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Ted Vancleave Co-founder of ImageRights

ImageRights International is spearheading the global fight against the infringement of copyrighted visual works by visual artists including photographers, graphic artists and painters. ImageRights identifies, assesses and pursues copyright infringement claims on behalf of its professional artists, agencies and publishers.


Sven Eisenhut director of Photo Basel

Photo Basel is Switzerland’s first and only international art fair dedicated to photography based art. Photo Basel brings together galleries from around the world in a unique, authentic setting.


Javier Corso Founder & Director of OAK Stories

At OAK we execute each project with the utmost informative rigor and the highest audiovisual quality. Depending on the subject and the goals we have set for ourselves, we choose the best combination of platforms and means to optimize the dissemination of the resulting work.


Haris Calkic Director of Balkan Photo Festival

Balkan Photo Festival and a selection of the best photo Balkan Photo Award are the legal heirs of the festival Photo of the Year BiH. Announcement of the winners and the complete program of the festival is traditionally held in Sarajevo, at the end of January.


Burkhard Arnold Director of In Focus Galerie

The In focus galerie was founded in 1990 und shows photography in its whole range, classic journalistic-, portrait-, staged-, concept-, nude- and architecture photography (vintage and later prints) from 1945 up to today.

Portrait of Heidi Erdmann

Heidi Erdmann director of Erdmann Contemporary

It has been said that Erdmann Contemporary is difficult to pigeon hole. Perhaps because I have firm ideas of what I want, how I manage my gallery, and that I am involved in every step of the business.


Sonia Arata Director of Red Stamp Art Gallery

Red Stamp Art Gallery shows and deals with contemporary art of selected Italian and international artists: it’s not focused on a specific gendre, but goes in the direction of a open approach to the various disciplines,


Christopher Lin, Co-Founder to SLR Lounge

SLR Lounge is an online community for photographers featuring industry news, tutorials, and inspiration. We are also the go-to source for comprehensive yet intuitive premium workshops and resources.