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Matilde Pernille ; Conceptual Photography

This photo series is a collection of old and new pictures, taken between 2014 and 2017. The later years I have been drawn to a darker mood in my working, and it’s not so clean either, like my earlier photography.


Nils K. Johansen ; Documentary Photography

These 11 images are part of a larger photo documentary that shows the various psychosocial situations among the elderly that voluntary or involuntary not socialising with friends and family, and the result of poor quality of life among these when our society leaves the responsibility to the health care system.


The Selfie Project and Kristoffer Eliassen’s staged photography

The Selfie Project by Norwegian photographer Kristoffer Eliassen explores the relations between man and technology through staged photography. Eliassen, originally educated from Bergen Academy of Art and Design (Norway), has throughout his whole career been interested in this particular topic.

cs jobentdal 2

Common Sensibility by Jo Bentdal

The expression is derived from the highlight of the Renaissance: the portrait. The essence of a human being. The sensitive faces exude authority. Their backs are straight. The gaze is fixed. Ambiguous. Can they trust us?


White is not a color by Tine Poppe

In the days following the 22nd of July 2011 terrorist attack by right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik, the streets of Norway were filled with colorful roses and speeches of love conquering extremism, fear and xenophobia.


Gate by Erlend Mikael Saeverud

Sæverud use inspiration from science fiction, surrealism, and film noir to create a world where the city streets are illuminated by the celestial glow of quasars while ominous black holes become passages to parallel worlds.


No man´s land by Tine Poppe

Around 3000 rejected and “non-returnable” asylum seekers live in Norwegian asylum reception centres. They remain in an indefinite limbo situation for several years, without permission to work, no right to essential medical care and no possibility to leave for another country.


Fake by Matilde Pernille

The next ten years I photographed myself and my friends growing into adults. When I turned 16 I got my first DSLR and started taking more professional portraits too. This led the way to more abstract photography, but I never stopped documenting my life.


Five minutes with Einar Sira

I try to work very slow with my pictures, trying to get the right light and exposure. I do most of my work in my garden. There i have a pond and also the rest of the backdrops i have built.

Towards the sun Arctic 10

Landscapes by Wilfred Wessel Berthelsen

My main photographic inspiration is Michael Kenna, Ansel Adams and Sebastiao Salgado. Back home here in Norway, Morten Krogvold is my mentor and inspirator. He is one of the best photographers in Norway, no question.