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I found these girls playing at the former railway station. They are not permitted to be photographed in public by a stranger, but liked my attention. So they came up with this solution. Many Moroccan and Turkish adolescent girls struggle with their identity in Western society. They need to be obedient, caring and humble according to their own traditions and protect the honour of the family.

I Believe / A portrait of Bressoux by HJ Hunter

‘I Believe’ is a portrait of Bressoux, a multireligious suburb of Liège in Belgium. To me Bressoux is the world in a nutshell. Muslims live together with Kurds, Jezidi’s, Italians, African Christians and Syrian Orthodox on less then a square mile.

Girls in the village of Baluwa, Gorkha District. Near the epicentre of the 2015 earthquake which killed 9,000 people.

Stranded by Szymon Barylski

In 2015 (2072) Nepal was destroyed by two powerful earthquakes. The first one measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale struck on 25 April, another 17 days later, i.e. on 12 May. These earthquakes killed nearly 9,000 people, destroying over 600,000 homes.

Aftermath / Erberto Zani

Aftermath by Erberto Zani

Ship breaking and rebuilding in Bangladesh. Fishing vessels, merchant ships, huge oil tankers: they have been designed and built for resisting to the waves of the ocean in a storm.


Ashura Day by Kostis Ntantamis

The Day of Ashura is commemorated by Shi’a Muslims as a day of mourning for the martyrdom of Husayn ibn Ali, the grandson of Muhammad at the Battle of Karbala on 10 Muharram in the year 61 AH.

Orestis Seferoglou_UnsettledTerritory_04

(Un)Settled territory by Orestis Seferoglou

Idomeni (Greek: Ειδομένη) is a small village in Greece, near the borders with the FYROM. The village is built in an elevation of 65 meters, in the outskirts of Kouri hill. It mounts in the West bank of Axios river.

AK(22), a Rohingya refugee from Myanmar, at a temporary shelter in Bayeun, East Aceh, Indonesia.

On May 20th 2015, around 400 refugees and asylum-seekers stranded at sea for months were rescued by Indonesian Fisherman in Julok, Aceh province, Indonesia.

Stateless Women by Fauzan Ijazah

Some of them reached the shore on their own, but most of them were rescued off at sea by the Acehnese fishermen. Indonesian Government, NGOs and local communities have given humanitarian assistance to these refugees ever since.

Alan Gignoux 7

Alan Gignoux : The Oil Sands – Curse or blessing?

An elderly Alberta cowboy replied to the above question, “ In the beginning oil was a blessing, it brought Alberta from the ranks of the have not provinces to the ranks of the have provinces, it allowed schools, roads and hospitals to be built”

Belief-4-Sauvik Acharyya

Belief – A Photo Story by Sauvik Acharyya

A series of pictures taken in North India, explores the myriad ways people worship and the media they use to search for the intangible higher truth or power.Through various rituals, festivals, fire, flowers and even alcohol, India spirituality moves ahead parallel to the nation’s modern moorings.

Sourabh Nath Sarma 9

The workers by Sourabh Sarma

The workers in bricks factory in India. They work almost 12-14 hours a day and get just a minimum pay .According to government rules the owner of every brick industries are responsible for their children’s educations and health but still they won’t get it.


Ultra-Orthodox Jews by Marcel Kolacek

Three days of photographing the Old City in Jerusalem leave you amazed at the mixture of religions and cultures. But increasingly, I wanted to see between the walls, the ìreal Jerusalemî, without the tourists and the myriad peddlers. When I talk about ìthe real Jerusalemî I mean the tradition, so strong that it defies time.

04 Kopie

My Albania by Claudio Rasano

My series shows the fragility side of life in Albania . My portraits are frontal taken at eye level,looking directly and ahead, the face cast in shadow showing a strong and determined expression.