ConceptEuropeCreative portraits: What will remain after me by Irina Heinz

Dodho Magazine 3 days ago 37 min 1164
Creative portraits, I decided to make a generalized “consumer portrait”, using the garbage of heroes as a metaphor. First, I took pictures of the garbage itself and made masks from photographs. Then I shot masked heroes and talked to them about consumerism and the waste problem. Is there a problem?

DnaEuropeSkype Interview with David Godichaud

FRANCESCO SCALICI 3 days ago 8 min 881
David Godichaud was born in Fontainebleau (France) in 1973. He started a carreer of photographer ten years ago, after graduating in Science Research first and from the photojournalism program of the International Center of Photography in New York next. Based in Normandy (France), David is a freelance photographer working both with assignments, commissioned works and exhibitions in galleries. His author’s work, quite always implemented with analogue camera Hasselblad, is very much inspired by the reality of...

EuropeStoryThe street of the blind by Alena Shilonosova

Dodho Magazine 4 days ago 14 min 923
Rusinovo is a street of the blind and visually impaired people in the town of Ermolino in the Kaluga region in Russia. Until 1995, it was a separate village where the visually impaired were sent from the different regions of the Soviet Union. 

EuropeStoryMy Muse Katerina Kouzmitcheva

Dodho Magazine 6 days ago 10 min 989
The concentration of courage gives its bursts to Muses. And they, in turn, give it to others. The result of their success still contains the same questions of balance between creativity and ordinariness, beauty, intimacy and publicity.



Trending in Europe

Capturing the Human Experience in Place  Architectural and landscape photography in Greece

EuropeNewsCapturing the Human Experience in Place Architectural and landscape photography in Greece

3 staff and 10 students trekked 2600 km of Greece by foot, bus, ferry and plane to study architecture and landscapes from the ancient classical sites to contemporary works, using photography to document, represent and express.
6 days ago 23 min 901
The solar script phenomenon by Žilvinas Kropas

ConceptEuropeThe solar script phenomenon by Žilvinas Kropas

The very title of the photographic cycle – Illumination of solar scripts – signifies the gesture of photography as dedication as well. On the one hand, it is possible to claim that in this way Žilvinas Kropas dedicates his work to the sun.
1 week ago 28 min 1119
St.Pauli by Manuel Armenis

B&WEuropeStorySt.Pauli by Manuel Armenis

Notorious for its red-light district and most famous for the fact that the Beatles started their career here more than 50 years ago, this workingman´s area in Hamburg, Germany, has always been a melting pot for people from all walks of life and backgrounds
1 week ago 15 min 1394
Together by Anne-Sophie Guillet

ConceptEuropeTogether by Anne-Sophie Guillet

In the ongoing new series ‘Together’, I suggest that we change our attitude and look differently at re- lationships ( friendly relationships, lovers). The social injunction impose itself like a proven normalcy with its hetero-normative codes in our live and our relationship to other.
1 week ago 5 min 1226
Inside the Camera Bag of Matteo Maimone

DnaEuropeInside the Camera Bag of Matteo Maimone

Light traveling involves light luggage. I would recommend a small camera body like a MirrorLess or a compact one can help a lot. Even the objectives play an important role: I always choose wide-angle lenses
2 weeks ago 7 min 839
Circuses by Nicola Smaldore

B&WEuropeStoryCircuses by Nicola Smaldore

This photographic project documents the harsh reality of a few circuses that are still active .. In the era of technology; internet, virtual reality and social networks, most traditional circuses with wild animals are closing rapidly because of more restrictive laws and also as a result of public disinterest in this type of art.
2 weeks ago 8 min 876
Nexus by Bruno Militelli

B&WConceptEuropeNexus by Bruno Militelli

For this photographic series the interaction between the physics of foam construction and its visual impact is what drove me. Designed to spark the viewer's imagination, these images perfectly exploit the connection between science and the inherent artistic appeal of soap bubbles.
2 weeks ago 9 min 797
Boxing Notes by Giuseppe Cardoni

