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It is not a project it is a my style-  I darken my pictures … in this form …

I was born in 1977 in Marosvásárhely/ Transylvania / Romania.  Now I live and I work in Mosonmagyaróvár – western Hungary. I am taking part regularly in national and international photo competitions and exhibitions since 2004.

My pictures have been shown in more than 60 countries, on five continents, and I won over 800 prizes and awards, in international and national photo contests. I take  mainly portrait-, social life-, and nature photographs.

From 2009 I take part regularly in different national and international photo contests like jury member or like president of the jury. Photos appeared in many publications ( books, magazines, catalogs, albums, newspapers, etc.). I am member of MAFOSZ –

My photo reports and articles reagulary appear in A Földgömb (The Globe) magazine, where I am regular author [Official Website]

With my most valuable photo „Yelena” from 2010 February to 2015 July I won 157 prizes in 33 countries in 5 continents

tearful eyes

maramuresan women


tablou the look the mekong child with grandpa dwelling fragment from the liturgy hindu look best friends belief




Night people by Jorge Bañales

Whether they are dancing, napping, eating, drinking, talking, alone or together, the...

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  • Cela ne m’étonne nullement de tout les prix que Kérekes Istvan a remporter dans les concours à travers le monde . C’est images sont tout simplement magnifiques …

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