My Affair With Diana by Daniel Grant

the couch

The images I produce tell a story of the experiences that I have had the opportunity to be a part of.

My formative years were spent traveling through the United States, Mexico and Europe, where culture, art and the natural environment made a lasting impression. I searched for the best way to be expressive and to create my own unique form of storytelling. My voice was found through the novel and unique views of the toy cameras: ‘Holga’ and ‘Diana.’ These cameras were first produced in the 1960’s as children’s toys. Today they have a cult following with photographers, not because of their perfection, but for their lack of precision, control and focus. By taking away the technical aspect of picture making, a sincere representation of the subject matter and vision of the photographer becomes evident. Daniel Grant is a landscape architect and fine art photographer residing in San Francisco, California, USA.

My Affair With Diana

The ‘My Affair With Diana’ series began a few years ago when I realized  the ‘Diana’ toy camera I was using to produce images had many similar characteristics to some of the women I was dating at the time. The inconsistent nature of the camera’s images has been the main inspiration. One minute she’s quiet, dark and mysterious, the next she surprises me with her provocative elegance and sharp focus. Many hidden complexities surface to create an interesting dialogue between a unique camera and the female form I’m expressing. These images illustrate the rare beauty created from a simple analog film camera without the use of modern technology. [Official Website]

I am privileged and honored to have been asked to exhibit the “My Affair With Diana” series at the SF-MOMA artist gallery in January, 2014, in San Francisco, Ca USA.

angles bent knees blonde blue callas collar confidance corner curve garter on couch grace heels hips looking away turn wet tiles white quilt slip tanlines tub lounge mother natasha pearls polkadots



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  • Entrer dans l’intimité des gens est toujours chose délicate de plus ici ont y est entrer de deux façon différente .L’une physique l’autre morale,Diana et Daniel ont gérer ce sujet sans faut fuyant tout en restant correcte et en produisant de très jolies photographies .Mes félicitations à tous deux !!! serge

  • Photographie réfléchie ,albums très bien construit et penser . Aucune faute de mauvais goût , je vous félicitent pour votre réalisation ! Serge

  • Je ne saurais encore une fois ,que de renouveler mes compliments aux auteurs et à votre site qui leurs permet de présenter leurs oeuvres et promouvoir la photographie . Merci ! Serge Janssens

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