EuropeStoryWhen I dream by Matveeva Olga

Dodho Magazine 4 hours ago 7 min 515
The drunk man was in a hurry to leave the bus and pushed me. I have lost consciousness. There was a concussion. And after that I have become blind on one eye. I cried. I had a lot of questions: what for? Why? I had insomnia.

ConceptEuropeVia Crucis by Massimo Panzavolta

Dodho Magazine 4 hours ago 8 min 410
These 14 ruined-by-time doors, suffering, aching, are becoming symbols of a journey - a Via Crucis of the Soul. Doors are seen as diaphragms to hide human miseries, although they are tending to a light of hope.

EuropeHabitatPrecious Kea by Alexandre De Melas

Dodho Magazine 1 day ago 9 min 713
I knew about the kea birds before even coming to New Zealand. I discovered them on a BBC documentary show. I was awed by these intelligent birds playing in the snow up in the epic southern alps described like the only parrot species to live in the mountains.

B&WEuropeHabitatJavea by Harald Weimann

Dodho Magazine 2 days ago 10 min 858
The photos belong to Harald Weimann’s seconded project after a 25 years break in photography, called “Javea a pearl at the Mediterranean sea” which he finished in the beginning of 2019.


Sidewalk Theatre: Street photography from New York City by Mathias Wasik

CityEuropeSidewalk Theatre: Street photography from New York City by Mathias Wasik

There are few cities that inspire the modern world as much as New York City does. It’s ever growing, ever rising – a kaleidoscope of American culture.
2 days ago 13 min 970
Abortion Industry

EuropeShotAbortion Industry

The first image of Anna Malakhovskaya project is “Abortion industry”. The youth by all means is the golden calf of modern society.
2 days ago 6 min 883
Venice by Chris Anthony

ConceptEuropeVenice by Chris Anthony

There are two Venices in the world: One is the floating city in Italy, the other is the palm tree-lined California beach. An extraordinary world in flux where the moody tides of fact and fiction converge.
6 days ago 11 min 1412
Street Photography by Damian Milczarek

CityEuropeStreet Photography by Damian Milczarek

Damian Milczarek – born in 1984 in Sochaczew. He is a graduate of the international relations department at Lazarski University in Warsaw and the sociology department at SWPS University. An IT specialist in the telecommunications industry. He began his adventure with photography in 2009. Since then, he has been constantly studying its secrets, wandering the streets of cities in search of interesting stories. In 2018 he won the Siena International Photo Awards and the Italian…
6 days ago 10 min 1334
Static tensions by Oliver Raschka

B&WCityEuropeStatic tensions by Oliver Raschka

City Spaces and habitats change. Mass media reign. Fictional reality we face. Tensions grow, causing visual overload. Mental manipulation. 24/7. Noise.
1 week ago 11 min 883
Aloe kingdom by Daria Nazarova

EuropeStoryAloe kingdom by Daria Nazarova

“Aloe” is a secret kingdom created by Yana Perovskaya in 2011 at her own expense with the help of two close friends.
1 week ago 16 min 892
Interview with Frank Machalowski

DnaEuropeInterview with Frank Machalowski

The main focus of all my series is on analogue photography no matter if 35 mm or medium-format, because I love the analoge technology.
1 week ago 14 min 998
Ghost by Naoual Peleau

B&WConceptEuropeFeaturedGhost by Naoual Peleau

The memory is fragile. I’m afraid of closing my eyes once too many and blow away all my memories in one blink. I shoot and I forgot, I have stopped struggling.
1 week ago 8 min 825
O-Young Kwon ; Documentary photographer

EuropeFeaturedStoryO-Young Kwon ; Documentary photographer

I met O-Young Kwon in Germany when he came back to Berlin, where he was born and grew up. He looks at his friends’ photos of their mutual residency in South Korea, home country of his parents.
1 week ago 14 min 1124
A flare in the sky by Michal Konrad

