“nu e espaco” by Jorge Pedra


Jorge Pedra, Porto, Portugal, architect, amateur in photography since the 70’s

Most of my photography projects are experimental and can rarely be called documental or even descriptive. I am always looking for an alternative technique, or a new aesthetic. This probably makes me a “user of photography” rather than a photographer. My main goal is to provoke an aesthetic emotion, in a way that turns the picture into an art object.

Sometimes I use photography mingled with pictorial techniques to produce this art object, and I have frequently used painting over the prints, or over the slides or negative film. Since the “digital revolution” I use Photoshop to manipulate pictures. Though, I try to keep close to Photography, rather then entering the “reign” of Digital Art. [Official Website]

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Untold by Julien De Wilde

Diving deeply within oneself to get rid of the limits formed by...

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  • Trois point


    Les trois éléments que Jorge à utiliser pour la réalisation de ses images , la lumière ,la géométrie,et les attitudes abstraite des modèles sont tout à fait concordante et rehausse la qualité de sa photographie . Mes félicitations i serge

    Trios éléments sont répétitif dans les compositions des images que jor

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