but I still learn something each time I view Dodho Magazine on line. This is the great value of this magazine.+

David Niddrie

Dodho Magazine is very impressive in the way it presents cutting-edge galleries from around the world, while inspiring new photographic works along the way. I am honoured to have my images a part of this inspiring collection! Thanks to the team for making Dodho a must-see for contemporary photography.+

Joydxeep Mukherjee

It an excellent one .. got a good exposure .. i want to submit more .+

Thomas Alleman

As a consumer of photography—as a passionate hunter of great published work and compelling design—I’m a huge fan of Dodho, which is conceived, edited and built with real taste and verve. As a photographer whose work has been published in Dodho on three occasions, I’m continually delighted by the boldness of the presentation of my pictures, which shows them in their best possible light. Bravo, Dodho, and thank you very much!+

Mike ruiz


Dodho is a wealth of resources for anyone who wants to be inspired. It tops my list of photography sites out there.



The dodho magazine best! It is the most favorite online photo magazine! (dodhoマガジン最高!一番好きなオンライン写真マガジンです!)+

Tom Chambers

I was honored when I was asked to submit work to dodho. The staff was nice to work with and I feel like dodho provided great exposure for my work. The dodho website speaks for itself… it carries an exemplary selection of photography that I’m proud to be a part of. +

Lenka Jesonka

Publish on web gave me more publicity and photo friends from all around the world with same photo taste. I really appreciate to take a part. Thank you a lot! +

Francisco Arteaga


Dodho magazine is the magazine for all photographers. A great magazine with a nice design, offering photographers around the world to see their work published. A magazine where different photography works take place from all kind of disciplines showing their best in a very stylish way. 100% recommemded! +

Irvin Ribera


Dodho Magazine’s dynamic features of diverse photographic styles and the interesting and talented people behind the lens make it one of my favorite magazines today. Dodho opens doors to lots of amazing and wonderful talents around the globe. This magazine is one of the really good ones out there with amazing content. +

Vibeke Johansson

I like your website because I am inspired by the many different creative photographers. I use it to seek inspiration from in my everyday life. +

Bagrad Badalian

Dodho magazine is beautiful and versatile, there are many styles and different kinds of photographers being exposed. +

Boris Dumont


Thanks a lot ! you’re doing great job with your one line magazine and website. I was delighted to participate with a series +

Patrick Hübschmann


Dodho is a great source to find interesting Photographers from around the world. +

Yuri Benitez

I am flattered to have been published in Dodho. Is a excellent source for inspiration and exchange of ideas and techniques. Thank you for your invitation. +

Ronny Behnert

One of the most creative magazines I`ve seen! Thanks a lot for sharing the different artists from all over the word. +

Katharina Fitz

The dodho is a magazine that makes me discover a big range of different photographers from around the world. The photography shown has a high standard and is carefully chosen. Thanks to the team of dodho magazine for inviting me to show my work on the site. Good luck for the future! +

Harry Fisch


A splendid magazine that takes great care on the curation of the works. A pleasure for any photography lover. +

Achim Koerfer

I find dodho a very stylish, aesthetic and fascinating magazine dealing not only with artistic matters, but also with burning social issues. More power to you! +

Aleksandra Lekovic

A few words about dodho magazine … best described words – new, interesting, different … give a new way of looking at the photo and photographers projects.

Ursula Abresch


Dodho is a beautiful looking website. It has great graphic appeal, and the content is superb. Thank you! +

Filippo Zambon

It is always nice to be featured in a photo magazine. Especially when the magazine is an interesting and visually engaging collection of amazing works like Dodho! +

Omri Talmor

I guess it’s already been said before…but what I like the most about your website is the fact that you provide an excellent platform for a wide range of different approaches to photography as a leading medium. +

Morganna Magee


Firstly congratulations on your beautiful magazine- it’s not often I find myself spending hours looking at one website but I spent the whole morning on your site- beautifully designed and beautiful photos.

Secondly I’m really honoured you would consider my work!! I’ve attached my latest body of work +

Clausse Jeremy

The step pressed of my decomposed presence, I go.
Here and now is washed, exceeded. Under the look of your verses, tinged, I notice, twice.
The objective in focal, in the channels of my spirit,
I move forward, serene, almost numbed.
Of the step of yesterday, not of today…
On the bridge of my dreams…

Dodho is as a book of dreams which allows a trip in the universe of very talented photographers…A real source of inspiration guided by a magnificent creative and reactive team… Thank you Dodho to have invited my works in your house.+

Warren Zelman

Every time I visit Dodho, I find something that inspires my creativity or exposes me to contemporary artists doing wonderful work! +

Gabriele Viertel

Inspiring, amazing, diverse, professionally – this is DODHO.
A resources and showcase for creatives and one of the best photography magazines.
Keep impressing this way +

Tytia Habing

If you love photography, you’ll love Dodho Magazine! It’s a wonderful platform to see talented, emerging photographers from across the globe.

