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Photography by Oleg Yakovlev

Chatting with Denis Esakov

I’m trying to see the world through architecture, through the sorting of reality. I appropriate the space through arranging it on individual buildings, scenes, architectural details.


Chatting with Giancarlo Zuccarone

I’m an Italian photographer, graduated in Cinematography from the University of Roma Tre. I’ve lived in the capital for nearly 10 years, where I worked on some set of independent films.


Chatting with Adrián Domínguez

I met Photography when teenager which it was not so well-known and accessible technique, I think that the photographers of that time are marked by a latent introspection and solitary labor … as well, I bought an enlarger to work in my bathroom.


Chatting with Dagmar Van Weeghel

Dagmar Van Weeghel – Photographer, filmmaker, philanthropist, loves nature & conservation, based in the Netherlands Studied film & photography in Amsterdam at Netherlands Film Academy, graduating in 1998. Currently at the Amsterdam Photo Academy.


Chatting with Sophie Gamand

Sophie Gamand is a French award-winning photographer living and working in New York City. Since 2010, she has been focusing on dogs and our relationship with them.


Chatting with Meryl Meisler

I am an emerging photographic based artist. After a career teaching art fulltime in the NYC public schools for over 3 decades, I am focusing on editing, exhibiting and publishing my tremendous archive as a series of photographic memoirs.

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Chatting with Alva Bernadine

My photographs start with a strong central “event” then comes location and colour. They contain surrealism, the unusual and the quirky. I use eroticism and frequently narrative elements to that lead the viewer to conjecture what may have happened before or after the frame was taken.


Chatting with Romeo

When a photo contains in itself elements that touch the consciousness or the imagination of the viewer, that image will become memorable for them.

Jan M+©ller Hansen

Chatting with Jan Møller Hansen

I have always liked photographing. It came with my desire to travel and explore the world. When I came back from my first backpacking trip around Asia in 1985 my bag was full of exposed film rolls. I have always photographed when I travelled around.


Chatting with Tamara Knight

I have always wanted to be a painter. When I was a kid my school art teacher told me that I need to study art to become an artist. I never did but always wanted to.


Chatting with Nico Chiapperini

When I was eight years old, I took some pictures of fake dinosaurs with my father’s camera, during a school trip. I used two rolls of film and later my dad complained about the waste of money.

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Chatting with Matteo Sigolo

It was funny, actually; I woke up one morning, about five years ago – I couldn’t remember what I had been dreaming, I only knew I had to learn photography, for some reason.


Chatting with George Digalakis

The process of taking photos was always a great pleasure for me. When I’m out shooting, I feel relaxed and I would say it calms me and fills me with energy.


Chatting with Andrzej Maciejewski

I was born and raised in Poland. I also went to photography schools there and in Czech Republic. I moved to Canada when I was 26 and have lived here ever since. While I lived in Toronto I worked for about 10 years as a commercial photographer specializing in architecture.