Kunduchi Minimalism by Abhijit Bose

It took me to reach Kunduchi around half an hour from Dar es Salaam city. There is a Beach Resort and one needs to pay to enter and sumptuous lunch and dinners are available at the restaurant. But the magic happens much before that.

Seychelles- From Dawn to Dusk By Abhijit Bose

The Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, off East Africa. Located on Indian Ocean, the natural beauty of its numerous beaches are beyond imagination. There is a saying that Adam and Eve were sent to The Seychelles.

Riverscape by Mohammad Rahman

The riverscape of Bangladesh tells the story about the natural beauty of Bangladesh. The mood, artistic appeal, loneliness, solitude, and tranquility of our riverscape, attract many art seekers to dive into the beauty of the Mother Nature.

Thalassophile by Luis Aguilera

Luis Aguilera was born Caracas, Venezuela and then moved to Miami, Florida as a teenager. A street artist by nature, Aguilera has always been intrigued by the innovative ways that photography can capture a moment, especially shots near water.

Léman by Olivier Robert

This project started in 1995 on the shores of Lake Geneva (Léman) where I live. It depicts a personal approach about the esthetically pleasing value of the objects built or abandoned on the shores and the way they pertain to the landscapes.

Grey Matter(s) by Tom Jacobi

Grey Matter(s) by Tom Jacobi

For two years Tom Jacobi travelled to six continents, searching for archaic landscapes – mystical places that had been shaped over thousands of years by nature, yet they seem timeless, even modern.

Water Moods by Alex Axon

I started Water Moods project as a mirror to Urban Moods, only this time with a specific thing in mind – to use long exposures to create feelings of tranquility, where you can get an extra breath every time you watch the photos.

David Baker : Sea Fever and Ridge Trees

David Baker : Sea Fever and Ridge Trees

During the past three years I have developed two projects: Sea Fever and Ridge Trees. Sea Fever concentrates on the power and energy of the sea. People are drawn to the sea, perhaps by the sense of power and force and the sound.

Christopher Robert Photography

Growing up, I was lucky enough to spend a couple of years driving around Australia with my mum, dad and sister. Naturally, I fell in love with the outdoors and still feel a strong connection with everything this incredible country has to offer.

Jean-Pierre Duvergé – Photo fine art

Jean-Pierre Duvergé – Photo fine art

My project is to pursue this work of studies of sea landscapes which for me represents a real subject the serenity of which I like passing on.The photographers whom I admire particularly are Ansel Adam, Edward Weston but also Michael Kenna, Yucel Basoglu or Volker Birke, among others.

St.Brelade´s Bay by Gina Socrates

St.Brelade´s Bay by Gina Socrates

As a photographer, I draw inspiration from the island of Jersey on which I live: its sometime soft and delicate, sometime harsh and rugged coastline, its traditional and contemporary architecture, its abundant flora and the individual characters of the locals.

Seascape of Francesco Gola

Francesco Gola was born 1981 in Pavia, Italy. He currently lives and works in Italy. After taking his Master Degree in Electrical Engineering he started travel for his company, and he found in photography the perfect escape to the chaotic world.