EuropeHabitatPrecious Kea by Alexandre De Melas

Dodho Magazine 1 day ago 9 min 712
I knew about the kea birds before even coming to New Zealand. I discovered them on a BBC documentary show. I was awed by these intelligent birds playing in the snow up in the epic southern alps described like the only parrot species to live in the mountains.

B&WEuropeHabitatJavea by Harald Weimann

Dodho Magazine 2 days ago 10 min 857
The photos belong to Harald Weimann’s seconded project after a 25 years break in photography, called “Javea a pearl at the Mediterranean sea” which he finished in the beginning of 2019.

AsiaB&WHabitatLife within Boundaries by Ravikumar Jambunathan

Dodho Magazine 1 week ago 12 min 878
Life within boundaries is hard and painful, no matter how sophisticated and safe it is. I always wonder why schools, offices and sometimes even a home is felt so stressful and pressurised, because, it confines us within boundaries with specific regulations.

EuropeHabitatVistas Paradossales by Luca tombolini

Dodho Magazine 1 month ago 10 min 988
Vistas is composed of multiple exposures shots and high resolution scans of colors & solvents compositions; dealing respectively with the perception of Time and the perception of Space. Starting from my previous works on landscapes I aimed to create images presenting an altered Time dimension, through the use of multiple and/or very long exposures.


Susanna Patras ; Pacifica – The stone pyramids of time

B&WEuropeHabitatSusanna Patras ; Pacifica – The stone pyramids of time

The rocky structures that dot the US Pacific coast, called monoliths, stretch from the US border with Mexico to Canada. These strange and dramatic formations grow from sandy beaches. or raise like mountains from the ocean.
1 month ago 10 min 1277
Sea by Maria Mahou

EuropeHabitatSea by Maria Mahou

In this series of underwater still-life, I try to explore the relation between the object and the environment that contains it. Elements of the outside world, find their place in a seemingly inhospitable environment. 
1 month ago 6 min 1115
Once upon a time a road by Mam’At

EuropeHabitatOnce upon a time a road by Mam’At

I’m a self-learned photographer from a very small village in Cantal, France. I began photography four years ago when I was 44. I left my job and came to the mountain of the « massif Central ».
2 months ago 9 min 1421
The elegance, power and grace of the horses by Pia Fabienke

EuropeHabitatThe elegance, power and grace of the horses by Pia Fabienke

To me, horses are inspiring beings. You can learn a lot from them and in turn they teach you a lot about yourself. With my pictures, I did not just want to portray the elegance, power and grace of the horses, but inspire people to bring fresh air into their thinking.
2 months ago 6 min 1057
The Illusion of Purpose by Victoria J Dean

EuropeHabitatThe Illusion of Purpose by Victoria J Dean

Victoria J Dean’s practice explores the human propensity to rationalise space, in the context of place and landscape. Technology is restructuring our communication methods, transforming our perceptions and interactions with our environment, and rendering the physical realm comparatively cumbersome and slow.
3 months ago 11 min 1629
Andalucia by Darren Lewey

EuropeHabitatAndalucia by Darren Lewey

Andalusia at the point closest to Morocco has captured the imagination of travellers and writers for centuries. The narrow stretch of water only adds to the appeal that Africa is just a short distance away. From atop many wooded and sparse vantage points Morocco looms large.
4 months ago 17 min 1312
Holbav, the Land Where the Soul Floats by Andrei Baciu

EuropeHabitatHolbav, the Land Where the Soul Floats by Andrei Baciu

At first, there was a discreet rustle, as short as it was concrete. I was very tired, since, as usual, I had woken up in the middle of the night, driven for about three hours, climbed gaspingly the hills of Holbav because my heart wouldn’t let me stop and risk missing the sunrise while in the shade of the valley
4 months ago 23 min 1338
Wildlife portraits by Nick Dale

EuropeFeaturedHabitatWildlife portraits by Nick Dale

I wanted to be a photographer when I was 15, but my mother said I could always take it up later – so that was that for 30 years! I ended up reading English at Oxford and working as a strategy consultant for a few years
6 months ago 21 min 1918
Poetry of silence by Roland Blum