ConceptEuropeA flare in the sky by Michal Konrad

The space is filled with living and dead matter. Both matter penetrate each other. Coal, tree and smoke.Houses, chimneys and streets.
1 week ago 17 min 823
Sarab by Nahid Rezashateri and Gianluca Ceccarini

EuropeStorySarab by Nahid Rezashateri and Gianluca Ceccarini

The Iranian landscape consists mostly of a vast desert territory. As for the Inuit who have so many words to indicate the snow so the iranians use different terms for the various types of desert
1 week ago 15 min 785
Edelstein’s world by Denis Kaminev

EuropeFeaturedStoryEdelstein’s world by Denis Kaminev

The Church of Resurrection in Karabanovo village (Kostroma oblast), built in 1833, experienced both physical and spiritual destruction in Soviet times, when it was turned into a machinery service station and a fertilizer depot, and was fully re-established under the guidance of a priest by the name of George Edelstein.
2 weeks ago 15 min 1150
Priests of Ethiopia by Benjamin Angel

EuropeStoryPriests of Ethiopia by Benjamin Angel

Ethiopia became Christian in the IVth century and has kept a very vivid faith. Its Orthodox Church is home to spectacular traditions, with a high number of processions where thousands of people dance and sing in the street for days.
2 weeks ago 10 min 1003
Just a trip – Japan by Andreas Theologitis

B&WEuropeStoryJust a trip – Japan by Andreas Theologitis

Andreas Theologitis is a master of photographic form. Like a magician, he sculpts the naked female body and paints with his photo brush views from the cities he visits.
2 weeks ago 13 min 941
Mariëtte Aernoudts ; Fine art photography

ConceptEuropeFeaturedMariëtte Aernoudts ; Fine art photography

My name is Mariëtte Aernoudts and since 9 years I am a self thought photographer / imagemaker. Most of my portraits are from children or young people and always in colour.
2 weeks ago 11 min 1308
Take Care by Benedetta Ristori

EuropeStoryTake Care by Benedetta Ristori

In Italy, the presence of a female migration, coming mainly from Eastern Europe, destined to cover tasks such as the care of elderly and / or serious patients, is dictated by the presence of a public welfare, which cannot adequately respond to the growing demand for assistance. The number of caregivers in the Italian territory corresponds to about 1.5 million.
2 weeks ago 12 min 946
Interview with Ellie Davies

DnaEuropeInterview with Ellie Davies

The recent print edition is fantastic, you’ve been kind enough to give me seven double-page spreads with a beautiful and comprehensive overview of my most recent series – Fires, 2018.  The paper and print quality are also exceptional, thanks again Dodho Magazine!
2 weeks ago 16 min 906
Looking for – Viola Andrushchuk

EuropeStoryLooking for – Viola Andrushchuk

Militarization, propaganda of war, increase of military costs… This is the reality of recent Russia. But this way is acceptable not for all Russian citizens. This project has united participants of different social initiatives together, for whom anti-war appeal is a basis for their work. 
2 weeks ago 26 min 961
Miami by Maxime Ruiz

CityEuropeMiami by Maxime Ruiz

Miami is the most populated city of Florida, USA which is located in the south-east of the country. This city is very culturally different from West Europe which is mostly due to the hot and humid climate all year round.
3 weeks ago 7 min 900
Pestilentia Populi – Will Carnival Cure Populism? by Davide Germano

EuropeStoryPestilentia Populi – Will Carnival Cure Populism? by Davide Germano

The days of Fasnacht, the Basel Carnival – one of Europe’s oldest and best-loved carnivals – just ended. Dating back to 1376 and becoming UNESCO World Heritage only in 2017
4 weeks ago 16 min 1093
Interview with Andrii Rublevyk

DnaEuropeInterview with Andrii Rublevyk

Andrii Rublevyk is a designer and photographer from Mykolaiv, Ukraine. Areas of interest: minimalist landscape, experimental and conceptual art nude.
4 weeks ago 15 min 1046
Berlin bhf. by Anna Tihanyi

