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Why Drag? | Magnus Hastings

Why Drag? by Magnus Hastings

Magnus Hastings is a portrait photographer whose current series of large-scale photographs, and accompanying book, Why Drag?, focuses on the phenomenal artistry and counter-cultural spirit of the international drag scene.

Ride Or Die | Maya Smira

Ride Or Die by Maya Smira

The photographs expose a new social phenomenon that is growing in the remote and wild south and north of the California, of a new generation of “fower children”, also called hippies or “pirates”.

Wardrobe by Yulia Artemyeva

Wardrobe by Yulia Artemyeva

Food, home, clothes, taken in their broad anthropological sense, serve as a continuation of human corporeality and the closest zone of our self projection.

winner of 4th Ozone Zone Salon soon

Krisztina Laki ; An emotive standpoint

Krisztina Laki, a mother of three children lives in Kaposvar, close to the southern border of Hungary. Like many lovers of photography, Krisztina was creatively inclined from childhood.

Nat The Boxer | Jose Girl

La vida en disparos by Jose Girl

Jose Girl is a Spanish photographer living in Los Angeles since 2010.Very related to the world of rock, she has to date published 3 books of photography on this subject, and has worked with some of the most important musical publications of Spain, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia.

On Changes / Elena Nassati

On Changes by Elena Nassati

An image may be a reconstructed memory based on the photographer’s experience. Through my project entitled ‘On Changes’, I am recounting different stories based on memories and experiences from my recent past


No man´s land by Tine Poppe

Around 3000 rejected and “non-returnable” asylum seekers live in Norwegian asylum reception centres. They remain in an indefinite limbo situation for several years, without permission to work, no right to essential medical care and no possibility to leave for another country.

27_Dottie Lux-Velocity Chyaldd

Neo-Burlesque by Leland Bobbé

The power of neo-burlesque is rooted in the charisma the performer exerts over the audience. On stage, the artist controls the illusion of what is and is not revealed.


Untold Stories by Raluca Caragea

As a psychologist I was always amazed of how people perceive and integrate their experiences. I began as everyone does, with landscapes and still life shots.


Kerekes István ; People & Portrait

I was born in 1977 in Marosvásárhely/ Transylvania / Romania. Now I live and I work in Mosonmagyaróvár – western Hungary. I am taking part regularly in national and international photo competitions and exhibitions since 2004.


Portraits Talk by Aman Chotani

Aman Chotani , A Professional Travel Photographer who has found acclaim across major exhibitions and brands. His motto Travel to beautiful, Rusty, adventurous locations to capture untold stories, unseen traditions and unprecedented experiences.


Streets of Kolkata by Nick Ng

I am an avid photographer with deep passion in social, travel and documentary photography, on aspects of the people and their environment. Photography is my chosen medium to express my passion, and that passion stems from a long time ago memory of my old grandfather