B&WEuropeStoryBoxing Notes by Giuseppe Cardoni

Nonna Mira, the real boxing enthusiast of the family, set her alarm for 3 a.m. and called my father and me (just a boy) to watch big matches live from Madison Square Garden in New York.
2 weeks ago 8 min 885
The Irish Travellers by Håkan Strand

B&WEuropeStoryThe Irish Travellers by Håkan Strand

The smiles, the laughter, the questions, the smells, sounds, families, dogs, horses, colors and textures …the Irish Travellers! I arrived at the halting sites in Western Ireland to learn about this remarkable group of people and their unique way of life.
2 weeks ago 16 min 1124
Metaphysical Body Landscapes by Anna Lazareva

B&WEuropeNudeMetaphysical Body Landscapes by Anna Lazareva

My childhood I've spent at my grandmother's house in Romania, near Carpathian Mountains. Seeing human's strong bond with earth, observing nature, landscapes around influenced my understanding of earth beauty and mens connexion with it. 
2 weeks ago 9 min 1403
Highspeed Landscape by Fran Villalba

B&WConceptEuropeHighspeed Landscape by Fran Villalba

This short series was born from the trips that I make almost daily from the city where I live, San Sebastián de Los Reyes to the center of Madrid. It is a 45-minutes journey that takes the C4 line of the Renfe train company.
2 weeks ago 9 min 900
Moonlight by Thomas H P Jerusalem

ConceptEuropeMoonlight by Thomas H P Jerusalem

The moonlight will always lead you the way and keep you safe, my children. I want you to never forget that. And as you already know, the stars look down on the children in the world.
3 weeks ago 19 min 1144
Territories by Philippe Sarfati

B&WCityEuropeTerritories by Philippe Sarfati

The first impulse behind this experimental project was to inject street photography methodology - moslty, the reliance on serendipity and spontaneous behaviour - into architectural photography.
3 weeks ago 8 min 1285
Interview with Julia Fullerton Batten

DnaEuropeInterview with Julia Fullerton Batten

My photographic style encompasses cinematic lighting, powerful colour combinations, careful choice of models and the use of settings and props which enhance the visual story I am telling.
3 weeks ago 25 min 1166
Museums’ spaces by Marco Musillo

B&WEuropeStoryMuseums’ spaces by Marco Musillo

Display is a photographic project on spectators in museums’ spaces, or in places where the view is captured by the public exhibition of objects with poetic qualities.
3 weeks ago 11 min 970
The Provincial by Antonis Giakoumakis

EuropeStoryThe Provincial by Antonis Giakoumakis

What to write about the countryside and even its own countryside, since emotions are often contradictory within it. Conflicting emotions. Good memories and sad memories.
3 weeks ago 21 min 1344
Oceanus by Pygmalion Karatzas

EuropeHabitatOceanus by Pygmalion Karatzas

It was a privilege to be asked by prof. Giorgos Papatheodorou to join and document their marine geophysical surveying of the Anfeh region in Lebanon.
3 weeks ago 15 min 1159
Staves by Alfons Olle Coderch

B&WCityEuropeStaves by Alfons Olle Coderch

Aldo Rossi told us that in the city, in addition to emergencies, there are the buildings that give it body. In effect, this is a kind of architecture that does not attract the general public
4 weeks ago 10 min 937
Anatomy of a photograph by Mitar Terzic

DnaEuropeAnatomy of a photograph by Mitar Terzic

After the first answer I think that is easy to understood why I chose the witches as a motif for one of my works. The book "Malleus Maleficarum", one of the most blood soaked texts in the history, influenced me to went back to the topic which during my childhood impressed me so much.
4 weeks ago 11 min 1163
Queer Youth by Fabio Le Fanu