EuropeHabitatPoetry of silence by Roland Blum

Roland Blum is a liechtenstein based photographer.he’s specialized in abstract photography since the early 80’s. He studied music at the jazz school lucerne switzerland and spanish and art at the university of Havana (Cuba).
6 months ago 5 min 2137
Wild Horses by Emel Karakozak

AsiaHabitatWild Horses by Emel Karakozak

Horses and humans have an ancient relationship. Asian nomads probably domesticated the first horses some 4,000 years ago, and the animals remained essential to many human societies until the advent of the engine. 
6 months ago 9 min 1795
Wildlife by Michael Pachis

AmericaHabitatWildlife by Michael Pachis

The goal of my animal portraits is to create a connection to our fellow creatures of the earth that will inspire the viewer to see the worth of that individual, thereby creating a desire to protect the species and the eco systems they thrive in.
8 months ago 7 min 2013
Landscapes of Japan by Jun Pagalilauan

AsiaB&WHabitatLandscapes of Japan by Jun Pagalilauan

Jun Pagalilauan is Filipino  Architect based in Singapore. His intrinsic passion in fine arts depicts the fiber of his works through his lens. 
8 months ago 9 min 3148
Patagonia by Jim Riche

AmericaB&WHabitatPatagonia by Jim Riche

There is something about the expanse of Patagonia, a kind of haunting soulfulness, that affects you physically.  Few places grab you like this and hold on so tightly and for so long.
8 months ago 12 min 1948
States of Grace by Wendi Schneider

AmericaB&WHabitatStates of Grace by Wendi Schneider

In States of Grace, I illuminate beauty amidst the chaos. I’m calmed by the simplicity of a graceful line and the stillness of the suspended moment and compelled to share an impression of the serenity I find there. 
8 months ago 8 min 1936
Aqueous by Weldon Brewster

AmericaB&WHabitatAqueous by Weldon Brewster

As a photographer I crave to create my own vision that is quite different to the world around me. I want to cast away the visual anchors that viewers rely on so they can free their imaginations.
9 months ago 5 min 1197
Silent Moments – a collection of visual poems by Håkan Strand

B&WEuropeHabitatSilent Moments – a collection of visual poems by Håkan Strand

Håkan Strand’s calming approach is reflected through his use of traditional black and white analogue photography, which pays tribute to the tradition of the great masters. This is his own way of battling the fast pace and excesses of modern life.
9 months ago 11 min 2713
Desert by Romain Leclerc

AmericaB&WHabitatDesert by Romain Leclerc

This series was photographed and documented in November 2017 for four days while I visited my father in Brazil. We explored the desert of Jericoacoara, the Atlantic coastline in the north of Brazil.  The unexpected combination of the desert between the blue ocean and white sand dunes spread over 200 kilometers side by side took my breath away.
9 months ago 10 min 1430
Landscapes by Max Lazzi

EuropeHabitatLandscapes by Max Lazzi

Max Lazzi, forty-eight years old, an Italian born in Lucca in Tuscany, a craftsman who works for his own company with a great passion for photography.
10 months ago 17 min 2892
Hokkaido, the Silence of Winter by Olivier Robert

EuropeHabitatHokkaido, the Silence of Winter by Olivier Robert

This series is part of my ongoing project about the winter in Japan.These photographs were shot in Hokkaido where I’ve spent 10 years photographing minimalist landscape sceneries.
12 months ago 11 min 4214
Landscapes by Mam´At

B&WEuropeHabitatLandscapes by Mam´At

I am a self-learned photographer from a very small village in Cantal, France. I began photography four years ago when I was 44. I left my job and came to the mountain of the « massif Central ».
12 months ago 8 min 3022
Spirit of the Desert by Susanna Patras

B&WEuropeHabitatSpirit of the Desert by Susanna Patras

Death Valley is the hottest and driest area in the Western Hemisphere, and one of the lowest in the world.It is located near the border between California and Nevada and it stretches over an area of about 3,000 square miles
1 year ago 8 min 3092
Artic Plant Life By Andrea Sparrow

