Stratos Kalafatis – The pig and other stories

The Bernier-Eliades Gallery, is pleased to present the photographic exhibition of Stratos Kalafatis “The pig and other stories”

The photographs of Stratos Kalafatis are narrative. Twenty years ago, in the island of Skopelos, the artist began to photograph in a daily basis, creating a calendar format and recording landscapes, coastlines, people and every detail of life. With the use of the medium, square format, Kalafatis uses a palette of saturated colors, imposing seductively the flash even during daylight.

The photographic narrative is as important as the content of the images. The artist becomes therefore an author-photographer, a story teller.
This process has been repeated in previous photo projects, at different destinations, at the island of Skopelos, at Saga, Japan, at the Aegean Archipelago, at mount Athos.

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In his new exhibition at Bernier-Eliades gallery, the artist will present photographs created during the last years and which he describes as ‘intermediate’ images. According to Kalafatis: “… These photographs do not illustrate nor recount. They are parts of short stories, with seemingly different destinations having disposed of the myth and plot. What is left in a story where the narrative is removed? The tree, the bird, the crossroads, lupus, girl, lad, love, hope, the curse. Dots that lead from the previous to the next, a game «dot to dot» you hope to reveal its secrets. ”

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Stratos Kalafatis was born in Kavala in 1966. He lives in Thessaloniki where he photographs, teaches and organizes activities related to creative photography. He has completed long-term photo projects such as Archetypal Images, Calendar 1998-2002, the Saga, Archipelago, Athos – The colors of faith. The following books are published by Agra: Archetypal Images (1999), Omonia 2000 – Journey to the navel of Athens (the author Philip Philip – 2000) Calendar 1998 -2002 (with foreword by Christian Caujolle – 2004), Athos – The Colors Faith (with a foreword by Nikos Xidakis – 2014).

Bernier-Eliades Gallery

May 26 – July 12, 2016

11 Eptachalkou Street
Athens, GR-118 51

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