ConceptEuropeFeaturedBerlin bhf. by Anna Tihanyi

Berlin bhf. (bahnhof) is a staged series that is rooted in intimate issues of my personal life, through which I could emphasize Berlin being a transitory place, a habitat of the passengers.
4 weeks ago 12 min 1337
Mod UK by Owen Harvey

B&WCityEuropeMod UK by Owen Harvey

This photographic project is a celebration of the current UK Mod scene. Mod is a subculture that began in the late 50’s and through the years, it has seen many variations to its original style.
1 month ago 9 min 947
My green room by Svetlana Tarasova

ConceptEuropeMy green room by Svetlana Tarasova

Every time when I run away from home, leaving behind the ideal and carefree world of my childhood, I hope that somewhere there I will become independent, grow up and build my own life. 
1 month ago 12 min 1504
Trump-Kim craze by Biel Calderon

EuropeFeaturedStoryTrump-Kim craze by Biel Calderon

The second summit between the U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korea chairman Kim Jong-un brought to the city of Hanoi heavy traffic, security cordons, and bustle. However, the residents of the capital of Vietnam welcomed the distinguished guests with great diplomacy and, in many cases, with joy and very peculiar demonstrations of admiration.
1 month ago 18 min 1688
ReHUB by Alessandro Annunziata

EuropeStoryReHUB by Alessandro Annunziata

The Teresa Rehabilitation Centre in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq, is a rehabilitation centre run by local and international staff of the Italian Emergency NGO. In the centre, prostheses of any type are built to measure, and patients are followed in their path of learning the use of prosthetics.
1 month ago 12 min 1378
Still life Part XI by Stefania Piccioni

ConceptEuropeStill life Part XI by Stefania Piccioni

Still life can be a portal to a personal kind of history. In some ways it’s very intimate: the objects chosen by the Photographer  reveal what they consider to be either of social or cultural importance, or of personal value to them.
1 month ago 10 min 1470
The Other Side by Jorge Pérez Higuera

ConceptEuropeThe Other Side by Jorge Pérez Higuera

The study of History has been presented as a model based on the narration of facts focused on dates. The Nouvelle Histoire emerged opposing this old model by accepting the challenge of focusing on ordinary individuals and putting a name and a face to those characters who had been cast into oblivion.
1 month ago 12 min 1204
Nocturama by Jose Carpin

EuropeStoryNocturama by Jose Carpin

When I turned six years old my parents and relatives took me to the local zoo for the first time to see Nocturama. It is a facility where you visitors can find nocturnal animals and have the chance to see how they live and behave under an artificial darkness which tries to simulate the dark of the night.
1 month ago 9 min 1075
For you by Oliver Merce

EuropeStoryFor you by Oliver Merce

I first took notice of this category of people when I was a child. My mother was a medical worker in a neuropsychiatric hospital. I used to occasionally visit her and at that time the Romanian government was blurring the line that was separating people with intellectual disabilities and those with psychological problems, cramming them all in facilities of this sort.
1 month ago 11 min 1198
Vistas Paradossales by Luca tombolini

EuropeHabitatVistas Paradossales by Luca tombolini

Vistas is composed of multiple exposures shots and high resolution scans of colors & solvents compositions; dealing respectively with the perception of Time and the perception of Space. Starting from my previous works on landscapes I aimed to create images presenting an altered Time dimension, through the use of multiple and/or very long exposures.
1 month ago 10 min 989
Susanna Patras ; Pacifica – The stone pyramids of time

B&WEuropeHabitatSusanna Patras ; Pacifica – The stone pyramids of time

The rocky structures that dot the US Pacific coast, called monoliths, stretch from the US border with Mexico to Canada. These strange and dramatic formations grow from sandy beaches. or raise like mountains from the ocean.
1 month ago 10 min 1278
The Blind Spot by Anna Heydel

ConceptEuropeThe Blind Spot by Anna Heydel

Photography is combined with techniques based on the scripture of the blind: with projections, photographic interventions and installations, words and alphabetical eyes are formed from Braille and incorporated into material and photographic reality.
1 month ago 11 min 1358
Love for Uganda by Victoria Knobloch