Stefania Sammarro

dodho magazine. beautiful magazine online. If you don’t know it yet, check out this very interesting website on photography and art. +

Jean-Pierre Duvergé

Thank you so muck to publish my work. I am very honored.

Mitar Terzic

fantastic magazine made by photographers for the photographers+

Francisco Alcala Torreslanda

I recently discovered the dodho online Photography Magazine and to me was a very pleasant and useful surprise. I am a photographer that is always reviewing the work of other artists to find inspiration and I found in this magazine an excellent resource with established and emerging photographers. I like the fact that their editors are looking at all parts of the World. +

Lisa Shalom


I love Dodho! I’ve been following on Facebook and Online for quite some time now. The stories are always fascinating and I love that the site keeps me abreast of the latest in photography news and information. I definitely get inspiration from Dodho all the time! +

Alina Mayboroda

I love this magazine. I wish you success and prosperity!+

Michel Lecocq

Thank you to all the team of Dodho magazine for the quality of their contribution , their open mind and their great professionalism. this is a indispensable magazine in the world of photograph and that which is done better, currently.+

Aleksandr Smirnov

Dodho is the most creative online magazine which presents talented photographers from around the world. Wonderful presentation, lots of photos of different genres, articles of photographers about their works, make it a great resource about photography.+

Katrin Viil

Dodho is amazing because it values art without restrictions.Submission is open to everyone and thats really important.Its great that you also publish erotic art. And thnx for the downloadable magazine ´´10 most influential erotic photographers´´. For me as a fan of erotic-fashion photography it was a really good suprise. Wish you success!+

Anca Cernoschi

It’s an honor to be featured again and again in this great magazine, among all those amazing artists. Thank you! +

Daniel Grant

It was an honor and privilege to be included in the 4th issue of dodho magazine. Their professionalism and dedication to photography sets dodho apart from other magazines. Thankfully, there is a ton of thought placed in the layout and design of the magazine in order to focus and showcase what is really important, the photography.
To be included with such a talented group of international photographers is a very humbling experience. It is a testament to the quality and reputation of this magazine that photographers are constantly submitting their work for a chance to be featured.
After my in the 4th issue I was invited to exhibit the “My affair with Diana” Series at the SFMoma Artist Gallery in San Francisco, USA. I look forward to a long Relationship with dodho! +

Mark Singles


Dodho is a beautifully crafted on-line showcase of photography from around the world.  It is inspirational, diverse in genre and promotes the sense that we are a global community.  It is a collaborative effort, granting photographers a supportive platform to share their work. I am very grateful to be a part of the dodho story. +

Paul Bride

Love it! Dodho continues to impress me with each issue. +

Abdo Shanan

It is to dodho magazine that i have the opportunity to discover many talented photographer from around the world. +

Paulo Monteiro

Dodho is an inspiration for photographers and photography lovers. A real challenger. A beautifully designed site. And lots of new talents. +

Amanda Dandeneau

It was a pleasure to work with the people from Dodho Magazine. They have a passion for photography and really seek out and research new photographers around the world. I want to say a huge thank you to the people at Dodho Magazine for featuring my work! +

Cristina Venedict


Dodho magazine is really a great concept, very different from what we usually see on the web. I am very proud to have been invited to take part in it. Personally it allows me to discover new talented photographers. +

Marco Mazzei

I am extremely grateful to Dodho for the beautiful work they did. Excellent!!!! +

Marta Kochanek


A great resource and an online platform for photographers looking for inspiring, provoking and quality photography work. Thank you for letting me being part of the community! +

Gina Socrates

Dodho magazine showcases an array of various photographic genres. Many new, inspiring features are added to the website regularly. I was delighted to be approached by Dodho and become part of this exciting magazine. +

Djeneba Aduayom

Dodho is a really cool magazine with lots to discover!! +

Dominic Rouse

A crusading and inspirational voice in the cause of visionary fine art photography. +

Holly Kehrt


There are few websites that I have ever seen that really excite us as photographers. Dodho is one of the best, if not the best and the layout, content and choice of photographers makes it the perfect place to learn, see great work and be motivated about photography. Thank you Maximo for your gift to all of us! +