AmericaHabitatArtic Plant Life By Andrea Sparrow

I traveled in Scoresby Sound in Eastern Greenland and then took a second trip to Eqi Glacier in Western Greenland a few weeks later. There were some plants and lichens that existed in both places. 
1 year ago 6 min 2282
Eqi Glacier, Western Greenland by Andrea Sparrow

AmericaHabitatEqi Glacier, Western Greenland by Andrea Sparrow

Eqi is unique in that as it is forced downhill and around a curve from the Greenland Ice Sheet, it’s layers are turned vertically. This causes the glacier to sheer when it reaches the bay in a near constant manner, into very small fragments rather than icebergs.
1 year ago 8 min 2312
Kunduchi Minimalism by Abhijit Bose

AsiaHabitatKunduchi Minimalism by Abhijit Bose

It took me to reach Kunduchi around half an hour from Dar es Salaam city. There is a Beach Resort and one needs to pay to enter and sumptuous lunch and dinners are available at the restaurant. But the magic happens much before that.
1 year ago 8 min 2685
Landscapes by Saskia Boelsums

EuropeHabitatLandscapes by Saskia Boelsums

Saskia Boelsums is a Dutch photographer and her Netherlandish heritage clearly shines through her work. All of the photographs of landscapes or still life uncover the connection with the 17th century masters of the genre. The dark tones, baroque-like contrasts and clarity of the detail is stunning, as Boelsums’ photographs balance between the real and surreal.
1 year ago 8 min 2514
Seychelles- From Dawn to Dusk By Abhijit Bose

AsiaHabitatSeychelles- From Dawn to Dusk By Abhijit Bose

The Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, off East Africa. Located on Indian Ocean, the natural beauty of its numerous beaches are beyond imagination. There is a saying that Adam and Eve were sent to The Seychelles.
1 year ago 7 min 2425
The Modern Village; an alpine winter sports resort by Isabella Sommati

B&WEuropeHabitatThe Modern Village; an alpine winter sports resort by Isabella Sommati

Le Corbier is a village planned in 1938 but built in December 1967. It is is an alpine winter sports resort situated in France, in the département of the Savoy. The concept of this village is to protect the safety of pedestrians and skiers
1 year ago 10 min 2595
Statement of intent, Flowers photography by Heiko Römisch

EuropeHabitatStatement of intent, Flowers photography by Heiko Römisch

To make this portfolio I had the idea to show the inside of blossoms before they open all her petals and pistil. For this idea I´m looking for corresponding flower buds.  After testing a lot of flowerbuds in the springtime and summer and experiments to show there inside in a really manner
1 year ago 7 min 2599
The Beach, seascape photography by Duncan MacArthur

EuropeHabitatThe Beach, seascape photography by Duncan MacArthur

I made these photographs on the Scottish Hebrides island of Harris, the very north-west fringe of the British isles and of the European continent. The Atlantic Ocean is the power that be.
1 year ago 7 min 2519
Clarity by Patrick Ems

B&WEuropeHabitatClarity by Patrick Ems

Patrick Ems, was born 1980 in Zurich. Twenty years of photographic experience, he has become an award-winning fine art photographer, known for his unique black and whity style.
1 year ago 6 min 2376
Landscapes by Daniel Řeřicha

EuropeHabitatLandscapes by Daniel Řeřicha

As almost every person, I took a camera for almost every trip and vacation to make interesting shots of different places. So at the beginning it was just a travelling with compact camera. I started to think more about photography in 2000.
1 year ago 17 min 3019
The Mara by Anup Shah

AfricaB&WFeaturedHabitatThe Mara by Anup Shah

I live in the wild for long stretches of time. Inevitably, I fall under the spell of wild animals. It dawns on me that these are intelligent, emotional, social and personable beings. I connect with their sentience.
1 year ago 9 min 4041
Ocean photography by Alex Postigo