B&WEuropeFeaturedStoryLove for Uganda by Victoria Knobloch

Many times I already traveled to Uganda and have gained a lot of insight. But I travel there not only for photography, but also because of my humanitarian project Deseret Foundatione.
1 month ago 15 min 1111
Gray zone by Valery Melnikov

EuropeStoryGray zone by Valery Melnikov

First time I visited the Donbass region was at the beginning of summer of 2014, right at the beginning of the military conflict. Nobody knew at that time how long this conflict would last, and how difficult and painful the consequences of this conflict would be.
1 month ago 11 min 1084
Upcycling Construction in Vietnam by Hermes Aviateur

EuropeStoryUpcycling Construction in Vietnam by Hermes Aviateur

These pictures are an excpert of few days project I did a couple of weeks ago in Mui Ne a small coastal town in Vietnam known for its amazing dunes and surf spots.
1 month ago 11 min 1104
Sea by Maria Mahou

EuropeHabitatSea by Maria Mahou

In this series of underwater still-life, I try to explore the relation between the object and the environment that contains it. Elements of the outside world, find their place in a seemingly inhospitable environment. 
1 month ago 6 min 1115
She Said / He Said by Florin Firimita

EuropeNudeShe Said / He Said by Florin Firimita

Megan, an Ohio native, is a graduate of Indiana University Jacobs School of Music and currently resides in CT where she performs and teaches high-caliber ballet training. She also is the Ballet Mistress for a renown ballet company assisting in producing professional performances throughout the season. Megan became interested in modeling shortly after moving to the East coast and quickly became enthralled in Florin’s work and ideas. She has worked with him ever since and…
2 months ago 28 min 1759
Let’s turn to the human being by Nikita Petrov

CityEuropeLet’s turn to the human being by Nikita Petrov

Let’s turn to the human being – the most beautiful creature our world has to offer! It is a well-known fact that in ancient times, the human being was worshiped more than ever. Ancient Greek and Roman gods were, in fact, human given their passions and sins. The human body was regarded as a work of art!
2 months ago 6 min 1089
Once upon a time a road by Mam’At

EuropeHabitatOnce upon a time a road by Mam’At

I’m a self-learned photographer from a very small village in Cantal, France. I began photography four years ago when I was 44. I left my job and came to the mountain of the « massif Central ».
2 months ago 9 min 1421
Amsterdam Girls by Ramona Deckers

EuropeNudeAmsterdam Girls by Ramona Deckers

Amsterdam Girls is an ongoing personal series which I started in 2014. I document young women from all walks of life going about their lives in the city. We would talk about womanhood, going out, what it feels like to live in Amsterdam and ‘surviving’ in the city.
2 months ago 13 min 1706
The last outfit by Zuzu Valla

EuropeShotThe last outfit by Zuzu Valla

In the AW19 collection, IA London is proposing to reconsider our own imminent death as another fashion event. Making a good last impression is so important.. What will I wear to my funeral?, Are my lips full enough?, Will I look young/sexy enough?
2 months ago 7 min 1312
I had it all by Katerina Kouzmitcheva

EuropeStoryI had it all by Katerina Kouzmitcheva

I shoot stories of successful people who lost everything overnight. What is going through a once successful person in distress? What allows him to find the strength to fight again? I was searching for answers to these questions first of all in myself.
2 months ago 18 min 1446
Homecoming by Madeleine Morlet

EuropeStoryHomecoming by Madeleine Morlet

Adolescence is an archetype for our times, reflecting the incessant ambition for friendship and social bonding, and the conversely concurrent feeling of isolation; the desire to blend and belong, and the need to define and differentiate ourselves.
2 months ago 10 min 1045
Eliza Tsitsimeaua-Badoiu – Self-portraits

B&WEuropeShotEliza Tsitsimeaua-Badoiu – Self-portraits

Eliza Tsitsimeaua-Badoiu is an awarded iPhoneographer based on the shore of the Black Sea coast in Constanta, Romania. This is a short, quick presentation on her artistic attempts in the field of mobile phone photography. 
2 months ago 13 min 1569
Exhibition: Haunted Souls by Andreas Theologitis

