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Michael David Adams ; Fashion photography

Michael David Adams’ Fashion photography has taken him around the world from beautiful Caribbean islands and breathtaking coast of Mexico, to exquisite European destinations like Paris, Venice, Nice, and Croatia to name a few..

Autre by Victoria Art

The project “Autre” was created by the UBERlab conceptual laboratory. Which consists of photographer and stylist from Kiev, Ukraine. The form of the photo project is expressed in the unification of photography and collage.

Accents and form
 by Dasha Matrosova

Spots, lines, shapes , shadows and lights …- all that is about graphics which I want to talk about. Every photographer has personal features and unique style of shooting. Everyone has strong and weak sides.

The Red Saint by Peter Kemp

For Dutch photographer Peter Kemp the storytelling element is essential in his photography. “It has to be open to different interpretations, making people look more carefully at the picture, triggering them to create stories from it.”

Love for dinner by Tomassco

Tomassco-a fashion photographer, born in a small town of Kelme in Lithuania. Discovered an interest in photography at 10, shooting friends and first selfies.

Uli Weber ; Fashion and Portraiture

The photographer, Uli Weber, has built a global reputation on his mastery of two distinct fields: capturing the profound and the profane in a popular culture fixated with celebrity; and revealing the intimate truths of portraiture.

Lights Out by Esteban Brocos

A beautiful project created by the Peruvian photographer Esteban Brocos trying to create a collective consciousness, it takes a long time to be ready but here it is.

Tomassco ; The fashion photography

Maybe you do not believe in fairy­tales, but you could live in one! Life is more easier, when you believe in miracles,they happen all the time. You just need to open your eyes more widely and you will be able to notice them!

Crystal galaxy by Dasha Matrosova

Designer clothes, unique handbag gremlin and crystal. It would seem like to combine they elements?! Creating this strange image, teen style in clothing and unusual accessories made these photos interesting and unusual.

Renaissance Man by Marc Boily

Man is the measure of all things.” New thinking is emerging in Art and Science to form a cultural rebirth of our ‘Renaissance Man,’ shifting paradigm to ignite the feminine power of the goddess manifesting new thinking and divine revelation.

Death Series Brief by Irvin Rivera

This whole series is inspired by the “Death” character from Neil Gaiman’s Graphic Novel Character.To reference the character, I used the “Ankh” and the Eye of Horus as consistent symbols

Dasha Matrosova – Fashion Photography

I am young photographer from Belarus. I like to work in different styles, but most of all I shoot fashion and fine art . I work with glossy magazines and always participate in various projects. Every day I get new ideas for the photo shoot, I’m not tired to invent and create!

Katrin Viil ; Fashion Photography

This is my second project for Dodho magazine. Last one was presented in June 2015. Some changes have happened meanwhile. I started photo shcool and got new camera and lenses. That means better pictures I hope Althrough i still believe that photo doesn´t have to be technically perfect it just has to be good.

Matej Hubcej Photography

Usually I take photographs by my digital camera as the most of photographers or sometimes I use a classic analogy camera. In 2012 I attended a few workshops for improving my photographing skills, especially in the fashion, nude and portrait areas because I am the most interested in these genres.

Der Prozess by Victoria Art

Photoshooting “Der Prozess” visual embodiment of having a literary foundation under. Namely, the eponymous unfinished novel by Franz Kafka, which is having enormous suggestive influence