EuropeHabitatOcean photography by Alex Postigo

The passion for ocean photography has always been present as I have lived near the ocean almost my entire life. Discovering photography made it possible for me to express my love for the ocean through images.
1 year ago 8 min 2693
Settlement by Stuart Chape

HabitatOceaniaSettlement by Stuart Chape

This is part of an ongoing project to record aerial images of human settlement patterns at the edge of water. Most of these are at the ocean’s edge. Humans have a fascination or a compelling need to live at the interface of land and water in its different forms.
1 year ago 7 min 2536
Julio Castro : Landscape Photography

EuropeHabitatJulio Castro : Landscape Photography

The project Landscapes of the world is a small sample of some of the places and locations that I have liked and impacted the most during my travels around the world. With them I have tried to reflect and give my vision of how beautiful is the nature and the world in which we live
1 year ago 9 min 2683
The beach of Sankt Peter Ording by Heiko Römisch

EuropeHabitatThe beach of Sankt Peter Ording by Heiko Römisch

The beach of Sankt Peter Ording  in the North of Germany at the “Norse” is about 12 km long and the width is between 0,6 – 1,8 km and in the summer it is one oft the best visited beaches in Germany with about multible thousend of bathing visiters.
1 year ago 12 min 2816
Herbarium by Áine

AmericaHabitatHerbarium by Áine

During the 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries, there was an ever increasing interest in the natural world and the recording of the discoveries of Asia and the new world.
1 year ago 7 min 3853
Tommaso Di Donato ; Landscape photographer

EuropeHabitatTommaso Di Donato ; Landscape photographer

The goal of my pictures is to take the hand of the viewer, and bring him around to discover a parallel world, a hidden reality made by soft tones, natural lines and smooth water. Landscapes are my preferred subjects, and long exposures are the way I try to show my vision to the beholder.
1 year ago 7 min 2825
Wildlife by Jessica Circe Rogers

EuropeHabitatWildlife by Jessica Circe Rogers

These photos represent the very best of my trip to Kenya that ignited in me such a fire for photography. The breadth of color that I experienced there, from the wildlife to the landscapes to an amazing sunrise awoke a passion that I had not known before and for which I am truly thankful.
1 year ago 6 min 4834
Ice of Iceland Romain Tornay

EuropeHabitatIce of Iceland Romain Tornay

Knowing Europe’s northern regions well, I have always been amused by the nominative difference between Greenland and Iceland. The first called green is largely represented by its icecap, pack ice, gigantic glaciers and huge drifting icebergs.
1 year ago 9 min 4898
Lanzarote by Alfons Olle Coderch

EuropeHabitatLanzarote by Alfons Olle Coderch

It was’nt the first time that the island was faced with strong changes in its morphology, although unlike the one that nature itself in the garden of Yaiza led to bury it under the black mantle of lava, entered the night of that September 1, 1730 when the earth opened up
1 year ago 9 min 2089
Skin by Alberto Masala

EuropeHabitatSkin by Alberto Masala

This project, realized through the use of the drone, is inspired by the method of cataloging the use and covering of the soil known as the Coordination of Information of Environment, which was set up by the European Commission
1 year ago 9 min 3716
Luca Tombolini ; LS X

EuropeHabitatLuca Tombolini ; LS X

Luca was born 1979 in Milan. He completed humanistic studies and then a degree in Sciences of Communication, with a major on visual rhetoric in Cinema in 2005.
2 years ago 11 min 4083
The Beauty at the river Bank Padma by Mohammad Rahman

AsiaHabitatThe Beauty at the river Bank Padma by Mohammad Rahman

The riverscape of Bangladesh tells the story about the natural beauty of Bangladesh. The mood, artistic appeal, loneliness, solitude, and tranquillity of our riverscape
2 years ago 7 min 6104
Green and blue by Ignacio Heras

EuropeHabitatGreen and blue by Ignacio Heras

In this dossier in color and nature, I have sought and tried to base it on two main colors, the blue that transmits tranquility and relaxation, and in many cultures associate it with the eternal, since things seem more infinite and great as the sea and heaven. 
2 years ago 9 min 3796
Luca Tombolini ; LS, 2011

