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Floating | Kicki Lundgren

Floating by Kicki Lundgren

Floating is my most recent project published by the publishing company Journal, Gösta Flemming, at Polycopiés in Paris this year. The whole thing started in the beginning of the 90s when I photographed a man at a local swimming facility with my newly purchased Nikon AW.

The Capsule | Shyue Woon

The Capsule by Shyue Woon

Located in Ginza, a prime district in Tokyo – Nagakin Tower is a 13 storeys Tower designed by Kisko Korawara in 1972. The tower has set the aesthetics typical of architectural dystopias.

A walk to Remember | Amit Paul

A walk to Remember by Amit Paul

Kolkata Rainbow Pride Walk is a movement for equal rights for people of diverse gender, expressions and sexual identities has seen some very contrasting developments in the past couple of years in India.

June Korea | Still Lives: Eva

June Korea – Still Lives: Eva

I began photographing dolls in 2001 to listen to their voices, and see their secret lives once again as I did in my childhood. And after a few years of inviting them into a photographic world I staged, I started asking myself, “Why do I really photograph dolls?”


Mass prayer to the Sun by Arup Biswas

It is believed that there are 33 Koti (“KOTI” meaning types. Wrongly translated as Crore.) gods and goddess in Hindu Mythology. And each type of god or goddess are worshiped with proper devotions and dedications.

Belen-Peruvian Venice

Iquitos-Belen by Szymon Barylski

Iquitos is the largest city in the Peruvian Amazon, to which there is no land route. One can get to the city only by boat or plane. One of the attractions of Iquitos is Belen district.


The Women of Prison no.5 by Simru Hazal Civan

Halide Dündar was the manager of Revolutionist Democratic Women Association (DDKAD) when she was arrested and brought to Diyarbakır Prison No. 5. at year 1980. Her offense was teaching Kurdish women how to read and write.