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A rare and exquisite working moment captured between a photographer and his model. I have spent my entire life as an artist.  It is not what I do. It is who I am. In the art community, I have seen enough of the good, the bad and the mediocre.
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A rare and exquisite working moment captured between a photographer and his model.

I have spent my entire life as an artist.  It is not what I do. It is who I am. In the art community, I have seen enough of the good, the bad and the mediocre. To all of that I say – do what you want! Do what moves you. Bring to life the images of your mind and your soul, regardless of what others think and without worry as to how they will respond I do not participate in the online or real-life criticism about others artwork their mediums, their subject matters and their discussion of what constitutes art, photography and it’s evolution. I am too busy creating my own art to worry about all that crap.

In this series, rather than the photographer controlling the story, I created a set where the model became the director and I captured my observations of her narrative. A lot of photographers are too intimidated by either their own inhibitions or insecurities to allow the model to take control. There are wonderful models out there who so instinctively know how to move, pose – just be in the moment. They are remarkable! 

When the model has the freedom to direct her own movements, expressions and visually display her thoughts and feelings without outside directions, we are able to see the moods of her world.  It becomes a study of the model, not of the photographer’s vision. We feel her sensuality, her humor, her grace, her whimsy, her strength, her awkwardness, her power. We explore her vulnerability and her experience.

We may not realize how much control a photographer has in an image or series until he relinquishes it.  In this study, our model is free from the bondages of self-criticism, outside influence or another’s perspective and control. She guides us through her story on a set where a photographer’s illusions are replaced by the model’s reality.

I created the set for this series before the model arrived with a fairly preconceived notion of what I expected to shoot. When my model arrived, we went to lunch and discussed the project. I shared my ideas with her and she suggested others as well. When we began the shoot, however, both of our preconceptions went out the door. The shoot took on a life of its own and has now become one of my favorite projects.

About Richard Prehn/Zxorb

Richard Prehn/Zxorb was introduced to photography in the 1960’s. Once he got a real taste of photography, it possessed him.  Although abstracts and the manipulation of photographic reality were and still are his passion he has developed and refined his talent through a variety of avenues, never letting convention hinder him.

Although Richard spent over 10 years as a photojournalist and has received several prestigious awards including a George Eastman Kodak Award, his true passion is photo-art. His work has been exhibited extensively throughout North and South America as well as in Europe and his photo-art is in numerous private collections throughout the world.

With the advent of digital photography, Richard recognized that a new avenue had opened up for his unique presentation of life. Although he originally thought he would never grasp the idiosyncrasies of the ultra-modern technology, he has found that it is a medium in which he can expand as it expands. The digital image and the computer have become his film and his darkroom.  

Not only does Richard create art with his images, he creates art in their formation. Richard builds his own sets, utilizing a unique skill set that can be seen in the details of his work. Building unique creations from scratch virtually guarantees that is work is authentic and cannot be replicated.

Richard’s rebellious style and devious mind is always willing to push the boundaries of realism. One of his favorite inspirations is the Dada movement that spread out of artistic discontent with society surrounding World War I. The movement mocked a society it considered illogical. [Official Website][model – Hailey J. from Model Mayhem] [Official Website]

“Speak to me my madness for I have seen things you will never see. I will give you a glimpse.”

– Richard Prehn/Zxorb.  

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