EuropeHabitatLuca Tombolini ; LS, 2011

My work consist of photographing landscapes during long solo trips in remote desert areas. Taking a long time to travel is essential to revert to a more essential state of mind.
2 years ago 15 min 3533
Makuridashi by Arito Nishiki

AsiaHabitatMakuridashi by Arito Nishiki

When you look at the sand grain only, it is just a mineral and inorganic thing. Once it forms sand beach, it is consistently in flux and it acts as an organism that exists in their movement. 
2 years ago 6 min 4011
Iceland – Sounds of Silence by Victoria Knobloch

B&WEuropeHabitatIceland – Sounds of Silence by Victoria Knobloch

The beauty of Iceland can be found in its wide and immense areas of untouched and pristine nature. No description can convey the least idea of the serene beauty
2 years ago 17 min 4958
Riverscape by Mohammad Rahman

AsiaB&WHabitatRiverscape by Mohammad Rahman

The riverscape of Bangladesh tells the story about the natural beauty of Bangladesh. The mood, artistic appeal, loneliness, solitude, and tranquility of our riverscape, attract many art seekers to dive into the beauty of the Mother Nature.
2 years ago 9 min 6119
Iceland by Ignacio Heras Castan

B&WEuropeFeaturedHabitatIceland by Ignacio Heras Castan

The script of this sequence tries to convey the isolated way of life of many of the inhabitants of the Island, the different structures of houses, ships, churches that mix with the nature so characteristic of Iceland
2 years ago 8 min 4240
Edge of Darkness by Steve Silverman

B&WHabitatEdge of Darkness by Steve Silverman

Low-key black & white photography has always been a passion of mine. And since my photographic niche is black & white, it was a no-brainer to combine the two key components to capture the emotion and drama of a scene in order to express my artistic vision.
2 years ago 8 min 4356
The Ambassadors by Abbey Bratcher

B&WHabitatThe Ambassadors by Abbey Bratcher

My work aims to unveil the unique characteristics of a variety of threatened species as they are removed from their environment through post processing and presented as ambassadors for their species in the wild.
2 years ago 8 min 4609
J.W. Fike’s Photographic Survey of the Wild Edible Botanicals of the North American Continent

HabitatJ.W. Fike’s Photographic Survey of the Wild Edible Botanicals of the North American Continent

Within my system the plant is excavated, arranged in the studio, photographed, then illustrated digitally in such a way as to render the edible parts in color while the remaining parts
2 years ago 14 min 5115
Animus by Liam Lynch

B&WHabitatOceaniaAnimus by Liam Lynch

The Latin word for Intellect is Animus, Animus is defined as: character, intellect, memory, consciousness, often mind. An intrepid sleuth, Liam Lynch endures whatever extremes he must to capture the story he is bound to tell us in his photographs.
2 years ago 9 min 3359
Léman by Olivier Robert

B&WEuropeHabitatLéman by Olivier Robert

This project started in 1995 on the shores of Lake Geneva (Léman) where I live. It depicts a personal approach about the esthetically pleasing value of the objects built or abandoned on the shores and the way they pertain to the landscapes.
2 years ago 9 min 3312
Dragons and Horses by Liam Lynch

B&WHabitatOceaniaDragons and Horses by Liam Lynch

Imagine setting up a studio under the surface of the sea. To capture this body of work Lynch composed each image under water then with the help of an assistant diver holding a backdrop and specialised underwater lighting
2 years ago 8 min 4674
Light and landscape by Trevor Cole

B&WEuropeHabitatLight and landscape by Trevor Cole

These black and white images are from a diversity of global locations. Ireland, Canada, Iceland, The Faroe Islands and Namibia. They endeavour to convey a sense of space, atmosphere and the way in which light exacerbates tonal contrasts.
2 years ago 8 min 9321
Dark Zoo by Nicolas Evariste

