Music Makers by Jimmy Williams

Jimmy Williams is a fine art and assignment photographer based in Raleigh, NC. He studied visual design at North Carolina State University, and shortly thereafter, opened an independent studio where he established himself as a successful and award-winning assignment photographer.

Lucha diaria by Jorge Chavarria

Daily struggle portrays the interior lives of wrestlers in Guatemala. To the local culture, these men are considered “stars” and role models. They live dual lives: as parents that support their families and as “idols or demons” for their fans that follow them every weekend.

Shadows in Greece by Enri Canaj

The centre of Athens, as I first remember it, was full of life. During the period before the Olympic Games, there was great development. All this happened within a few years. It was as if the city put on new clothes.

Workers by Krizsai Andrea

I’m also working on a photo reportage about evictions which are going on now in Hungary because of the bank loans. I’m especially interested in social topics. With this series of photographs ‘’Working class’’ I want to show people in their working environment.

My Place by Dina Oganova

New generation in Georgia.First generation living after disintegration Soviet Union.They are in their own rooms,their own space and talking about their life.

Amanda Dandeneau Photography

Amanda’s photographs have been shown in New York, Chicago, Rhode Island, and Louisiana. She has also been published in American Photography 25 and 28. She currently resides in Brooklyn, N.Y, where she works as a freelance photographer.

Salvi Danés – Black Ice, Moscow

A thin and an invisible ice layer, which makes the free movement difficult and damages our self-confidence to choose a direction. An invisible barrier which has a fearful influence on us when moving from one place to another. Leaning in a kind of imaginary wall which makes our path easier and which makes decisions for us.

Profound Azores by Paulo Monteiro

The Azores are an archipelago in the North Atlantic that consists of nine small islands. The smallest, Corvo (Raven), is only 17 km2 and has about 400 inhabitants.

A Natural Order by Lucas Foglia

A Natural Order by Lucas Foglia

Lucas Foglia grew up on a small family farm in New York and graduated from Brown University and the Yale School of Art. Foglia’s work explores the relationships between people, economy and wilderness in rural America.

Keith Yahrling – For the revolution

Keith Yahrling – For the revolution

The boundary of the United States of America’s original thirteen colonies encompasses roughly the country’s entire eastern coast—from Maine to Georgia and from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean to the Appalachian Mountains.

House of Soda By Gem

House of Soda By Gem

Coca Cola logos are very dominant in the Philippine landscape. I chose to photograph them because they’re very distinctive, and while I know other countries also have Coke ads, I don’t think they’re anywhere as pervasive as the Coke banners, streamers, metal signs, tarps, posters, logo placements beside store names as I see here in the Philippines.

The focus of Levent Karaoglu

The focus of Levent Karaoglu

Photography is neither a passion, nor a desire for me. I do not only believe in keeping such expressions off from our minds, but also rejecting all kinds of fanatical approach towards art.