EuropeNudeQueer Youth by Fabio Le Fanu

The celebration of hyper-masculinity is very strong in our society and in the gay world as well: for this reason I began to focus my work on the expression of femininity in men and in the queer community.
1 month ago 9 min 2057
Old Times by Seigar

EuropeStoryOld Times by Seigar

Old Times is a photo-narrative series that tells a story of traditions and how these have evolved wisely over many centuries. The Hortobágy National Park, in Hungary, is a big place where people, animals and nature coexist together with the values of respect and love.
1 month ago 9 min 1031
Climbing Cholitas by Todd Antony

EuropeFeaturedStoryClimbing Cholitas by Todd Antony

I´m originally from New Zealand but have been living and working as a photographer in London for the last 15 years. Growing up in NZ, the outdoors is pretty much part of your DNA. It`s coded in there somewhere directly after Rugby.
1 month ago 18 min 1361
Between backstage by Leila Forés

B&WEuropeStoryBetween backstage by Leila Forés

The project “Between backstage” starts in 2015 when the Ballet school I attended in my childhood gives me a pass to be able to mix among its students in the previous moments before the grand exhibition.
1 month ago 13 min 1344
Against The Dark by James Schofield

B&WEuropeStoryAgainst The Dark by James Schofield

Against The Dark is a project on the visual depiction of anomie in British society, revealing the inconvient truth of the ever prevailing hostile environment that is enveloping the UK today.
1 month ago 6 min 1203
The Solitude in Prision by Riccardo Sanesi

B&WEuropeStoryThe Solitude in Prision by Riccardo Sanesi

The impression that as soon as you enter a prison is loneliness. You enter the tunnel at the time of arrest. In prison you breathe the heavy imprint of this condition that begins to mark the existence.
1 month ago 13 min 1100
Photo Shoot : The Cage by Zuzu Valla

EuropeShotPhoto Shoot : The Cage by Zuzu Valla

Photo Shoot : Performed by the model and performance artist Alex Bruni, "The Cage" is allegory of the ageing and social stereotypes attributed to it. The performance rebels against age biases, replacing them with passion, strength and beauty.
1 month ago 8 min 1176
Exhibition: Two Journeys, One Story

EuropeNewsExhibition: Two Journeys, One Story

This exhibition entitled “Two Journeys, One Story” has two different works in common thread. One is “Oshichi”, a work inspired by having encountered a doll modeled from a love story ,’Yaoya Oshichi’, more than 300 years ago. The other , “Starting New Journey”, is created from the days of mourning my mother.
1 month ago 16 min 1045
OFF Bratislava: Dodho Will Be Providing The QR Code To Get Our Latest 09 Edition

EuropeNewsOFF Bratislava: Dodho Will Be Providing The QR Code To Get Our Latest 09 Edition

We contribute the best of our efforts when it’s about enhancing the industry of art photography. We will distribute the free printed magazine of our latest 09 edition through QR codes. The codes will be printed on different places at the venue; you can simply scan the code to download a free magazine.
1 month ago 6 min 1178
Station to station by Gary Dawes

B&WEuropeStoryStation to station by Gary Dawes

Station to station is a personal project they give me the creative freedom to explore and carry out my own ideas,I really could not see anyone giving me the kind of projects I set for myself.
2 months ago 15 min 1310
Still Life Part XIII by Stefania Piccioni

ConceptEuropeStill Life Part XIII by Stefania Piccioni

In these still lifes I'm going back to work. with pastel colours. they seem to purify the surfaces, light colors make the vacuum merge. The empty spaces have slight contrasts of shape as a value.
2 months ago 11 min 1253
Dougs Cabin by Karianne Bueno

EuropeStoryDougs Cabin by Karianne Bueno

For over forty-five years, Doug has been living in the desolate rain forest of Vancouver Island, Canada. I met him on his campsite in 2010, and he has been in my thoughts ever since.
2 months ago 11 min 1049
Interview with Dušan Kochol, founder and director of OFF Bratislava