EuropeNewsExhibition: Haunted Souls by Andreas Theologitis

Athens (3 – 17 April 2019) The work, “Haunted Souls”, by Andreas Theologitis seeks new forms of expression by limiting the models in the confines of a studio. It is this game of shadow and light, combined with everyday textures, reflections, transformations and distortions which challenges the viewer and disturbs his perception..
2 months ago 10 min 820
Maroc by Jennifer Breuel

EuropeStoryMaroc by Jennifer Breuel

The story Maroc is defined by what I absorbed along my travel through Marocco at the threshold between the familiar and the unknown. A country that smells of orange trees, rose petals, exotic and beguiling scents
2 months ago 7 min 938
Vietnam by Alice d’Hubert

B&WCityEuropeVietnam by Alice d’Hubert

What makes those pictures personal, is the fact that they reflect the time I spent contemplating, the crowd, the people, the places I came across in this country, totally unknown to me. No interaction, just sitting there or walking and waiting the right time to release the shutter, whatever happens.
2 months ago 11 min 1109
Welcome Home by Nick Gandano

ConceptEuropeWelcome Home by Nick Gandano

In this time I have come across some characters, sometimes peculiar, who lived in some of those homes to which I came. At first, their presence made me uncomfortable as they used to interrupt my work.
2 months ago 14 min 1084
The center of spare-time activities by Benjamin Le Brun

CityEuropeThe center of spare-time activities by Benjamin Le Brun

The project “The center of spare-time activities” stages models playing the role of tourists in a chosen scenery : commercial areas in suburban zones. It illustrates the current m utation of m alls, especially in France, through absurd and derision.
2 months ago 8 min 1039
The beauty of decay by Michael Schwan

CityEuropeThe beauty of decay by Michael Schwan

Most people in the city rush around and they have no time to look back into the past. I want them to remind of the history. To places that man has given up and forgotten more and more.Such lost places have a special magic for me.
2 months ago 18 min 1084
Veczemju cliffs by Jelena Osmolovska

EuropeShotVeczemju cliffs by Jelena Osmolovska

I`m living in small country – Latvia.I love Latvian nature and I would like to expose it to the world. Because sometimes people doesn`t know what is Latvia and where it is.
2 months ago 6 min 1218
Anthropocene by Athena Carey

ConceptEuropeAnthropocene by Athena Carey

Anthropocene – human traces We were here… In this work I am addressing the imprint that humanity is leaving on planet Earth. Through combustion of fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal, etc), herding and agriculture, mining, water diversion, species extinction, deforestation, etc.
2 months ago 9 min 1408
Fez Undressed by Alessandro Annunziata

EuropeStoryFez Undressed by Alessandro Annunziata

Fez, in Morocco, the oldest of the four imperial cities, is divided into the new and the old city. Located in a mountainous region, the old town is characterized by the intricate streets, travelled only by people and donkeys, the only way of transport allowed and used by the locals. 
2 months ago 13 min 1116
Abstraction at Source by Caroline de Bertodano

ConceptEuropeAbstraction at Source by Caroline de Bertodano

Abstraction is all around us in everyday life. It does not depict reality but lives within reality co- existing alongside us. In the empty space between objects and movement. In the texture of materials and light.
2 months ago 18 min 1321
Still Life Part IX by Stefania Piccioni

ConceptEuropeStill Life Part IX by Stefania Piccioni

White is maybe the most rigorous and psychological color, it seems to purify the surfaces, it’s a color that makes the vacuum merge. The empty spaces have slight contrasts of shape as a value.
2 months ago 9 min 1163
Mundari cattle camp by Trevor Cole

EuropeStoryMundari cattle camp by Trevor Cole

The cattle camp, seldom visited by outsiders, is quite simply incredible. I saw Sebastiao Salgado’s photo of these camps years ago and there is no change that I could see. The Mundari are friendly and enjoy being photographed.
2 months ago 14 min 1391
Emerging Ukrainian Photography: Roman Zakrevsky