Dodho is showing interesting photography in a minimalist way therefore Dodho focuses on the photos and that’s what a photography magazine should do. It’s clean and simple in a very pleasant way. I am honored Dodho is paying attention to my photography project ‘self-portraits in strangers’ houses’. Great! +

Lilyan Aloma

Dodho allows photographic artists to speak for themselves. It is an extraordinary platform to connect your work to an online audience. +

Paul Elledge


dodho is a well crafted magazine that showcases a variety of wonderful image makers. I really enjoy seeing new photography as well as seeing some old friends work at my finger tips. +

Wouter le Duc

Dodho Magazine is a great source of outstanding photography with a lot of inspiring projects from talented photographers from all around the world. It’s a great honour to be part of this. +

Dana Stirling


I had a problem in the beginning with sending my submission via email but I got help and direction in a nice and positive way. I really liked what you did with my project it looks really professional and I was really happy to see it! thank you . +

Elmar Akhmetov

I have a strong belief that in addition to being great source of information Dodho is an endless source of inspiration for aspiring photographers and established professionals as well. +

Maxim Babenko


I am very flattered to have been published in Dodho. Dodho has an exquisite taste, a place to send your eyes on a vacation. Thank you for your invitation. I really appreciate to take a part. +

Tema Stauffer

Beautiful presentation of diverse international photography projects. +

Mihai Florea

Dodho is one of my all-time favourite photography magazines and, in my opinion, one of the best in the space of promoting top quality photographers. Keep up the good work! +

Gabriele Viertel

Inspiring, amazing, diverse, professionally – this is DODHO.
A resources and showcase for creatives and one of the best photography magazines. Keep impressing this way. +

Lorenzo Grifantini

Dodho is a new a fresh photography magazine and gives the opportunity to established and emerging photographers to showcase their work and stories.
I really enjoy reading it!

Anik Rahman

Self Portrait

I really like the idea of this magazine. At this moment there are lots of photographer around the world and lots of stories around us. So there should be some platform to publish the work. Because reaching the target audience for any photographer’s work is essential. I wish best of luck for the coming works of Dodho Magazine. +

Kathryn Thompson


Dodho Magazine features amazing work. The images and stories are relevant, creative and inspiring. I am honoured to be apart of their community.+

Robb Johnson

Great Magazine. I am happy to be involved. +

Anita Balogh

I appreciate that you created an international community of photographers to share many great work . It has been an honor to be part of this creative journey. Many special thanks to you Maximo !!! Greetings from Hungary! +

Kostya Smolyaninov

Thanks for very fast publication of my series Street Theography. I like such dynamic media about photography like yours. Its in my everyday list of “must see”. +

James Singlador


Thanks to Dodho Magazine. You really help artist to showcase their works specially for the unknown but talented artists around the globe. More Power!+

Dmitri Beliakov

I was happy to no end to find Dodho photography magazine, because it contains loads of new stories, themes and tells me about new photographers with new original styles. In particular i was impressed with some stories from the South & Eastern Asian photographers. I wish you stay on long enough.+

Deborah Roffel

Dodo you have recently published my work online, this link I put on my social media channels and have therefore received many positive reactions from who are interested in my work and of different clients. The work and the story is presented in a beautiful way and am therefore very honored . With this. I want to thank you for publishing my work and story! +

Julia Anna Gospodarou


Dodho is one of the most inspiring photography magazine I know. The work and artists Dodho features are always the best you can see on the international photography scene, the best in their genre and a model for others. I’ve spent plenty of time browsing through the articles and images published and I am honored and very glad to be one of the artists featured in the magazine, even more than once. Thank you Dodho, keep inspiring us! +

Pavan Krushik

Thanks for being a great inspiration. Very glad to be a part of this amazingly talented group. Appreciate your incredible work and contribution. God bless. +

Dan McInnis


Beautifully designed site. Innovative, edgy and manifold work. Wonderful staff to work with! +

jacqueline zilberberg


I like the enthusiasm with which the team of dodho magazine works
I appreciate the time taken to promote each of the selected artists, which implies respect for the work we do.
I love the design of your site and the magazine as well. The design is neat, clean, and each artist works is always in sight.
Im honored to be part of it.  +

Rohan Reilly


Dodho showcases very diverse and quality photography. I was delighted to be approached by them and highly recommend spending some time browsing through their website! +

Geo Oplaat

Dodho magazine delivers me very good, inspiring photography every time. +

Igor Askarov

Dodho is what internet lacks nowadays: some place to show up your work other than facebook. Something special, selected, something self-dependent and inspiring. +

Goran Jovic


High quality magazine with in-depth articles. +

Frang Dushaj

A wonderful magazine with much variety featuring so many talented photographers. Beautiful design! +

Alexander Kamakaev

Really good magazine about aesthetic photography.

