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Mattia Zaldini ; Street Photography

He developed his passion since he was ten years old. He started in the easier way… He though it was a game. Go out and shoot. Easy, Simple. Fast. For some reasons, He shortly becomes the official “fotoreporter” in his family.


Street Stories by Castro Frank

Contemporary Street Photographer, Castro Frank was born on August 28th, 1983. This Los Angeles native’s style of photography fuses together a journalistic approach with an artistic eye to create imagery.

Arriving somewhere / Rajarshi Chakraborty

Arriving somewhere by Rajarshi Chakraborty

LIFE, entire life is a journey. The journey that brings us happiness and also gives us pain. Leads us to various adventures and limitless possibilities. It enhances us with lots of experiences and provides us the energy to continue further.

No Direction Home / Iulian Ignat

No Direction Home by Iulian Ignat

No Direction Home is my 12th solo exhibition and represents my homage to homeless people .I always liked to wonder around in Bucharest with the camera hanging from my neck, trying to catch the soul of the street.


Stories Retold by Lukas Vasilikos

His influences from Henri Cartier-Bresson to André Kertész and from Garry Winogrand to Josef Koudelka and Roy De Carava, as well as from the great Greek photographers, older and contemporary such as Nikos Economopoulos, enrich the inspirations and form the photographic aesthetics of the new author.


Gate by Erlend Mikael Saeverud

Sæverud use inspiration from science fiction, surrealism, and film noir to create a world where the city streets are illuminated by the celestial glow of quasars while ominous black holes become passages to parallel worlds.

Finding A Way to Live

Taught by the Streets by Keith Reid

Recently, I completed my first 365 project. It was an eye-opening experience that brought me in contact with several styles of photography, all of which I have grown to appreciate. Taking a picture everyday can be challenging

Radu_Diaconu 5

iTaiwan by Radu Diaconu

This project is the result of the 6 months that I lived in Taiwan in 2014 and 2015. My intent was to portray Taiwan through my iPhone, the iconic photography instrument that people use everyday to shoot their surroundings

Portrait of a passerby in downtown.

Bogota by Jose Acosta

Jose Acosta is a sound designer, electronic music producer and photographer. As a sound designer has worked with projects in film and television. As a photographer has worked with projects such as fashion, portrait and street photography.

Venelina Preininger 19

Tokyo desu by Venelina Preininger

Tokyo is known as the place where Westerners feel ‘lost in translation’. Here, all is in the air, it happens between the lines and won’t be found on the surface. Everything changes, transforms yet goes back to its previous form and state in seconds.


Streets of Human by Andrej Duricek

There is always something interesting to see around us. On the streets, the micro stories are taking place every moment, the people´s faces are talking to us about their lives, thoughts, emotions… But we must be prepared to watch and see.


The Man of the Crowd by Vincent Couderc

Confront the immensity of buildings, this strange urban jungle made of concrete, glass, streets and avenues. This example of a perfect city, at every corner, bystanders from around the world : The famous Melting-pot. New York, the most populous city of the new world, perfect playground to go to meet each other.


In the city by Jorge E. Bañales

“In the City” is a collection of black and white photographs taken with an iPhone for a couple of years starting in 2011. Most of the pictures were taken in Northern Virginia and others in the Washington metropolitan area, Chicago, New York and Baltimore.


Street Photography Versilia by Salvatore Matarazzo

I have ironic and grotesque visions, my photography approach is hard with flash. The my obsession is the masks of vanity that people put on the face for hide the their intimacy, is with the flash I interpret this mask with one game of light and shadow.


Wax Dolls by Hakim Boulouiz

Cities are growing day after day. Life is being transformed and accelerated in the middle of modernity. In this context, the urban body is vibrating and experimenting with new adventures. It sneaks between advertising, windows, showcases, colors, prints, shadows and lights.

Dog Story

Dog Story by Neenad Arul

Stray dogs or pet dogs ,street photography or not street photography ,Shy me or not this project has brought me very close to dogs and also helped me to improve my photography in huge way. It gave opportunity to explore