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Soap opera |  Fang Tong

Soap opera by Fang Tong

The soap opera format is a form of performance which most appropriately reflects a current state of life. The stage is always full of charm for me.


Woman by Zuzu Valla

They say,Life is a fightíí and I´ve learned how to fight in the ring of life from my parents. Tibor Sopor, multiple boxing champion of Czechoslovakia and my mum who gave me all her love.


Night in Cherry Red by Kazunori Nagashima

When you are thinking of yourself, it may not be that you’re always facing yourself precisely. But it must cause great fear to disrupt yourself in order to have a complete objective point of view.

Drawn-In | Escape | Barbara Oliveira

Escape by Barbara Oliveira

There is a difference between what should be and what is. Often we find, in this human condition, an inexorable yearning to escape. To quote Housman “I, a stranger and afraid; in a World I never made”


Daria Djalelova ; Do not Forget

Now she is 82 years old and she didn’t forget this terrible time. She often shows to me her father’s photos. She saw him at the last time when he had left her and sat in the last train.

In the ghost town Skrunda / Jelena Osmolovska

In the ghost town Skrunda by Jelena Osmolovska

Skrunda is a town in Latvia, also known as a ghost town since 1998. It was built by Soviet Union as a military town in 1963. There you still can find 60 buildings that comprise the former complex and town including apartment blocks, a school, barracks and an officers club.

Transition / Michael Konrad

Transition by Michal Konrad

You can go to the other side, or change the state of consciousness. You can find the secret window through which we will enter a new dimension. You can also convert, fall and get up.


Working Jill by Jady Bates

Working Jill is a photographic conceptual series that represents there is a notion of humor about a very serious subject still seemingly controversial today. Equal pay for women in the same jobs as men.


Outside by Alexander Mendelevich

From the first meeting with the world of photography 20 years ago, he felt that the reality and the image in the photograph are very similar and at the same time different.


A determined man by Kazunori Nagashima

The distinctive man is characterized as a guy who has determined to do something important for him. Even the context is not specified exactly in the photographs, we could imagine and relish his hiding situation and consideration like a daydream.


Soliloquy by Kazunori Nagashima

The independent modern woman is described in tones of perceptively lyrical and surreal feeling throughout the series, with the mood of the central character filling the air.


Alina Autumn ; Creative photographer

When I am visited by idea for creation of pictures, I do sketches or records in a notebook. The idea is born incidentally and occupies all my thoughts. I begin search of object for shooting, I think over clothes, details, a location and color scale.


White is not a color by Tine Poppe

In the days following the 22nd of July 2011 terrorist attack by right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik, the streets of Norway were filled with colorful roses and speeches of love conquering extremism, fear and xenophobia.


Window by Fang Tong

It is often said that eyes are windows to the soul. When we think of windows, we usually look through the window at the scenery and the world.This time I want to change the perspective by looking from outside the window to inside to see different emotions and situations.