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In Naples by Lorenzo Masi

The association DAMM ZONE MULTIPLE AUTOGESTITE (DAMM means Diego Armando Maradona Montesanto), that in the recent past was a squat centre, is based in a three floors building downtown Naples – as the name of the association tells, it is in the Montesanto block.

Human Towers in Catalonia by David Oliete

The human towers in Catalonia (known in Catalan as “Castells”) are traditionally built in festivities and competitions in the region of Catalonia, in Spain. During these events each team (known as “colla”) builds and dismantles its own human towers.

The fight by Lorenzo Masi

The fight by Lorenzo Masi

Sweat and labour in intense daily training to get ready for what may be the last chance of a professional career.Leonard Bundu is an Italian boxer born, from a Sierra Leonese father and an Italian mother in Freetown, Sierra Leone, in 1974.