Amongst Fire

Taking place on the volcanic islands of Indonesia, Amongst Fire is an experimental short documentary exploring what it’s like living amongst nature’s most unpredictable giants. More than 75% of Indonesian residents live within 100 km of a Holocene volcano

Smoke That Travels

What happens when a story is forgotten? What a long journey it’s been. I started this film at 17, because I had a fear that part of my identity, my native Prairie Band Potawatomi heritage, would be inevitably lost in time.

The Convention

Jessica Dimmock, a New York City native, worked as a public school teacher in brooklyn before pursuing photography. Since graduating for the International Center of Photography, Jessica has won numerous international awards


In the remote Russian Arctic, an aging scientist and his son are trying to recreate the Ice Age. They call their experiment Pleistocene Park – a perfect home for woolly mammoths, resurrected by modern genetics.

KUKIMBIA: A Journey Through Kenyan Running Culture

In March of 2016, we traveled to the highlands of the Kenyan Rift Valley to film and photograph running culture. We stayed in the family homes of some of these athletes, and documented their daily lives as they prepared for international competition.

The Last Mambabatok

Apo Whang-Od is considered the world’s last Mambabatok (hand-tap tattoo artist) from her generation. At the estimated age of 99, she is now passing the tattooing tradition to a new generation in her tribe including her grand-niece Grace.

Raised By Krump

“Raised by Krump” explores the LA-born dance movement “krumping,” and how the dance has helped the lives of some of the area’s most influential dancers.

The Carousel

In the small town of Binghamton, New York there spins a 1925 carousel that once inspired Rod Serling and has since become a portal into…the Twilight Zone.

Glacier Exit

Trekking the slopes of another planet had been on our list for a long time. The silence and majesty of the mountains surrounding us, the bluest ice we had ever seen and the steady rush of ice turned to water.

People of the Delta

For centuries, Ethiopia’s Lower Omo Valley has been a crossroads for many distinct tribes. During times of drought, natural resources become scarce, escalating clashes between groups.

Andy Goes In

As director, Josh’s documentary work has screened at Toronto International, SXSW, True/False, DOC NYC, Hot Docs and Maryland, and been featured by Vimeo Staff Picks and Dazed & Confused Magazine.

REFUGE | Human stories from the refugee crisis

A small team of filmmakers set out for Greece, documenting human stories from the frontlines of the European Refugee Crisis, focused on humanity and hope. The world was changing and we found ourselves at a crossroads in history

Crossing Home: A Skier’s Journey

For travellers, life on the road ultimately winds to an end, and the compass points towards home. In the series finale, after excursions through ski cultures across the globe, Chad Sayers and Forrest Coots go back to the beginning – British Columbia.

Not my President

On November 9th, 2016, New Yorkers took to the streets to protest Donald Trump’s victory. Julian Marshall is an NYC and LA based director and screenwriter, from Washington D.C.


In this 10 minute mini documentary, Thurston Photo takes you on the experience of a lifetime; swimming with the gentle giants of the sea in the beautiful archipelago’s of Vava’u, Tonga

Bob’s fight : A portrait of man

Bob’s fight is a portrait of man who lives alone in a broken house. He spends most of his time repairing the walls and roof of his house, instead of pursuing his passion for painting and reading.

By the river

The last thing Ian expected when he finally built a bridge to freedom for a group of enslaved prostitutes in the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh, was the confronting realisation that opportunity was not enough.

Daghwah – A Profession In Decline

Just south of the Emirate of Fujairah, located along the Gulf of Oman, lies the town of Kalba. It really isn’t much more than a little fishing village, but this tiny exclave of the Emirate of Sharjah had always intrigued me.

Bikini Words

During the industrial expansion of Korea in the 1970s and 80s, working and housing conditions gave rise to new linguistic developments among the workers.

Breaking Burma

Last year we documented an expedition to the Burmese Himalaya to attempt to summit an obscure peak (Hkakabo Razi) to determine if it is Southeast Asia’s highest point, breaking every little last piece of camera gear. This is called barely making it happen.

I Lost my dream

Moacir’s dreams stray from typical boyish fantasies of superheroes and pirates. He wants nothing more than to escape his Nicaraguan life of poverty and abuse to live the American dream.

Gazi to Gezi – a stones throw away

Gazi to Gezi – a stone’s throw away” explores the poetry of a nationwide revolt in Istanbul, Europe’s largest city. An explosive mix of the city’s inhabitants come together to fight the police and barricade themselves into one of the metropolis’ few remaining green spaces, Gezi Park.

The Downtown Project by Morgan Spurlock

Far from the bright lights and the resounding ka-ching of booming commerce on the Vegas strip is another side of Sin City; Downtown Vegas prides itself on hard work and the development of local businesses to inspire a growing entrepreneurial spirit within the community.

Varanasi, India: Beyond

“BEYOND” is an exclusive documentary featuring photographer Joey L. Set in Varanasi, India. The documentary by filmmaker Cale Glendening follows Joey and his assistant Ryan as they complete their latest photo series- “Holy Men.”


There’s no easy way to say goodbye to a friend, especially when they’ve supported you through your darkest times. Made possible by Patagonia . Generous support from: First Descents, Ruffwear and Snow Peak

Buffalo Returns by Gini Reticker

In the face of a powerful recession, crippling unemployment and a housing crisis, a small, creative and energetic band of Native American businesspeople, with the help of the buffalo, rebuild their community through a growing business, Native American Natural Foods, the company behind Tanka energy bars.

Bringing Back the Light

This film explores the practice, the methods and the need for habitat restoration in British Columbia’s temperate rainforests. At Central Westcoast Forest Society, we see a clear connection between healthy landscapes and healthy communities.

In love in Paris

Discover the Capital of France: City of Light & Love through beautiful cinematography and time-lapse photography. A journey you won’t forget

World Trade Center

Photos from September and November 2001 made on 35 mm negative and transparency film. Photos and video from August 2014 captured on an iPhone 4s.

The Metamorphosis

The Metamorphosis is a project directed and photographed by Szymon Kobusinski. The author is a member of Nikon Film Festival jury and the project he created, is specially dedicated for the 1st Polish edition of the festival.

The O2 exhibition

The O2 exhibition ­ consists of 11 underwater portraits. All models posed in the pool destined for diving.

Beautiful Scotland

Over the past 8 or so months I’ve travelled around Scotland usually getting up at offensively early times to get good light. I wanted to make a film which really shows what a beautiful country Scotland is.


For Ukraine, signing the Association Agreement would have marked a decisive step away from the centuries-long orientation toward Russia and the east, first consummated in the seventeenth century when the Ukrainian Cossack leaders signed a treaty with the czar of Muscovy


What do you, who gazes from the outside, know of this island in the centre of the world, this gateway between continents? This land is damned, within and without, and so is its people.

Where beauty softens your grief

Gianni Cipriano (1983) is a Sicilian born independent photographer based between New York and Palermo. His work focuses on contemporary social, political and economic issues.

Migrant Workers Journey

The project “Migrant Workers Journey” describes and documents the social and human working conditions of migrants employed illegally in Italy in the agricultural sector, mainly as seasonal workers during the harvesting season.

One at a time

he Eternit Company produced a mixture of cement and asbestos, whose fibre caused several respiratory diseases such as asbestosis and a specific and a malignant tumour.

The time and the other

In the 95 th anniversary of the Armenian genocide, Alvaro Deprit runs on the border of the victim’s story, which separates two peoples who have more in common among themselves then with the politicians who decide of their lives.