DnaEuropeInterview with Dušan Kochol, founder and director of OFF Bratislava

The festival OFF Bratislava is held simultaneously with the Month of Photography and it acquires its uniqueness by being a platform for fresh talents from the photography scene.
2 months ago 10 min 1838
Giro di Bitta – Youth on cargo ship by Gianluca Micheletti

EuropeStoryGiro di Bitta – Youth on cargo ship by Gianluca Micheletti

Story about young people who chose careers as officers in the merchant navy. (It is said in jargon "giro di bitta” the eye formed by the upper stripe which indicates the rank of officer on the uniforms).
2 months ago 13 min 1057
Our Island by Natalya Vanina

ConceptEuropeOur Island by Natalya Vanina

You would often give in and share your sweets with me because I was the youngest. When we grew up, we would part for a long time and see little of each other.
2 months ago 15 min 1293
New Orleans to Nashville by Benjamin Angel

B&WEuropeFeaturedStoryNew Orleans to Nashville by Benjamin Angel

A large part of modern music is born in the cities located between New Orleans and Nashville. New Orleans (Louisiana) is the birth place of jazz music. It is still packed with jazz clubs around the Faubourg Marigny and on the (in)famous Bourbon street.
2 months ago 9 min 1255
Another world by Maria Grazia Beruffi

B&WEuropeStoryAnother world by Maria Grazia Beruffi

Dream, fear, hard work and endless love. This is my nephew's world, but also  many others’  who have a different perception of the reality. It is the so called ”Asperger syndrome", but I would say it is the most mysterious and uncontaminated state of mind. 
2 months ago 10 min 1219
Dodho Magazine Issue 09

AsiaEuropeNewsDodho Magazine Issue 09

In this edition, we have the honour of publishing the photographers' works, Todd Antony, Ana Maria Robles, Efrat Sela, Leila Forés, Zhou Yulong and David Godichaud. As in each edition, we will present the six selected photographers by our professional and committed jury, to the best galleries, festivals and professionals in the photographic industry.
2 months ago 14 min 1860
Identity by Camila Berrio

B&WEuropeStoryIdentity by Camila Berrio

When responding to the inevitable endeavor of attempting self-definition, I tackled the dimension of gender through the resulting series Identity. From personally having moments of disengagement with the sensation of womanhood from my body
2 months ago 11 min 1305
Mister X by Dmitriy Ryabov

B&WConceptEuropeMister X by Dmitriy Ryabov

Mister X" project is a story of a mysterious character, a composite character of many unrecognized talents, living in free play to one's imagination. The project’s idea appeared in the summer of 2018 and was developed in a series of photos about the different life character situations. The series will be continued in the autumn of 2019.
2 months ago 8 min 1443
Nickel by Alexandra Gromova

EuropeFeaturedStoryNickel by Alexandra Gromova

The town of Nickel was founded in 1935. It used to be called Kolosjoki: Finnish geologists who studied nickel ores used to live and work here.
2 months ago 13 min 2580
Pearl by Ogulcan Arslan

EuropeStoryPearl by Ogulcan Arslan

They were, following their domestication, creatures providing mankind’s travels and communication on the first hand.Nowadays, while everyone can communicate with smartphones or applications even from hundred of thousands kilometers away
2 months ago 11 min 1136
Spirit of the north by Alexandre De Melas

EuropeHabitatSpirit of the north by Alexandre De Melas

I started photography when I started travelling and I fell in love with wildlife photography. It is to me the most difficult but rewarding type of photography. I love looking for angles and backgrounds to give an unusual view of the animal. Then the animal has to offer the perfect look or the perfect posture.
2 months ago 13 min 1502
So Coney! by David Godichaud

EuropeFeaturedStorySo Coney! by David Godichaud

Coney island isn't only Wonder Wheel and burger shops. It is also and before New York's beach where all communities from Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens are merging during summers to escape the heat.
2 months ago 9 min 3514
Government of childhood by Yuliya Pavlova

