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Passages | Mikael Ackelman

Passages by Mikael Ackelman

These images are from Mikaels project ”Passages” which still is to be finished. This project is scheduled for exhibitions during 2018 and in the planning is also a book. ”Passages” deals with the moments of change in our life and in nature.


Surreal Architecture by Matthias Jung

Collages have fascinated Matthias Jung ever since he was a child. It all began in the photo lab of his father. With scissors and glue, the rst fantastic build- ings were made. Basically, he doesn’t do anything differently nowadays.

Urban Tapestry | Wing Chan

Urban Tapestry by Wing Chan

Entering the world of Wing Chan’s photomontages is the beginning of a visual adventure. His unique and stimulating images encourage you to take a closer look at the environment of the city.

Antiques and Beer | Texas Relics | Steve Knight

Texas Relics by Steve Knight

This definition forms the foundation of the photography series Texas Relics by Steve Knight. The photos attempt to represent his interpretation of this definition through the following criteria: preserved history; a stasis that has resulted in decline; a rejuvenation of things once lost


Portals by Olga Rook

Olga Rook had always been intrigued by intangible matters such as time. She went on to study history and obtained her master’s and then PhD degrees in the Mediaeval and Early Modern history and did research in Renaissance culture.


Foibe by Sharon Ritossa

Foiba, Italian term for “sinkhole” is a Deep natural cave with a funnel shape, typical of the Carso region. In Istria, Dalmatia and Venezia Giulia these cavities were used as mass graves to hide the bodies of the victims of political killings by Yugoslav partisans after the Second World War.

Romanesco-Mountains / Isabelle Zezima

Isabelle Zezima ; Culinary Photography

Isabelle Zezima is a french photographer living and working in Paris. She grew up near Fontainebleau forest and went to the capital for studying arts and photography in Paris 8 university.

Architecture /

Hearth by Lise Johansson

The series Hearth is exploration of the ephemeral quality that sets apart the architectural framework of a human dwelling from a place of comfort and love.

Sottosopra / Fabrizio Intonti

Sottosopra by Fabrizio Intonti

Fabrizio Intonti is a photographer and author. His photographic production, in addition to professional activity, extends to the visual arts, often relies on the contamination of techniques

mudec 1

Mudec by Mario Rossi

Mario Rossi was born in Naples. Now he lives in Rome the city that he set off from and the city he go back to. He is involved in photography since the late seventies years gradually supporting the need for deeper search for a language to identify with.

MeError / Leonardo Magrelli

MeError by Leonardo Magrelli

The MeError project collects a series of short circuits, of visual errors. Apparently they are simple photos taken in front of a mirror


After the N by Gregory Rusmana

At one end of November, I had more realized that life is never clear from pain. Lost many things I love almost took my hope away. From that point, I started to let go whatever happens in my life.

Uncanny Valley / Mitar Terzic

Uncanny Valley by Mitar Terzic

Uncanny Valley is a term from the field of robotics and represents the diagram to explain: 
”When the aspect of the machine becomes too anthropomorphic it produces a strong revulsion amongst humans”.


Fictitious Feasts by Charles Roux

Food is essential in life, and in some people’s lives, literature is too. The photographer Charles Roux has been thinking about the links between them and the result is Fictitious Feasts.