Nature Directory

Trees by João Galamba

I admire trees as they are one of the most marvelous beings in this world. Not that humans and other animals are not incredible too, but trees fascinate me for their silent suffering.

Antarctica and the sublime by Santiago Vanegas

The photographic series entitled “Antarctica” by Santiago Vanegas attests to the moving experience the artist experienced during a journey across that frozen continent that is being subjected to a radical transformation.

States of Grace by Wendi Schneider

“States of Grace” is a portfolio of painterly photographs illuminating the sinuous grace of organic forms in the natural world. Drawn to the sensual, I seek serenity in visual balance and create glimpses of beauty to still the chaos in my mind.

Earth by Zoe Wetherall

The beauty of Zoe Wetherall’s work is in the structured geometry of natural and man-made forms – a natural fit for a little girl who wanted to be a bricklayer when she grew up.

The Elements by Paul Bride

Trying to explain the concept behind my photography is never as fun as actually pressing the shutter button. Why do I try so hard to create the images I dream about? Why developed a style over the years in an attempt to define how I see the world?

Iceland by Elena Cremona

The argument of nature’s resource exploitation and excavation, as well as the destruction and environmental devastation of landscapes, has long been one of high concern. However the environmental effects of this are not always so visible or apparent.

Trees by Ursula Abresch

My photography style of photo-impressionism allows for the abstraction of subjects and makes it possible to express feelings more fully without having to say a word. It allows me to put down thoughts, dreams, and fleeting moments in time with my pictures.

Botanical by Áine

Working with an immense variety of single images, comprised of a multitude of focal points with a play of light and illumination in each individual photograph, the whole picture then develops into an endless amount of dimension and a fascinating expression of movement.

Between the trees by Ellie Davies

Ellie Davies (Born 1976) lives in London and works in the woods and forests of the UK. Her gained her MA in Photography from London College of Communication in 2008.

Mandala by Luigi Bussolati

A selection of uncut flowers. Like a mandala constructing beauty before it is swept away. We follow the spiral down to the nucleus and its impulse to return us to the world.

Tom Fallon Photography

Aside from photography I have had too many hobbies to list, my best friend as my life partner and 4 magical little critters called children. Like hobbies, I have too many jobs to list.

Stefano Coltelli Photography

Born in 1978, I always had a passion for photography, since I received my first film camera as gift. When I met my girlfriend, who is also interested in photography, I started taking pictures with a compact camera

Filippo Rivetti Photography

I am a 33-year-old engineer, born in Milano, Italy. I have always enjoyed travelling, but it’sseven years ago, when I moved to Australia and was captivated by its breathtaking landscapes, that I really fell in love with photography.

Things invisible by Magda Wasiczek

My pictures are rather a record of impression, colors, flashing lights than the encyclopedic documentation. I’m trying to get as many effects at once while taking photos.

Patrick Hübschmann ; Landscape and Nature

I started taking photos with a dusty old cam from the attic. I like Black and White and the look of old photos and movies. Beside Music and Painting, photography has always been part of my creative life. Most of my images are taken digital, but I still use analog cams from time to time.