AsiaStoryWindows by Sandipa Malakar

Dodho Magazine 4 days ago 11 min 658
From my childhood, windows fascinate me a lot. Whenever I was in my room it was the only connection to the outer world. It seems freedom to me; freedom of thinking, freedom of dreaming, freedom of traveling  anywhere , anytime.

AsiaStoryDeath flows, hope floats, life flies by Sankar Sridhar

Dodho Magazine 2 weeks ago 10 min 1120
Infamous as one of the planet's most polluted rivers, the Yamuna starts as a Himalayan glacial stream, pure and full of promise. By the time it reaches Delhi, India's teeming capital city, it becomes a foul sewage drain

AsiaConceptReverberations by Kazunori Nagashima

Dodho Magazine 2 weeks ago 9 min 1557
Yokosuka, Japan, the setting of this work, has a base of the US Navy, it is a city where the remains of the ruins of World War II in part.

AsiaStoryThe ramadan reckoning in Delhi by Aman Chotani

Dodho Magazine 4 weeks ago 11 min 999
Bustling amidst the sounds of music playing through loudspeakers at every nook and corner of the city or the call for fresh rooh-afza that stirs the soul into a frenzy, Ramadan in Delhi arrives.


Hindu Youth by Kai Yokoyama

AsiaB&WStoryHindu Youth by Kai Yokoyama

In Batticaloa, Sri Lanka. This area was affected by the 2004 tsunami. The monk left the damaged temple intact and built a new temple next to it.
1 month ago 8 min 1035
Special Children of Kattankudy by Kai Yokoyama

AsiaStorySpecial Children of Kattankudy by Kai Yokoyama

In a country that is 70% Buddhist, but almost all of the 40,000 people in the city believe in Islam. Forty students attend the school “Zahira Special School” for children with disabilities.
1 month ago 11 min 1060
Interview with Seunguu Kim

AsiaDnaInterview with Seunguu Kim

Magazines can only be operated by caring about the various clients and the advertising market, and I was very surprised to see Dodho Magazine. It’s an odd presence in Korea. I think it’s important to clarify the position and direction, whether you’re an artist or a media.
1 month ago 13 min 1128
Interview with Mustafa Hassona

AsiaDnaInterview with Mustafa Hassona

My passion of photography comes after I worked as an outlet of a local newspaper where I was working in choosing the photos that will be printed in the newspaper, then I decided to work as photographer,
1 month ago 19 min 1126
Haridwar – The Gateway to the Gods by Amlan Sanyal

AsiaStoryHaridwar – The Gateway to the Gods by Amlan Sanyal

Haridwar is one of the most popular Hindu pilgrimage places in India.  It is also regarded as one amongst the seven holiest cities by Hindus. It is a place rich in culture and civilization which blend smoothly into each other giving this city a typical, rustic charm that is irresistible for many. 
2 months ago 17 min 1186
In a crazy bubble by Omri Shomer

AsiaCityIn a crazy bubble by Omri Shomer

There seems to be almost nothing that disturbs those living there, not financial difficulties, not terror attacks, not even the flood of tourists coming for the Eurovision, that intimidating European song contest.
2 months ago 10 min 1453
Shadows of silence by Basim Ghomorlou

AsiaB&WHabitatShadows of silence by Basim Ghomorlou

I depict the aesthetics of nature in black and white to deliver certain universal feelings.Feelings that a photograph in color washes out. Feelings that every human is able to translate from visual poetry to an introspective understanding of the world that surrounds us
2 months ago 9 min 1403
Aoling Festival : Beholding the Konyak Tradition by Tania Chatterjee

AsiaStoryAoling Festival : Beholding the Konyak Tradition by Tania Chatterjee

Different harvest festivals are celebrated differently in various parts of India. The Aoling festival is the annual ‘Spring Festival’ of tattooed head hunters belonging to the Konyak tribe of Nagaland. 
2 months ago 11 min 1445
Alone in the Crowd by Rajarshi Mukherjee

AsiaCityAlone in the Crowd by Rajarshi Mukherjee

We, Indians, have a reputation of having the world’s second highest population; of having multifarious cultures and an array of languages, religions and practices.
2 months ago 10 min 1398
Taiwanese aborigines by Hsuan Chung

AsiaB&WStoryTaiwanese aborigines by Hsuan Chung

Taiwanese aborigines are optimistic. They accept life as it is, and live in harmony with nature. Their languages are also the very origins of Austronesian languages.
2 months ago 15 min 1812
Vegetable Peddler by Yoshitaka Masuda

AsiaFeaturedStoryVegetable Peddler by Yoshitaka Masuda

In Japan, baby boomers continue to grow older, and the population 75 years or older has grown to be 13.3% of the total population. 6.1% of these women and 2.7% of these men cannot go out shopping or ask a relative living elsewhere to assist them.
2 months ago 10 min 1166
Mahasivaratri – Kaveripattinam by Keerthivasan Nadarajan

AsiaStoryMahasivaratri – Kaveripattinam by Keerthivasan Nadarajan

Sivaratri celebrates the convergence of Siva and shakti. The “Mayana soora Thiruvizha” is a festival dedicated to Angalamman [a fierce guardian deity worshipped widely in Southern India] and is celebrate the small village of kaveripattinam, the day after Mahasivarathri [the great night of Lord Shiva ].
2 months ago 12 min 948
Life within Boundaries by Ravikumar Jambunathan