EuropeStoryGovernment of childhood by Yuliya Pavlova

What happens with children who didn't suffer any traumatic experiences?  How will they grow up? In my project, I tried to show the future society where children grow up in a closed institution.
2 months ago 10 min 1190
Metamorphosis by Dasha Raiskaya

B&WConceptEuropeMetamorphosis by Dasha Raiskaya

There is no logic in this project, everything is shot at the level of sensations. It was a very interesting experience. I decided to set myself a very interesting task - every day for a month to take one photo on an emotional state.
2 months ago 10 min 1300
CaMg(CO3)2/CaCO3 by Alessandro Ciccarelli

B&WConceptEuropeCaMg(CO3)2/CaCO3 by Alessandro Ciccarelli

In his latest series for Monkeyphoto, Alessandro Ciccarelli presents “Erehwon, CaMg(CO3)2/CaCO3”, 26 black and white photographs published in the form of posterzine, or rather, prints on large format sheets (45x30cm).

2 months ago 10 min 1234
Inside the Camera Bag of Cyrille Druart

DnaEuropeInside the Camera Bag of Cyrille Druart

Cyrille Druart was born in 1980 in Paris. His interest in Art leads to experimenting various fields from an early age. In parallel with Design studies at ESAG-Penninghen in Paris, he learns photography by himself and begins travelling in order to make images. Regularly browsing large cities wandering ran- domly, he uses almost exclusively black and white as means of representation. The goal is not only to freeze time, but to take off fragments of...
2 months ago 5 min 1618
In Plain Sight by Bruce Haswell

B&WCityEuropeIn Plain Sight by Bruce Haswell

I have been involved in this project over the past three years after deciding to devote my creative self to the pursuit of my life in pictures, so to speak, as that is how I view my work, in the most simple terms.
2 months ago 12 min 1467
Displaced by Nektarios Markogiannis

B&WEuropeStoryDisplaced by Nektarios Markogiannis

Home and Away, is personal project documenting the lives of the displaced in South Sudan. The Sudan, after an almost half a century long civil war, was finally divided into two countries.
2 months ago 11 min 1459
Waiting for the Tide to Turn by Gary Sheridan

ConceptEuropeWaiting for the Tide to Turn by Gary Sheridan

The Waiting for the Tide to Turn series farcically explores the emotions of a disenfranchised people. The images allude to a spectrum of thoughts, feelings and actions ranging from apathy and subservience to enlightenment and rebellion.
3 months ago 13 min 1631
Symbiosis by Antonio Fiorentino

B&WEuropeShotSymbiosis by Antonio Fiorentino

A project dedicated to the relationship between man and nature, but also to the warmth and life hidden inside the stone, far from being cold and always a carrier of energy. A reciprocal exchange in which man occupies the forms and fills the spaces that nature has left for him, and not vice versa.
3 months ago 7 min 1756
Nude photography by Igor Amelkovich

B&WEuropeNudeNude photography by Igor Amelkovich

I`m nudity and landscapes photographer from Russia. I reside in the city of Chelyabinsk, southern Ural. I studied radio engineering at the South-Ural State University. From 1985 to 1987 I served in the Soviet army, near Vladivostok on the Pacific coast by the Chinese border. 
3 months ago 14 min 6597
Anatomy of a photograph by Stefania Piccioni

DnaEuropeAnatomy of a photograph by Stefania Piccioni

The pre-production phase of my project is where all the planning takes place before the camera rolls. Whether its measured in minutes, hours or days, my planning phase sets the overall vision of my project.
3 months ago 7 min 1533
Interview with Francis Meslet

DnaEuropeInterview with Francis Meslet

In fact I visit a lot of abandoned places in different sectors: industrial, health, religious, education, entertainment and of course private homes. With "Home" I go closer to the secrets of people. This unique feeling of being passed on the other side of the mirror as an invisible traveler in time. 
3 months ago 18 min 1429
Academy by Anton Malkov

