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Eric T.Kunsman | Felicific CalculusEric T. Kunsman (b. 1975) was born and raised in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. While in high school, he was heavily influenced by the death of the steel industry and its place in American history. The exposure to the work of Walker Evans during this time hooked Eric onto photography. Eric had the privilege to study under Lou Draper, who became Eric’s most formative mentor. He credits Lou with influencing his approach as an educator, photographer, and contributing human being. Currently, he is a photographer and book artist based out of Rochester, New York. Eric works at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) as a Lecturer for the Visual Communications Studies Department at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf and is an adjunct professor for the School of Photographic Arts & Sciences.

Manuel Armenis | St. Pauli | Manuel Armenis is an award winning independent street photographer based in Hamburg, Germany. He was born in Mannheim (Germany).He studied at Icart, École de Photographie in Paris (France), and at the University of the Arts in London (England). Since graduating he has been working as an independent filmmaker and photographer. The emphasis of his practice is the realization of long-term projects with a focus on exploring the human condition within everyday and commonplace urban environments. Manuel´s work has been exhibited internationally in galleries and was published in leading contemporary photography magazines and online. Manuel lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.


Graeme Purdy | Eight  feetGraeme Purdy has spent decades studying and photographing wild animals in locations around the globe, and he has captured some of the world’s most dangerous wild animals at incredibly close-range. This has involved the creation of custom equipment and significant trial and error in capturing unique images of our most recognisable and iconic mammal. Graeme supports the conservation of wildlife and integrates this into his projects and collections. He is currently partnering with The Elephant Family, National Park Rescue and the Bob Crawford Foundation.


Jamie Johnson | Irish travellers | The experience I had photographing the grit and beauty, that is the everyday life of a Traveller child, is one that inspires me everyday. Their deep respect for family and cultural values is refreshing, one that can be quite difficult to find in an age with the convince of social media. Not always immediately accepting of an outsider holding a large camera, I took my time getting to know and understand these faces that represent the new generation. My ever growing fascination with the children of today has lead my all over the world, capturing their innocence or in some cases loss of, in its most raw form.


Svetlin Yosifov | Mursi PeopleSvetlin Yosifov travel photographer from Bulgaria. Not a professional freelance photographer.I define myself as a travel-documentary-art photographer. Almost 20 years now photography has been part of my life. My passion is catching street portraits and trying to figure out my object’s character. Point of interest – traditions in primal and natural places like India, Ethiopia, Kenya, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Cuba and more. I consider good photography to be much more that a snapshot or a memory, it is something that tells a story, strong enough to influence the world we live in and raise more awareness. Throughout the years my interviews and photographs have been published in many magazines and websites.


Nathan Wirth | Run offFor over twelve years, Nathan Wirth, a native of San Francisco who for the past ten years has been living with his wife and daughter in Marin County, has been attempting to photograph silence.  While there are most certainly a number of photographers, filmmakers, and painters that have had a significant influence on his pursuit of light and silence, poets and nature writers have played the most significant role in inspiring the 53-year-old photographer who earned both a BA and an MA in English Literature from San Francisco State University.  In particular, poets such as George Oppen, Gary Snyder, Seamus Heaney, Mary Oliver, Robert Frost, Elizabeth Bishop, Lorine Niedecker and George Mackay Brown— and nature writers such as Emerson, Thoreau, Annie Dillard, and Robin Wall Kimerrer— have significantly shaped his experiences photographing the shorelines, mountains, forests, and lone trees of California, Oregon and Washington.

Dejan Mijović | Image of structureFreelance photography journalist Dejan Mijović, born on 18 September 1976 and based in Sevnica, is assistant photo editor of the biggest daily newspaper in Slovenia Delo.si web portal.He graduated in photography from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering with the graduation thesis entitled The Psychological and Visual Effects of Diverse Layouts of Exhibited Photographs.Mijović has been involved in photography for the past 20 years, ever since undertaking studies of graphic technology at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering. As a photographer, Mijović worked in various contexts, serving, among others, as the official photographer on the Navigator of the Seas passenger ship, contributing to various media, including Jana, Ona, Mladina, STA and Žurnal, and receiving diverse photography commissions.

Grace Ho Pui Wan | One day at a timeGrace graduated from National University of Malaysia and currently work as a general manager in Kuala Lumpur. She has picked up photography as a hobby in 2013 when her best friend Ujin bought her a hardcover photography book; She started her photography journey and learned to shoot in few genres including people, architecture, macro, fine art, street photography, landscape and under water. After years of shooting, her interest sharpened and focused more on the captured peoples and issues related with human element. Grace enjoys the interaction of emotion, the humanity, and mode of feeling between the subjects and herself. As a passionate photographer, she always considers photography a way to perpetuate a moment, with all the associated emotions and feeling.

Natalia Polomina | PortfolioI was born and live in Voronezh, Russia. I fell in love with photography as a child helping my parents to develope photo pictures and print photographs. This magic of analog photography and nostalgia got this power over me. I always badly interested in drawing. So that‘s why after graduating from the University of Veterinary Medicine I got in parallel  the education of specialisation as a Graphic Designer. For a long time I did not work in my field being fascinated by the expression of my creative vision in photography, learning independently and drawing inspiration from other types of art. Having fallen in love with photography I focused my attention on portrait photography.

    ConceptEuropeFeaturedCuriouser and Curiouser by Vicky Martin

    Dodho Magazine 4 days ago 10 min 1320
    Curiouser and Curiouser is a conceptual series of photographs influenced by the story Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I was inspired to create this series from personally identifying with the theme of not belonging that features prominently in Alice’s narrative.

    EuropeFeaturedShotHappy Kids by De Westelinck Smith

    Dodho Magazine 1 week ago 8 min 1136
    This serie is about well dressed kids who seem to live in an decade some time before ours. Mostly they are emotionless with hint of melancholy, put into a scenery that often feels different.

    B&WEuropeFeaturedStoryThe last tide by Marco Campi

    Dodho Magazine 2 weeks ago 18 min 1240
    Last November Venice experienced the second highest tide in recorded history. Looking at the top 10 tides, we see that five have occurred in the past 20 years and the frequency of exceptional tidal flooding above 110 cm have ramped up dramatically through the years.

    EuropeFeaturedStorySaving Orangutans by Alain Schroeder

    Dodho Magazine 2 weeks ago 17 min 1177
    This series documents the incongruous behavior between man and the environment in Sumatra. On the one hand, humans destroy virgin forests wounding and killing animals, while on the other, they do everything possible to save them.

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    Dodho Magazine is highly respected among galleries and photography agencies all over the world. Many published photographers have experienced a great increase of interest by their work and have received interesting offers of agencies and galleries.Our print edition is designed to provide a great boost to your career allowing you to reach the right people at the right place and at the right time.


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