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Shooting with natural light by Isabella Bubola

Shooting with natural light is full of unpredictability, which is exactly why many photographers find it challenging and exciting! Ever since starting my photographic journey, I’ve always been drawn to natural light because it allows me to create a certain atmosphere and, thus, translate the idea I have in mind into a photograph.


What won´t serve you by Brooke Shaden

As anyone starting out in a new business, you meet people who will guide you, or attempt to. Being new at something seems to invite others to give their opinions whether it is solicited or not. I appreciate when people offer their particular expertise for the most part.


Do something by Yoram Roth

You’re on an airplane, sleeping with your head against the window, your heart set on being home this time three hours from now. All of a sudden, something goes very wrong.


The Perfect Moment by Scott Stulberg

Photography is about so many things to so many of us. But probably more than anything, it’s about capturing the best photograph possible. An image that really stands out. And quite often, that means being at the right place at the right time.


Learn to see by Thomas Leuthard

You have to see things before you can capture them. No matter what camera you are using, first you have to see what is going on, first you have to realize what is happening next and second you have to virtu- ally compose the photo.


An edition of one by Yoram Roth

Before photography was elevated to an art form, it was a craft. Somewhere between journalism and portraiture, technically-skilled people with a creative streak caught moments, and then made prints.


My Workflow by Thomas Leuthard

A lot of people think that street photography is just pressing the shutter release button at the right moment. For me street photography is a big process where you can make a lot of mistakes and where there are a lot of challenges.


Passion how & why by Brooke Shaden

My first love was writing. After that it was filmmaking. And only after that was it photography. I thought, for the first few years of my career, that photography was my passion. But what if photography fades from my life?


I can see for miles by Robin Macmillan

Living in Ontario, getting into a landfill was proving difficult with gates, fences, personnel, etc and I was beginning to lose hope. Last month I was travelling around the island of Montserrat with a private guide


Photography,the mental game by Olivier Du Tré

When I started out in photography some 14 years or so ago, none of my instructors prepared me for the fact that photography would be such a tough mental game to play. Back then I wasn’t interested in photography because I had something to say.


My workflow by Olivier Du Tré

Since I believe in the ‘sharing is caring’ methodology and I don’t believe in keeping knowledge (or secrets) to once self, I will share this document with you here too. I’ve done so in the past but here it is again.