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This photograph captures the breadth of the things that make up your city. The best photographers published in dodho Magazine

Wax Dolls by Hakim Boulouiz

Cities are growing day after day. Life is being transformed and accelerated in the middle of modernity. In this context, the urban body is vibrating and experimenting with new adventures. It sneaks between advertising, windows, showcases, colors, prints, shadows and lights.

Cyrille Druart ; The world as I see it

Cyrille Druart was born in 1980 in Paris. His interest in Art leads to experimenting various fields from an early age. In parallel with Design studies at ESAG-Penninghen in Paris, he learns photography by himself and begins travelling in order to make images.

Chicago by Thomas Alleman

Chicago is, famously, America’s “Second City”, a reference to the inescapable hegemony of New York in our national imagination: the greatest urban achievement of the 20th century.

San Francisco by Thomas Alleman

Thomas Alleman – I left San Francisco in a slow-churning panic in 1988, worn-out and soul-sick from three years of doing reportage in the gay community, which was then being drowned in the first crashing wave of HIV and AIDS.

Dog Story by Neenad Arul

Stray dogs or pet dogs ,street photography or not street photography ,Shy me or not this project has brought me very close to dogs and also helped me to improve my photography in huge way. It gave opportunity to explore

En route by Edward Yanowitz

The photographs are about the journey. They are about people like myself, who are in between places….in-transit…..en-route. In this environment, there is a special kind of introspective communication

Street Photography by Paola Saetti

My reference field in the photography is the street, the people and the scenes that take place in it. I can say that I use the camera to record what is going on inside me, through what my eyes see I try to compose an image which best reflects my mood.

Surreal Line by Yusuf Ozkizil

The Surreal Line came about during another project to document my trips on the London Underground. At the time, I’d only recently developed an interest in photography, and always had my camera with me, ready for opportunities to take photos during my tube commutes.

Bauhaus by Ralph Gräf

Since my first visit in Dessau I’m fascinated by ”Bauhaus“ architecture. Dessau is an industrial city in the German federal state of Saxony-Anhalt and it is famous for its UNESCO world heritage ”Bauhaus“ buildings.

Akkara Naktamna : Street Photography

I think that photograph is the reflection of photographer; so if I’m a quiet person, my photographs are more quiet. While other photographers approach a crowd to find a beautiful light and shadow, nice emotion of life, or scene of noisy town

Back to the City by Mindaugas Gabrenas

Mindaugas Gabrenas‘ latest project Back to the City was created living in New York City and traveling around the US. Here author combines his passion for landscape and cityscape photography by mixing an American wild landscape with New York City cityscape.

Diverse Life by John Aaron

Over the course of my life (at present 61), I’ve been in some ‘diverse life’ situations. The one constant has been photography. Admittedly there have been large patches of time when i was camera less, again owing to ‘diverse’ living arrangements.

City Square by David Niddrie

City Square is a photography series with it’s genesis in the fleeting moments of street photography. In the early spring of 2010 I found myself city centre in Vancouver, BC as the hard winter light began to soften towards spring.

Mariel Miranda : City Life

The city is fleeting, and the faces of people so ghostly and lovely. There’s a linear blur to be followed throughout the subway carts and streets.

Christian by Kostya Smolyaninov

Actually, these lines should be enough to describe Kostya Smolyaninov’s work from the “Christian” series. I look at the picture where a girl is praying to the Nike sneakers and I am constantly asking myself how come these two parallel worlds can peacefully coexist?

Osamu Jinguji : Everything is in flux and nothing is permanent

I believe that the essence of the arts including every picture is also a succession of “Creation and Destruction” in this world. At the same time, I make sure that their conducts and processes for creating every art are the works finding light, beauty or brilliant matters like “Hope”, “Dreams”, and “Faith”.

The greatest reward by Emilio Barillaro

Twelve years had passed since I last visited the “Big Apple” and my passion for photography at that time was not even a distant thought. This summer, however, I went there specifically for photography.

Abandoned by Richard Allenby

In the year 2017 Dubai was abandoned by all but a small number of Bedouin origin families. Before leaving, the caretakers of the UAE’s zoos, wildlife parks and private animal collections opened the gates and cages of their facilities.