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Dodho Magazine has become one of the most influential online magazines for contemporany photography present day.

We are committed to discovering and promoting the best photographers around the world. We live, breathe and move by the passion that awakes photography in all their ambits. Our print edition is highly respected among galleries and photography agencies all over the world. Many published photographers have experienced a great increase of interest by their work and have received interesting offers of agencies and galleries.


Maria Svarbova | In swimming pool | She was born in 1988 in Slovakia. She inished her university studies of conservation – restoration and archeology. She has dedicated to photography since 2010.Earlier works of young and talented author, publishing under name Maria Svarbova are resembling a dream like reality with elements of surrealism and Art Nouveau. Her latest photographs focus on delivering a message and triggering feelings with focus on minimalism and purity.She is a very distinctive photographer, who can present a vast porfolio of high quality. Maria has also won various prestigious awards and participated in valuable collaborations such as signing off contract with american Vogue. Her photos were also used as covers for multiple bestselling books of world-class authors. One of her works was selected to be a cover photo of prestigious photography magazine Dodho. One of here latest successes is that one of her works was used as cover photo for Czech photography magazine FotoVideo. She also won gold medal of excellence in the biggest photography saloon (Trierenberg Super Circuit) that tooks place in Austria. Maria will be having an exhibition in Paris in the Sakura gallery, which will be representing her in the entire France and she will be in others 80 galleries around the world (YellowKorner).

Julia Fullerton BattenIn between | Julia Fullerton-Batten is a world-wide acclaimed and exhibited fine art photographer.In ‘Teenage Stories’ I portrayed the inner tensions experienced by tee- nage girls during their transition from girl to woman, relating to her changing appearance and her new role in society. In this new se- ries of images, ‘In Between’, I again deal with this transitory period in a girl’s life. He girls again show no emotion  they are in their own world. However, in a departure from Teenage Stories, the girls are no longer sta- tionary, but dynamic. In this way I illustrate the upward movement towards maturity, but again the images show it in combination with the awkwardness of the age. See the conidence evidenced in the violi- nist’s upward stare, but then there is the kicked-over glass of milk. Or the powerful forward leap of the girl fated with the fallen mirror. And the falling books of the upward-reaching student.Here the transition to womanhood has progressed, but is not yet accomplished. I shot the images in a large mansion with lots of cross-lighting, combining natural and artifical light in many of them.

Laurent Baheux | The family album of wild Africa | Many have tried to convey the true spirit of Africa’s animals in words, photography, or in music. here may be no challenge greater; Africa’s fauna are vast in number and rich in diversity. In this finely crated collection, French photographer Laurent Baheux uses the medium of black and white photography to capture the intricate details of both the wondrous beasts and the magnificent settings in which they dwell. His wide-ranging volume lays particular emphasis on his subjects’ individual spirits—revealing all of their vulnerability while losing nothing of their raw vitality.Every photograph is so carefully composed and well lit that the details equal the evocative precision of an Old Masters portrait. hrough Baheux’s eyes we get close to creatures that will both inspire and humble us all. Laurent Baheux is a French born photographer, who hails from Poitiers. Ever since a 2002 visit to Tanzania, he has been photographing Africa’s dwindling wild fauna, portraying their beauty, strength and majesty, while also emphasizing their vulnerability and the fragility of the environments in which they dwell.

Meryl Meisler | Photo-based artist | Meryl Meisler is a photo-based artist. She has received fellowships/grants from New York Foundation from the Arts, Puffin Foundation, Time Warner, Artists Space, CETA, China Institute and Japan Society. She’s exhibited her work at the Brooklyn Museum, New Museum, Dia Center NYC, MASS MoCA, and he Whitney and in public spaces such as Grand Central Terminal and throughout the NYC subway system.Her work is in the permanent collections of the Brooklyn Historical Society, Library of Congress, Islip Art Museum, American Jewish Congress, and in artist book collections of the Whitney, MOMA, Metronome, Carnegie Mellon, Chrysler Museum and the Pompidou..

Radoslaw PujanFashion Photography | Picture this artist shimmers of the women which he captures. His images relect the subtle, delicate and fragile nature that inhabits them. A real prince manifested by the gaze on the woman. Radoslaw Pujan with his creations and imagination invites you to enter the suggestion he proposes through images. A very seductive scenes in black and white showing us more than we may see in colour. Fine art photography that captures a moment in time releasing the imagination.

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