Alice Zilberberg ; The Making of Oasis

This project emerged from the realities of struggling with an end of a relationship that was salted dry through infidelity. After a complicated breakup, I found myself on a trip in the desert with a couple that was newly in love


Love cannot be defined. It is both an essential part of the human experience as well as an entirely personal one. It mutates through time and our relationships with different people. It unites and divides us.


Macro is a personal experimental short that explores the tiny moments which comprise our natural world. This meditative, loose-narrative weaves a thread through a lush micro-world

Stellar Nurseries

“A cloud that veils one of nature’s secret places. This is a stellar nursery, a place where stars are born. They condense by gravity from gas and dust until their temperatures become so high that they begin to shine.

The Universe of Mitar Terzic

Mitar Terzic presents a phantasmagoric universe with the masks that he draws and makes by himself. Black & white photos, in square format, are both intriguing and poetic and take us into a world where everyone can imagine his own versión of the story.

160 Characters

When a vintage Nokia is recharged, a compelling real life story is revealed. A story that unfolds in just 100 texts and tells the story of how two people, meet, date, break up and deal with an unplanned pregnancy. Shot entirely on an iPhone 6, 160 Characters uncovers the secrets and stories, buried in our mobiles both old and new.

Ross Harvey

An advanced degree in computer science may not necessaily be considered the makings for a creative leaning that so refreshingly understands photographic geometry, light and composition. This is a short film about wedding and street photographer Ross Harvey


“Rebirth” is a philosophical story of human desire for transcendence and a Faustian dream of achieving immortality through creation at a symbolic level. It is a story of the cycle of life

Tom Stoddart

A former Times editorial photographer, Paul Rogers is now a respected wedding photojournalist. His style pays homage to a finely honed journalistic eye that saw him cover assignments in Iraq, Africa and North Korea.

Paul Rogers

A former Times editorial photographer, Paul Rogers is now a respected wedding photojournalist. His style pays homage to a finely honed journalistic eye that saw him cover assignments in Iraq, Africa and North Korea.

Jim Mortram

Jim Mortram is the pictorial architect behind Small Town Inertia; revealing portraits of people and their stories within a three mile radius of his home. This short film documentary introduces one of photography’s more altruistic photographers


Vincent Munier was born in 1976 in the Vosges, in the East of France, where he still lives and stays very close to the wild nature. He chose photography in order to express his dreams and emotions.

Leica Portrait : Joel Meyerowitz

An award-winning street photographer who has been creating memorable images in the great photojournalistic tradition since 1962, Joel Meyerowitz pioneered the use of color in this slice of life genre

January in Japan by Scott Gold

Loves outer space, believed he’d become captain of the Starship Enterprise when he was a little boy. Went to school for entrepreneurial business, but somehow ended up with a camera in his hands.

Heart of Africa

This film is an abstract composite of my memories and experiences from a trip to Rwanda and Uganda a couple of years ago. It was nothing at all like what I expected.

From Sea to Shining

On October 6th, 2010, Juno award winning, Canadian Jazz greats David Braid (piano) and Phil Nimmons (clarinet) improvised some wonderful

Susan kae Grant Artist Video

Susan kae Grant’s photographic and book-works are included in numerous collections including, The George Eastman House, The J. Paul Getty Museum, The Minneapolis Art Institute, The Tokyo Museum of Photography

Archive Photo inserts from Motalko

3d camera mapping scenes from the documentary MOTALKO. The whole process (modelling, texturing, compositing) was done with Blender 2.49. created by: Miklós Falvay & layout artist: Domonkos Pinke.

More than photography

I finally got time to edit some more video from my U.S. tour this summer. I didn’t shoot quite as much as I had planned, but it was still enough to create a story about two talented photographers, Brad Evans and Travis Jensen, as I got to know them on my trip. In the process I developed a lot of respect for their photography.

Urban Yoga

This video was made for The Urban Yoga Kickstarter campaign. We did not want to make yet, another Kickstarter video, but saw it as an opportunity for an experiment using video as a possible tool for representing the concept behind the The Urban Yoga.

Home is where your heart lives

“The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.” [CONFUZIUS] Director of Photography: René Eckert / Blickinsfreie | Producer: René Eckert / Blickinsfreie | Editor: René Eckert / Blickinsfreie


This short CG film shows some important steps in the development of photography, starting in Egypt where Ibn al-Haitham created the first camera obscura in the 10th century, which was originally just a dark room with a hole in a window cover.

In Character

In Character: Opera Portraiture memorably captures operatic performers away from the audience but fully inhabiting their roles. It showcases the work of John F. Martin, who for years set up a portable studio in the basement of the San Francisco Opera and photographed the players

Moments In Asia

I had chance to see new places, meet new people and experience new things I had never done before. This is my visual diary of the journey shot entirely on iPhone 5s.