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My ideas are actually constantly in my head. Throughout the day I have ideas which I am writing in a small book. Then I refine it and then I reject it. I walk through the streets and there I let myself inspire from everything extraordinary
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I was born in a small town in the mountains of Saxony in Germany. Today I live in Chemnitz, which is also in Saxony.

The love of photography, I discovered at age 14. My grandfather gave me his old SLR “Praktica” and I was immediately hooked. I saved my pocket money and bought me a short time later a new SLR. I tried a lot of different things and have made at that time primarily nature photos and photos of ruins. In order to have a larger influence on the art work, I bought gradually the equipment for an own darkroom, which I then built at my own in the bathroom in my first apartment, I was completely thrilled of the possibilities to create my own perfect dream world. Over time, the analog photography was replaced by the digital and I decided about 4 years ago to buy a digital SLR camera. It was not easy for me because my old photo gear and equipment was too good to let them rest in the basement.

But it was not long and I was delighted with the digital photography and its possibilities to develop myself. I could sit for hours in front of my computer and build a world of my imagination. I do this even today. A short time later, I did not want to photograph only ruins and nature. I started with self portraits. But soon this became monotonous and sometimes cumbersome. So I could not realize my growing ideas. Some friends were quickly found who stood by my side and declared themself ready to pose for me. They set no limits to me so I could live my ideas. These friends are even today the models I love to photograph and for that I am very grateful.

My ideas are actually constantly in my head. Throughout the day I have ideas which I am writing in a small book. Then I refine it and then I reject it. I walk through the streets and there I let myself inspire from everything extraordinary. On the tram I get many ideas when I see people with expressive faces. I watch almost every man on the street in the face and if I get stuck on a face I project these people in a picture. If I’m very fascinated by a man I speak to him or her and ask if they would be photographed by me. Each of my photos has a story that developed in my mind and this story continues after the photo was taken. My moods, feelings, dreams and aspirations are reflected in all my photos. Of course, it happens that I just take pictures without thinking. Sometimes it happens that I find myself in these pictures later. Then I edit these photos on my computer, upgrade or change the things that they fit perfectly into my world. But it will never happen that I edit a photo, or publish it, that nothing triggers in me.

You could call me a daydreamer. I often digress with my thoughts to far and surreal places where I am the Queen. I build this world with every thought further. From the many voices of the people of this world and the growing area I draw my ideas. My images can be anything, but never normal. I never liked photos from people with a meaningless smile. If it happens out of a comic situation, it is real and then I photograph it. You will never hear from me: “and now smile please” because it will never look real. For this reason, the models have in my pictures almost always a serious expression. Also, I really like this unapproachable, cool and sometimes repellent mood. Strangely, I’m even more a cheerful person with a great propensity for contemplation and reverie.

In summary, you can say that I look for the extraordinary in my photos. I pick people up on a pedestal, on which I forme them, so that they become extras in my dream world.

red moon one mind nice spirits adhara act four mistress miss Vannda´s final call maya lotus eater wandering unknown starry empire sit-down sector absorption high spirits SONY DSC down the rabbit hole desolat comedy duo

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    Janssens serge

    Jul 24, 2013 at 15:27

    Très bon travail,allié plusieurs concepts pour traité le même sujet ,en l’occurrence le portrait et en réussir de très jolis.Mes félicitations Lotta !!!!! Serge

  • Avatar
    serge janssens

    Apr 29, 2017 at 13:51

    Je croit que Lotta est comme le bon vin ,il était déjà délicieux , avec deux trois ans de plus c’est un devenu un nectar .

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