ConceptEuropeEmerging Ukrainian Photography: Roman Zakrevsky

This is like a story that author wants to tell with the help of things. A story about someone or someone’s life – which was spied by Roman Zakrevsky. A life is like a frame that consists from different kind of stuff. Stuff like light, lines, person, colors, shapes – stuff that works with your eyes and your perception / imagination.
2 months ago 13 min 1280


Nenad Šaljić presents a new photography book. Nenad was born 1961 in Croatia. He is a Zermatt-Switzerland based photographic artist. Being trained as a mountaineer and a caver, Šaljić is inspired by earth’s geological history.
2 months ago 7 min 938
Nellys by Tamas Schild

EuropeStoryNellys by Tamas Schild

Environmental portraits of a young, marginalised roma girl and her family from rural Hungary. Ongoing since 2009.  At the beginning of the project Nelly was already a mother by the age of eighteen. By now she is a mother of four.
3 months ago 13 min 1516
The Illusion of Purpose by Victoria J Dean

EuropeHabitatThe Illusion of Purpose by Victoria J Dean

Victoria J Dean’s practice explores the human propensity to rationalise space, in the context of place and landscape. Technology is restructuring our communication methods, transforming our perceptions and interactions with our environment, and rendering the physical realm comparatively cumbersome and slow.
3 months ago 11 min 1629


Trecastelli (March 9 to May 19, 2019) The exhibtion has as its protagonists nine artists coming from Marche, who through photographic reworked versions, videos and sculpture have outlined new stories, new works, new languages, paying homage to Nori de Nobili, both as woman and as artist.
3 months ago 4 min 804
Faces of mirror by Suzette Luiken

EuropeShotFaces of mirror by Suzette Luiken

In my portraits you can see young adults of our time. A time where, through social media, we create images of ourselves that connect as closely as possible with what the other person wants to see.
3 months ago 9 min 1320
Visual impairment by Magdalena Grela

B&WEuropeStoryVisual impairment by Magdalena Grela

Visual impairment, also known as vision impairment or vision loss, is a decreased ability to see to a degree that causes problems not fixable by usual means, such as glasses.
3 months ago 8 min 1279
Interview with Alice Zilberberg

DnaEuropeInterview with Alice Zilberberg

I absolutely love Dodho magazine! Everything is in good taste and quite beautiful. I am currently working on adding more images to my project “Meditations”. After that I have another project planned that is related to animals as well.
3 months ago 14 min 1159
Gerewol by Trevor Cole

EuropeShotGerewol by Trevor Cole

Gerewol – The Wodaabe tribe (Mbororo) a branch of the Fulani tribe are nomadic pastoralists who are found predominantly in Niger and Chad, in the Sahel region of Sub Saharan Africa. They speak Fula which isn’t a written language. 
3 months ago 17 min 1292

AmericaConceptFeaturedThree Chapters Of Illumination by Ann George

Dodho Magazine 1 week ago 15 min 887
This series symbolizes a metaphorical journey towards liberated living.  The wolf within the work represents allegorically fear and the temptation to be driven by it allowing its control over our lives.

AsiaFeaturedStoryVegetable Peddler by Yoshitaka Masuda

Dodho Magazine 1 week ago 10 min 858
In Japan, baby boomers continue to grow older, and the population 75 years or older has grown to be 13.3% of the total population. 6.1% of these women and 2.7% of these men cannot go out shopping or ask a relative living elsewhere to assist them.

B&WConceptEuropeFeaturedGhost by Naoual Peleau

Dodho Magazine 1 week ago 8 min 825
The memory is fragile. I’m afraid of closing my eyes once too many and blow away all my memories in one blink. I shoot and I forgot, I have stopped struggling.

EuropeFeaturedStoryO-Young Kwon ; Documentary photographer

Dodho Magazine 1 week ago 14 min 1124
I met O-Young Kwon in Germany when he came back to Berlin, where he was born and grew up. He looks at his friends’ photos of their mutual residency in South Korea, home country of his parents.

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