Morocco by Majid Friha

My name is Majid Friha. I am born in 1987 and I live in morocco My first encounter with the art of photograohy was totally a matter of coincidence. For me the story begins in 2005 and the love of shooting enslaved me and became my best priority.

Many styles do have certain impact on me I admire true and natural photography like the humanist photography -lives and culture of people,landscape from the anthropological point of view, moreover I am fund of artist like that of Sebastião Salgado – Vivian Maier – Ansel Adams -alfred stieglitz -Mary Ellen Mark  Photography for me Express myself and my thoughts ,it is in an other word, the reflecting mirror of me as I am with no artificial touch.I have endured a severe and painful experience since the age of 17 ; my father was not normal,he suffers from a mental illness and so is my brother.Things were becoming worse when my brother tempted to commit suicide for tree consecutive occasions.These harch experience have made so sceptic towards this dark and nasty side of the world we living in.When I retire in my tiny world I discover that pain is part of our living,a yen yan theory to be precise,and we have to overcome it if we aim to forge a solid personnality.Hopefuly ,I discover the magical world of photography and specialy black and white photography and it’s humanitarian connotation.It becomes a sort of evacuating bad and evil things and at the same time to express my feeling towards our changing world,and toreveal the real suffering of certain human beings.My brother state of mind and his sufferings do inspire me a lot and raise this hidden sixth sense of creating and which me to render a rifle looks like a prettyred rose by just a click on a shutter allow.


Child inside the poor neighborhoods

DSC_0281 copy farmer man Girl village in east Morocco Light and dark Miner Friends rural Girl rural man shepherd Boy From Morocco style-Life Trade livestock in eastern Morocco Amazigh woman From Morocco berber woman DSC_0063 DSC_0525 Farmer Hands farmer waiting for the rain Life-style Loving Hands portrait shepherd Boy rural man from Morocco rural people shepherd woman style-Life-in-Morocco Alone sing in the road



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