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Interview with Ralph Gräf

Ralph Gräf was born in southern Bavaria and spent most of your life in Munich. To me a printed version of a photo should always be the final product, it is so much better than watching photos on a computer screen or even a telephone.


Interview with Thom Pierce

Thom Pierce is a photographer based in Cape Town. He is originally from the UK and has lived in South Africa since 2009. His work explores the line between art and documentary photography.


Interview with Gili Yaari

Gili Yaari is an Israel-based photojournalist specializing in documentary and news photography, covering daily issues all over Israel and in West Bank settlements including spot news, religious events, political and social issues.


Interview with Yuri Benitez

Yuri Benitez – For me the composition is created by light, the balance of light is the beginning, and the distribution of elements or models come to reveal the lighting scheme.