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This series of photographs shows the dreams and traumas lost in a distant adolescence spent in a quiet village in the countryside, where was lived in ignorance.
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This series of photographs shows the dreams and traumas lost in a distant adolescence spent in a quiet village in the countryside, where was lived in ignorance.

It shows a series of reunions of adults who return to the native village where they grew up before going to live in large cities. They reveal a series of traumas and intrigues that remained unresolved, fleeting relationships that were interrupted by sudden departures and repressions caused by repressed sexualities. These reunions became libertines and demonstrations of a sexual freedom that was interrupted by time and society. Walks in the woods, bathing in the river on summer days, climbing the highest hill to smoke the first cigarettes and try the girls’ first kisses, are just some of the examples.

It is a culmination of past experiences that here come to be revisited and experienced in a more intense and liberating way. This village is seen as a place of refuge, of contemplation and artistic creation where a relationship takes place between artist, work and place, which can be both execution and contemplation. A relationship that exposes the human action so focused on current capitalism, leaving aside an allusion to time and the transformation of nature as a passage of time.

The use of the naked body in overlap with nature, makes this a theater where the photographer can direct his actors on stage and get them to tell their stories and emotions. The use of the nude reveals us to a state of absolute purity and simplicity, without futility, where the balance of a true aesthetic experience prevails with strong relationships between nature and humanity, and these photographs are the means of achieving this relationship.

It also tries to demonstrate the human action that dominates the nature, just as these naked bodies also try to overlap it as if they were protagonists, which in some cases is exacerbated by the presence of the author in the images themselves, even if elusively at the time of shooting. It should be noted that even this shot, this ephemeral act of taking a photograph, also here, is not technological, it’s a slow and careful shot, weighted through a simple camera made with cardboard and a small hole where the light comes in, and the formation of the image takes place. It’s the ephemeral moment of this nature.

About Frankie Boy

My name is Licínio Florêncio, I’m based in Portugal and I was born in 1977. Frankie Boy is my artistic name. I have a degree in graphic design. I work as a designer and photographer. The photography has been a complement of my artistic work, specially the black and white analog photography. I’ve been working in photography for a few years, but without showing my work for the public. A few years ago, I decided to start showing my pictures and my narratives. In 2018, I was selected for the “Le plus grand concours photo du monde 2018” from french PHOTO magazine (www.photo.fr) in the Nude category. In 2019, I was selected for Pinhole Porto Photography in Mira Forum Gallery. In 2020, I was nominee for the 6th Fine Art Photography Awards in Nude.

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