B&WEuropeHabitatDark Zoo by Nicolas Evariste

Dark Zoo is the product of several expeditions to various French wildlife parks. Through this series of animal portraits, I’m trying to convey emotions while attempting to disregard the prefabri- cated environment of the zoo
2 years ago 8 min 4304
Scenes from Lower Bavaria by Bernd Walz

B&WEuropeHabitatScenes from Lower Bavaria by Bernd Walz

This part of Bavaria has vast agriculturally used rolling hills in the west, and the river plain of the Danube marks a natural border to the mountains of the Bavarian forest in the east.
2 years ago 13 min 3864
Animal Portrait by Ruud Peters

B&WEuropeHabitatAnimal Portrait by Ruud Peters

Ruud Peters, a native of The Netherlands, has been a professional photographer for the past 30 years. His work included portraits, weddings, product displays, and post processing of images. His central interests now focus on landscapes, nature, and the macro world.
2 years ago 9 min 2918
Nature is Ancient by Meg Wachter

AmericaHabitatNature is Ancient by Meg Wachter

Meg Wachter is a photographer and retoucher who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York (by way of Ohio). She attended Ohio University’s School of Visual Communication and received a BA in Commercial Photography and a Minor in Women’s Studies.
2 years ago 8 min 3836
Earth by Zoe Wetherall

AmericaHabitatEarth by Zoe Wetherall

The beauty of Zoe Wetherall’s work is in the structured geometry of natural and man-made forms – a natural fit for a little girl who wanted to be a bricklayer when she grew up.
2 years ago 10 min 4152
Marching the MacLehose by Ethan Lo

AsiaHabitatMarching the MacLehose by Ethan Lo

Ethan Lo is a Hong Kong based photographer. His photography focuses on land use and environment, he uses photography to document time and changes of the landscapes,
2 years ago 7 min 2686
Invasion by Andrey Semenov

EuropeHabitatInvasion by Andrey Semenov

Earth equally soaks up temple and shit. Close your eyes for a minute, and cities surrounding you will disappear. So-called artefacts, like buildings, highways, airports or shopping malls, which are considered to be the proof of superiority of certain species of this planet.
2 years ago 7 min 4811
Wild Things by Wiebke Haas

EuropeHabitatWild Things by Wiebke Haas

This year one of my biggest dreams came true – I met wild horses. I mean I literally stood in between large herds surrounded by prying, gentle animals. Contrary to my expectation to meet animals which are wild and untamed, I found trust, love and pure curiosity.
2 years ago 8 min 2992
Nice Nosing You by Elke Vogelsang

EuropeFeaturedHabitatNice Nosing You by Elke Vogelsang

Born in 1972 Elke Vogelsang turned her professional life upside down later in life to leave a smoothly running and profitable but dull job as a translator to pursue what she loves – photography.
3 years ago 14 min 4835

AmericaConceptFeaturedThree Chapters Of Illumination by Ann George

Dodho Magazine 1 week ago 15 min 886
This series symbolizes a metaphorical journey towards liberated living.  The wolf within the work represents allegorically fear and the temptation to be driven by it allowing its control over our lives.

AsiaFeaturedStoryVegetable Peddler by Yoshitaka Masuda

Dodho Magazine 1 week ago 10 min 858
In Japan, baby boomers continue to grow older, and the population 75 years or older has grown to be 13.3% of the total population. 6.1% of these women and 2.7% of these men cannot go out shopping or ask a relative living elsewhere to assist them.

B&WConceptEuropeFeaturedGhost by Naoual Peleau

Dodho Magazine 1 week ago 8 min 824
The memory is fragile. I’m afraid of closing my eyes once too many and blow away all my memories in one blink. I shoot and I forgot, I have stopped struggling.

EuropeFeaturedStoryO-Young Kwon ; Documentary photographer

Dodho Magazine 1 week ago 14 min 1124
I met O-Young Kwon in Germany when he came back to Berlin, where he was born and grew up. He looks at his friends’ photos of their mutual residency in South Korea, home country of his parents.

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