Landscape Directory

Edge of Darkness by Steve Silverman

Low-key black & white photography has always been a passion of mine. And since my photographic niche is black & white, it was a no-brainer to combine the two key components to capture the emotion and drama of a scene in order to express my artistic vision.

Light and landscape by Trevor Cole

These black and white images are from a diversity of global locations. Ireland, Canada, Iceland, The Faroe Islands and Namibia. They endeavour to convey a sense of space, atmosphere and the way in which light exacerbates tonal contrasts.

Nature is Ancient by Meg Wachter

Meg Wachter is a photographer and retoucher who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York (by way of Ohio). She attended Ohio University’s School of Visual Communication and received a BA in Commercial Photography and a Minor in Women’s Studies.

Invasion by Andrey Semenov

Earth equally soaks up temple and shit. Close your eyes for a minute, and cities surrounding you will disappear. So-called artefacts, like buildings, highways, airports or shopping malls, which are considered to be the proof of superiority of certain species of this planet.

Someone Here by Alexandra Uhart

Alexandra Uhart is an artist photographer born in Chile who is based in London. Before turning her focus to the photographic pursuit she studied Aesthetics, which helped shape the philosophical enquiries that she would later express visually in her work.

Uncommon Landscapes by Ty Poland

Ty Poland is a 21 year old photographer and a graduate of Monmouth University with a Bachelors in art and concentration in photography. After three years in the major, Ty’s style began to develop into a sense of what the eye can’t see.

Landscapes of Dragos Ioneanu

As I enjoy a lot spending time in nature, especially around sea or ocean, I continued to travel in the last few years and the two projects I am presenting here are the result of this work.

Time fragments by Gabor Dvornik

A hunter to trap those individual moments in life which can be sometimes rare to see and to feel. This means that it is probably time itself with what I am dealing from day to day.

Night scenes by Anton Jankovoy

This series of photos I’ve been making during 6 years in different regions of nepali Himalayas. I’ve walked on foot across the mountains more than 4000 km and the most of them on the altitude about 3000-5500 m.

Night photography : Mojave Moonlight by Tom Lowe

When the opportunity to work as an artist in residence for Mojave National Preserve presented itself I jumped at the chance. I knew immediately what I wanted to do. With my affinity for the night and the outdoors it had to be “Mojave Moonlight.”

Ollie Taylor – Nightscape Photographer

The world is a different place when the sun goes down, and just as beautiful, with far fewer people wandering around it, therefore, perfect for the landscape photographer; although he indicates he is now more of a twilight and nightscape photographer than landscaper.

Thierry Dulau : The Blue Hour

I am Thierry Dulau, a french Graphic designer and Photographer in Aquitaine (France). I love capturing beautiful sites of France (castles, medieval towns, cities …) This country has a very rich heritage and you only have to wait towards the end of day

Japan by Claudio Beffa

In the last three years we’ve discovered many of the wonders of Honshu island, from the natural beauties of Kamikochi and Kumano Kodo, to the artistic treasures of Kyoto, Tottori-ken and Hyogo-ken, not leaving ignored the technology and lifestyle of Tokyo and Osaka.

Mikael Ackelman Photography

From the very first instant that I looked through the viewfinder, I was captivated by the frame. The endless possibilities of composition, light and to shift focus. In many ways I think of an image as a concentration of life within borders.