ConceptEuropeAcademy by Anton Malkov

Two years ago I was invited to visit St. Petersburg Academy of Art, Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Behind the heavy doors I saw six-meter ceilings and walls that had not been restored for years.
3 months ago 12 min 1854
In Rust We Trust by Bart Vos

ConceptEuropeIn Rust We Trust by Bart Vos

The Navy Yard is A redeveloped old navy ship yard in Philadelphia. It was an important shipyard for the navy for almost two centuries.
3 months ago 9 min 1282
North and Light by Grégory Pol

B&WEuropeHabitatNorth and Light by Grégory Pol

Grégory Pol, a sailor and a scuba diver, is always connected to nature ; never the less, its magnificence and its treasures strike him everytime. His commited, talented and vivid photographies reveal his fascination for a rough and ruthless nature that can also be so fragile.
3 months ago 9 min 2113
Signature Gestuelle by Dominique Jaussein

B&WEuropeNudeSignature Gestuelle by Dominique Jaussein

Dominique had only looked at George during the "Unforeseen" at the workshop of the famous Monte-Carlo's Ballets. Throughout the session he breathed with him while he danced, mimicking his trigger as if he had his camera with him!
3 months ago 19 min 3081
Marco Musillo – Ascending Lights, Traversing Altitudes: Mountains

B&WEuropeHabitatMarco Musillo – Ascending Lights, Traversing Altitudes: Mountains

Mountains explores natural elevations not as a conquest of extreme sites, but as a silent trajectory taking the viewer to discover textures and slow movements, but also pauses, illusory moments in which clouds, trees, and rocks do not move.
3 months ago 14 min 1905
Impressions of India by Marco Campi

B&WEuropeStoryImpressions of India by Marco Campi

I first visited India in 1997 when my work as a scientific researcher brought me to Bangalore. I had the fortune to be there on my own, … with more than 1 billion Indians around me, of course.
4 months ago 15 min 1851
Aquabeads by Bruno Militelli

ConceptEuropeAquabeads by Bruno Militelli

In this photographic series it’s intend to show the subtle interaction of only two elements of nature, feathers and drops of water. It is the inherent ability of birds to repel water that keeps them dry, their feathers are naturally impermeable.
4 months ago 8 min 1469
Poetry of silence IX by Roland Blum

B&WEuropeHabitatPoetry of silence IX by Roland Blum

“More and more, abstract aerial desert photography is becoming my lifetime project”, says the Liechtenstein-based photographer Roland Blum. His ongoing work “Poetry of Silence” was created in the Namib Desert. The Namib Desert is often referred to as the world’s oldest desert
4 months ago 9 min 1750
Natura Mortale by Ilva Beretta

ConceptEuropeNatura Mortale by Ilva Beretta

According to Amnesty International, torture is practiced in 141 countries, both openly and in secret. Many of these countries have signed the UN convention against torture, but it still goes on.
4 months ago 7 min 1537
IDP: Internal Displaced People by Stefan Steinmann

B&WEuropeStoryIDP: Internal Displaced People by Stefan Steinmann

The world is my base and my curiosity my compass. Moments are the fundamental target of my camera. During my journey around the world, I have had lots of different moments but this one was particularly memorable. 
4 months ago 14 min 1456
Noctilucent by Anastasia Deligianni

CityEuropeNoctilucent by Anastasia Deligianni

It’s been almost four years now since my artistic and humanistic interests, somehow always combined in me, have turned towards urban life, societies, communities, cityscapes, public sphere transformations and a thorough research of the needs that we develop while living together in a postmodern, universally connected but unevenly growing world with a heavy historical and political past.
4 months ago 17 min 1704
Interview with Dmitriy Krakovich

DnaEuropeInterview with Dmitriy Krakovich

Dmitriy Krakovich is a photographer currently based in Kyiv and New York. His major interests are Psychological portrait, Fine art photography and Conceptual projects.
4 months ago 12 min 1800
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