Street series by Christophe-Paul Sauvage

My series talk about our inner life. They look at the way we deal with political and social issues, relationships and values, emotions and rational thinking. They are built as poetical, oneiric and metaphorical fictions.

They challenge our relationship to reality, trying to find the always fragile and changeable balance between reality and fiction, likely and unlikely, documentary truth and dream, trying so to manage unexpected paths to one self and the world.

The Occupation Of Helsinki

My series called The Occupation of Helsinki is a metaphorical fiction. It can be seen as an allegory describing from a certain point of view the world we live in. But it can also be seen from a more intimate point of view as the revelation of an inner world made of secret and independent movements, of weird dreams and nameless fears, about to emerge.

the_occupation_01 the_occupation_02 the_occupation_03 the_occupation_04 the_occupation_05 the_occupation_06 the_occupation_07 the_occupation_08 the_occupation_09 the_occupation_10 the_occupation_11 the_occupation_12 the_occupation_13 the_occupation_14 the_occupation_15

London Whispering

In the summer of 2011 our TV sets were flooded during a whole week by images of the London riots. But what do we know about what happened in London the week after the riots? My series called London Whispering brings forward what is left unsaid, questions what is hidden and repressed. [Official Website]

London_whispering_02 London_whispering_03 London_whispering_04 London_whispering_05 London_whispering_06 London_whispering_08 London_whispering_12 London_whispering_13 London_whispering_15 London_whispering_16 London_whispering_17 London_whispering_18 London_whispering_19 London_whispering_20 London_whispering_22 London_whispering_07 London_whispering_14 London_whispering_21



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