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Petros Kotzabasis (4)

The street by Petros Kotzabasis

My field of reference is “the street”; I neither seek extraordinary events, nor do I travel around in quest of a subject to photograph. I have been photographing the “riches” of everyday life on a daily basis.

Menlo, WA, with iPhone 5

Pacific County Fair by Star Rush

The annual Pacific County Fair takes place in Menlo, WA., and is one of the oldest fairs in Washington, having started in 1896. The county is about 3 hours southwest of Seattle in Pacific County, which is situated along the Willapa Bay and is named for the nearby Pacific Ocean.


Phantomcity by Mirko Arganese

As everywhere else, the citizens were kept in a catatonic state, distraught by exhausting workdays, and diverted and gathered in big conglomerates for their leisure. There they could find amusement, shops, technologic gadgets. Above all they could not think and feel.


Street Portraits by Maria Alejandra Cardona

Street Portraits are the stories I find in my everyday life. These individual beings are expressing their emotions through their eyes, smile, look and body language. They have become part of a narrative.


Streets of London by Romeo

I am an Italian architect who worked in Italy for many years and since 2011 I have lived and worked in London. Thanks to the cultural and visual richness that this city offers, my passion for photography has evolved into a single project, “Streets of London”.


Urban settings – Richard Heersmink

Some of the shots in this series are about what Henri Cartier-Bresson called the “decisive moment”. But most of them are concerned with shadows, silhouettes or unusual configurations of people in urban contexts.


Surreally by Nico Chiapperini

My mum was a teacher in a primary school. I was eight years old when I went with her on a school trip to a Jurassic Park for children. There I took some pictures of fake dinosaurs with my father’s SLR. It was my first time and I used two rolls of film.

Myanmar-Colin 22

Synchronicity by Colin Cheong

Colin has been involved in all facets of the creative industries for all of this professional career. This has ranged from production management to graphic desing, theatre performances to strategic consultancy.


State of mind by Nuno Moreira

The State of Mind series deals with the “thinking moments” and the uncertain atmosphere surrounding the people and places encountered on the road. The book is a limited edition of 500 copies and can be acquired online.

Aloma-L-12-Billscape 34th Street

Billscapes by Lilyan Aloma

I began exploring the streets of Manhattan with my camera at the end of 2001. Manhattan, a place where styles intersect, decades collide and cultures converge as the numbers of buildings in our borough explode.


This is New York City – Johannes Heuckeroth

NYC is the ONE city, the one that rules all other cities. I’ve always dreamed of visiting NYC since I saw the first movies featuring this amazing place. At the point when photography became a essential part of my life, I did not only yearn to visit the city,


Intersections by Roman Kruglov

What is it that attracts me to intersections, it is the story or actually multiple stories happening at once. What is the person thinking where are the going?


I, me and my city Balarka Brahma

The city of joy is not my birthplace. I came here as a migrant from a small town to search for a better future, better education and a better life. From then to now the city has changed drastically. And so it has within my mind and soul.


Aleksandra Lekovic : Between the lines

“Between the lines” is a collection making a connection between geometrical forms, i.e. lines, to people as parts of the scene. All photos have been taken in urban area with the dominating atmosphere