Christine Simpson

I feel very privileged to be included in Dodho. I am so impressed with the standard of work, the variety of subject matter and the general layout of the magazine. This is a great opportunity for me to showcase my work. Thank you so much. +

Filippo Rivetti

Extremely well made and very interesting website! It was a pleasant surprise! +

Pavel Gospodinov

Dodho is one of the best online photography magazines around. It is always full of interesting stories, amazing photography and inspiring photographers profiles. Keep up the good work! +

Sam Golanski

Dodho its a great platform for developed and emerging photographers to publish and be part of talented community from around the globe. +

Dragos Ioneanu

Dodho is a really inspiring collection of articles about the work of top emerging photographers of the moment. It is a fresh breeze on the scene of photography magazines and a mandatory link for any photographer! I was extremely happy to be featured in Dodho and to be part of such a diverse and talented community! +

Francisco Diaz

When i first saw dodho Magazine I was so impressed with the quality and breadth of the photography! You do such a wonderful job giving readers an overview of what is happening in photography today—keep up the good effort!

Salvatore Esposito

I really appreciate the enterprise of Dodho Magazine to promote the Photography understanding and to give the opportunity to show your work outside the editorial logic. +

Kirk Ellingham

Any platform like dodho that allows access and exposure for new photographers to show their projects to a wider audience with the possibility of further publications and work is to be admired. All photographers/creatives/artists need to get their work seen and validated by their peers, they also need fund to survive and continue their research and finalise their creations. How to continue this collaboration with Dodho magazine and hope that will publish more of my and my photographic friends work. Perhaps their is the possibility of aprinted publication and exhibition of best projects in the future. I hope so, thank you Maximo for finding me- cheers +

Natalie Barbosa

Dodho Magazine is a beautifully crafted platform for photography. It is certainly a place to go for inspiration. It is a pleasure for my work to be displayed along side of the talented photographers who are featured here. +

Mitja Kobal


Dodho has an exquisite taste, a place to send your eyes on a vacation. +

Claudio Allia


I’m really pleased and honored to have my work published on the DODHO online magazine. Many congratulations to an open-minded and inspired team which was able to create such an innovative and refined platform, collecting so much inspirational photographic artworks and styles from all the world ! +

Yucel Basoglu

Realy beautiful Magazine , beautiful presentation.. many thanks for this great honor.. very important to me.. Greetings to all staff.. +

Petros Koublis


Dodho brings together a wonderful collection of images and interesting articles. It was a real pleasure to see my work becoming part of it.

Viet Ha Tran

Wonderful mag, thank you so much indeed for the quick publication of my photography, especially with all the links to my social media correctly published, you are the 1st magazine that ever did this in such a nice way! All other mags only posted the links together with the articles and not linked to the logos. +

Sarah Ainley

This website/magazine is one of my go to places on the web. Very inspiring and motivational. It’s refreshing to see other amazing photographers out there doing their thing. A good way to connect. +

 Valentina Malavenda

Is a real pleasure to be part of the magazine dodho! A great magazine with a nice design, offering photographers around the world to see their work published. Highly recommended! Thank you very much Dodho! +

Sarah Allegra

I love Dodho Magazine! The process of getting my work sent and published couldn’t have been easier! Máximo, who I emailed with, was so kind, professional and a lovely person. I am very proud to add Dodho Magazine to my list of accomplishments and I will be sending the link out to everyone I know, and on every social platform I can! I also love that this is treated at the start of an ongoing relationship instead of a one-time thing. It’s very encouraging to know that I could send future projects in and they would be given a review. All around, this has been a wonderful experience and one I hope to repeat some day! +

Thierry Dulau

Dodho Magazine is a great magazine ! Great quality, awesome photographers, and it’s an honor to be published on this, near very talented artists ! +

Aji Susanto Anom

Dodho magazine is a good window to look the best photography works and i’d love to contribute my works here to let other apreciate it widely.+

Robin Macmillan


I am so happy to have been introduced to this wonderful online photography magazine! It was an honour to have my series “Footprints” be included with such a high calibre of work from international photographers. The magazine is well put together with class, knowledge and a keen artistic eye. Thank you Dodho!+

Dasha Matrosova


I’m very glad that I have published in this edition! There are many very interesting, beautiful and desired information! I often browse and inspiring work of creative people. I am sure that every year dodho to this day will gain even greater audience and to attract young talent. +