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Florin Ion Firimitã

Five minutes with Florin Ion Firimitã

My father opened that magic door to me. I was very shy – today I seem more gregarious, but basically, I am just an introvert who moonlights as an extrovert. Photography is the perfect medium for someone like me.


Five minutes with Jose Girl

Jose Girl was born in Zaragoza in 1977, currently residing in Los Angeles; as a photographer she is intimately related to the rock world. Author of 3 books on this photography subject, her great vocation is portrait photography where she develops her full potential as an artist with a unique look endowing her images with a strong personal stamp

Francesco Candeloro - Self Portrait

Five minutes with Francesco Candeloro

Francesco Candeloro lives and works in Venice, where he studied by the Fine Arts Academy. The dimensions of light and color through a production that is articulated in different series and expressive techniques.


Five minutes with Leland Bobbe

Leland Bobbé, a native New Yorker, has been a professional photographer for over 30 years. His work spans both the fine art and commercial worlds and has been shown in galleries and utilized by advertising agencies around the country.

Nenad Saljic

Five minutes with Nenad Saljic

Nenad Saljic, born 1961 in Croatia, is a photographic artist. After obtaining a PhD in Economics and spending 18 years in the world of business, he decided to dedicate himself to his art projects.


Five minutes with Ruedi Beckmann

This is why I have always taken a particular liking to Diane Arbus and her statement »A photograph is a secret about a secret.« I don’t see a picture, I see a story. Often some different opinions. And sometimes a development.


Five minutes with Gary Breckheimer

It all started in middle school with a mixed-media class. The assignment was to take photograph, process the film and make a print. In the darkroom making my first print, I emerged a single piece of white paper into a smelly liquid…


Five minutes with Dalia Fichmann

I never planned to become a photographer it came naturally. I spent a lot of time participating at dog sports contests. Watching and participating alone was too boring there is always a lot of waiting time.


Five minutes with Star Rush

The majority of my photography is done on a smartphone. I enjoy most the processes of observation, framing, composition, and the relationships between photographer/camera/subject.