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The White Whale by Robert Darch

Born in Birmingham, 1979, Robert Darch is photographer, educator & curator based in the South West of England. He holds a MA with distinction in Photography & the Book and an MFA with distinction in Photographic Arts from Plymouth University.

Downside Up | Alva Bernadine

Downside Up by Alva Bernadine

In my new conceptual series is entitled Downside Up, I literally turn photography on its head because they were all shot while I was suspended upside down.

Freckles | Zuzu Valla

Freckles by Zuzu Valla

My grandfather was a keen amateur photographer shooting amazing black and white photographs. I always admired other photographersí work, never thinking that one day I would follow my grandfatherís footsteps.


Woman by Zuzu Valla

They say,Life is a fightíí and I´ve learned how to fight in the ring of life from my parents. Tibor Sopor, multiple boxing champion of Czechoslovakia and my mum who gave me all her love.

Shot_005_135669_V3_FLT copy

Uli Weber ; Fashion and Portraiture

The photographer, Uli Weber, has built a global reputation on his mastery of two distinct fields: capturing the profound and the profane in a popular culture fixated with celebrity; and revealing the intimate truths of portraiture.

Ray Stevenson, Steve Havoc, Siouxsie Sioux, ‘Debbie’, 1970s, © Ray Stevenson. Courtesy of Rex Shutterstock

Celebrating 40 years of Punk

London (Jul 20–Aug 26, 2016) The Michael Hoppen Gallery is delighted to present PUNK, an exhibition of vintage press prints that document the rise of punk culture in 1970s Britain.


Nudes Exhibition by Alistair Taylor-Young

London (Sep 20–Oct 8, 2016) Nudes Exhibition : Nudes sees Alistair Taylor-Young present a new series of work of stunning miniature photographs. Each photograph is only 2 inches. There are 11 black & white and one colour photograph, all taken in the Mediterranean in 2015.


Aaron Sehmar ; In-between moments

Aaron Sehmar – Fine art photography allows me to be able to come up with ideas for images that are a lot more conceptual, where the end result is more of a catalyst for a larger discussion about various topics, such as the purpose of photography, hyperreality, artifice and displacement.

Kate Parnell

RKB Headshots by Robert K Baggs

I wanted to create a simple style of headshot using only natural light and reflectors, that while each image would be taken in a different location, with different lighting, a different subject and different backgrounds, still had something that tied them all together as a set.

Alan Gignoux 7

Alan Gignoux : The Oil Sands – Curse or blessing?

An elderly Alberta cowboy replied to the above question, “ In the beginning oil was a blessing, it brought Alberta from the ranks of the have not provinces to the ranks of the have provinces, it allowed schools, roads and hospitals to be built”


Signs and Wonders by Alva Bernadine

In my project Signs and Wonders, I play with different kinds of signs we may encounter everyday. There is so much signage in our towns and cities we generally take them for granted but when I turned my gaze upon them, a walk around my neighborhood became redolent with creative possibilities.


Photo London 2016

London (19 – 22 May 2016) London will celebrate photography across the capital in May 2016, with Photo London at Somerset House as a focal point for city-wide exhibitions, and events.



London (May 20 – Jun 21, 2016) Webber Gallery Space are delighted to be hosting the first UK solo exhibition of acclaimed Japanese photographer Yoshinori Mizutani. Mizutani garnered global acclaim with his series Tokyo Parrots in 2013.


David : The long goodbye by Jim Mortram

Meeting regularly, David and I, in early 2013 began working upon the first instalment of an ongoing series of stories about his life with blindness. The challenging new day to day routines, learning routes into town with his stick or following behind his mother, Eugene.