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Swiss photographer Martin Zurmühle poetically highlights the beauty of nature and the female nude, exploring the complexities of life by blending a powerful psychological photographic portrayal resonating with a strong sense of empowerment. 
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Swiss photographer Martin Zurmühle poetically highlights the beauty of nature and the female nude, exploring the complexities of life by blending a powerful psychological photographic portrayal resonating with a strong sense of empowerment.

Henri Matisse declared, “The living model, the naked body of a woman, is the privileged seat of feeling, but also of questioning… The model must mark you, awaken in you an emotion which you seek in turn to express.” Martin Zurmühle’s impressive female figurative nude photography explores the complexities of the female form and emotes a powerful psychological portrayal of women in harmony with nature. Celebrating nature and humanity, Mr. Zurmühle’s innovative photographs explore the complexities of life by blending a powerful photographic portrayal resonating with a strong sense of empowerment.

Inspired by the bold iconography of nature, Martin Zurmühle’s lens juxtaposes the vibrant dynamics of the natural world with the strong image of the female nude to create pulsating, confident photographs. Mr. Zurmühle explains, “For me, the nude photography is the supreme discipline in photography. The photographer of the nude needs to understand his photographic craft to master the principles of human, landscape and architectural photography and have imagination and a good imagination.” Heralding the triumph of women, Mr. Zurmühle’s photographs reveal a sophistication of form and shape that reflects an incredible force of vision reflecting an exciting vitality. He creates and directs his models into intricate tableaus, using the camera as a means to illustrate the grandeur of the landscapes and the soft beauty of the female form. In his deep and cutting photographic work, viewers are transported across the far reaches of the world to the pristine beauty of sublime natural vistas. Unearthed is a symbiosis between the beauty of nature and the confidence of women. Defined by dramatic lighting, vibrant contrasts and textural resonance, each photograph elevates the viewer’s mind to a state of sublime aesthetic splendor.  Optically as well as psychologically revealing, this international artist expands his viewers’ personal vision as we have a physical, psychological, and spiritual connection with the sublime scenes photographed.

Award-winning artist Martin Zurmühle works and resides in Switzerland. He exhibits his photography internationally in group and solo exhibitions throughout Europe and the United States. His artwork is treasured in many public and private collections worldwide, and Amsterdam Whitney Gallery is proud to showcase the photographs of this contemporary master.

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