The new form of personal for promoting to position you as an expert in the subject

With the idea of keep growing, we open the Dodho doors to all those who want to contribute their talent as editors and become part of a team of collaborators wishing to share their passion for photography in all areas. We are looking for people who identify with our philosophy and willing to give their best in the development of content that brings value, inspiration and knowledge in our subject

Build your online reputation

Writing in a relevant magazine in the sector will allow you to be read by the most influential people in it. It will position you as an expert in the subject and will invite you to write in other magazines and blogs, thus building a sound online reputation. A long-term collaboration, in addition to giving you more visibility, increases the perception of others about the quality of your writings and will help you gain organic positioning thanks to the more excellent value your DoFollow links will get. We receive thousands of visits daily increasing the chances your articles will be linked by third parties that will also contribute to the growth of your brand exponentially.

Through building up of our collaborators’ columns, we want to publish a unique and inspiring content written by our own users in a space where the reader is also the writer, where the viewer is also the creator.

We want to invite you to be part of our magazine

We want you feeling part of this project, with direct and close contact. We want to count on your experience and that you impregnate our pages with your personality through your own column. To share your experience and knowledge with thousands of photographers and assume responsibility for your own space in Dodho Magazine.

Dodho are visited every day by thousands of photographers who view more than 8 million pages annually.


We offer you a space having a sound community of readers, in which reference photographers participate, and that will help you strengthen your own brand and improve your online reputation.

  • Boost your personal brand.

  • All your articles will be signed with your image, your data, a brief resume review and your personal links

  • Share your knowledge and reach thousands of followers.

  • Improve your visibility and stand out as a professional.

  • Grow on your social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blog …)


We are inviting you to be part of a sound team of long-term collaborators, for this reason, we do not accept guest authors or circumstantial collaborations.

  • Be a professional or amateur photographer with enough experience to add value to our community

  • The desire to write and encourage personal branding.

  • Write about any subject related to photography you know of.

  • The minimum length of articles must be 1000 words with no maximum limit. The images you include must be sent in JPG format and added as an attachment in the email you send us.

  • Original texts that have not been previously published in any other medium.


If we are lucky enough you are joining our collaborators' team, we will create a professional column for you to develop your way as a Dodher.

You must send us through our Wetransfer channel or by email an original article with a minimum length of 1000 words in pdf. without any link.  The images you include you must send them in JPG format and add them as an attachment in the email you send us. Once we receive the material, the Dodho team will review it, and within a few days, we will contact you. In case you join our collaborators’ team, you must send us a photo and a short biography of about 250 characters describing your professional profile so that we can prepare your personal column in Dodho with your professional links and social networks. For any questions write us an email to, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

* We hate spam and never share your details.
Thank You. We will contact you as soon as possible.