AsiaB&WHabitatLife within Boundaries by Ravikumar Jambunathan

Life within boundaries is hard and painful, no matter how sophisticated and safe it is. I always wonder why schools, offices and sometimes even a home is felt so stressful and pressurised, because, it confines us within boundaries with specific regulations.
2 months ago 12 min 1137
Delhi – A City Brimming with Life by Amlan Sanyal

AsiaStoryDelhi – A City Brimming with Life by Amlan Sanyal

The sheer volume of people, the crumbling infrastructure merging with 21st century ambition, the bamboozling bazaars, and the ancient ruins and sprawling temples peppered throughout the metropolis all combine to create a city without equal.  
2 months ago 20 min 1456
Sleeping Rough by Dana Taylor

AsiaCitySleeping Rough by Dana Taylor

As a storyteller, I believe that the best way to show reality, is by using the “Holy Combination” of Humanity, Sensitivity and Humour. 
2 months ago 9 min 1202
Donell Gumiran – The emotions in everyday life

AsiaShotDonell Gumiran – The emotions in everyday life

He sees himself as an image-maker who captures and tells a story in a photograph. The Filipino lensman sees his photography as an art form, borne from his desire to create on canvas and his professional training in design, when he worked as a design director in a creative agency.
2 months ago 16 min 1405
Inception by Shenyi Wang

AsiaB&WCityInception by Shenyi Wang

Inception is a fine art project which represents my inner world through photographs of folded paper/origami. The formal quality of strong lines and shapes investigates the relationship between light and shadow through visual abstractions.
2 months ago 8 min 1009
Vietnamese We – Beyond divides by Huy Trang Bùi

AsiaStoryVietnamese We – Beyond divides by Huy Trang Bùi

There are many art photography works that focus on a single country, but very few dealing specifically with its people. Two legendary books exist though, published more than half a century ago
3 months ago 17 min 985
From raw to polished: The journey of a tussar silk material by Shirshendu Chowdhury

AsiaStoryFrom raw to polished: The journey of a tussar silk material by Shirshendu Chowdhury

This story is based on a day visit in a rural village of silk makers, India. It is a winter morning and people are busy in several activities to make Tussar silk which has rich texture and natural deep gold colour. I have tried to capture few moments of their lives and activities.
3 months ago 13 min 1132
A tale of a 91 years passionate amateur photographer by Sanghamitra Bhattacharya

AsiaStoryA tale of a 91 years passionate amateur photographer by Sanghamitra Bhattacharya

I am less famous as photographer in my locality. Two years ago in a day I was surprised by a knocking at the door, an old man with a stick came to introduce himself at my home and asked about my photography.
4 months ago 17 min 1306
Wozu by Dongwook Lee

AsiaB&WConceptWozu by Dongwook Lee

As seen in the plato’s allegory of the cave, all of us are constantly caught between  fictions and realities, battling on the thin line between pleasure and pain.
4 months ago 8 min 1455
The suicide of butterflies by Farshid Tighehsaz

AsiaStoryThe suicide of butterflies by Farshid Tighehsaz

In an act of a suicide, the murderer cannot be identified. So what determines the line between committing suicide and murder when the world encourages you to do both? Who is the killer? What about the circumstances? Environment? Life?
4 months ago 12 min 2176
Being a Woman by Ritesh Ghosh

AsiaStoryBeing a Woman by Ritesh Ghosh

Ever since I have been into photography, I had this urge to work on little Projects of my own through which I could address the societal evils and spread mass awareness.
4 months ago 12 min 1393
Aish Baladi by Grace Pui Wan Ho

AsiaB&WStoryAish Baladi by Grace Pui Wan Ho

Aish Baladi In Egypt To most of the people in the world, bread is a kind of food, but for Egyptians, bread is “life.” More than 5000 years back, bread culture already started in Egypt, Egyptians call bread “Aish Baladi”.
4 months ago 12 min 1483
Shanghai by Tomofumi Nakano

AsiaCityShanghai by Tomofumi Nakano

This works shows how do they see China from Japanese people. Envy, jealousy, disdain , nostalgy and more. A Japanese visual artist Tomofumi Nakano visualized Japanese complex emotions to the neighbor country China in this photographic works.
5 months ago 16 min 1412
Call Me Heena by Shahria Sharmin

AsiaShotCall Me Heena by Shahria Sharmin

Hijra is a South Asian term with no exact match in the English language. Hijras are people designated male or intersex at birth who adopt a feminine gender identity. Often mislabeled as hermaphrodites, eunuchs, or transsexuals in literature, Hijras can be considered to fall under the umbrella term transgender, but many prefer the term third gender.
5 months ago 18 min 1397
Yamuna: The Other Side of the Bank by Jai Thakur

AsiaStoryYamuna: The Other Side of the Bank by Jai Thakur

There are so many things to explore in Delhi ranging from heritage to culture to food. However, one thing that came into the picture very strongly from the last few years is a beauty of Yamuna Ghats and chirping seagulls around it during winters.
5 months ago 12 min 1226
Gomira by Sandipa Malakar

AsiaStoryGomira by Sandipa Malakar

Gomira” the name has been derived from the colloquial form of the word “Gram-Chandi” or the female deity who is the protective force of the village. The exact origin of the dance form is not traceable as it’s lost in the realms of time.
5 months ago 9 min 1050
Heartfelt Welcome by Argus Paul Estabrook

AsiaB&WFeaturedStoryHeartfelt Welcome by Argus Paul Estabrook

On November 7, 2017, South Korean President Moon Jae-in extended a “heartfelt welcome” towards US President Donald Trump as he arrived in South Korea for a two-day summit to reaffirm the Korea-US alliance.
5 months ago 14 min 2022
Direction by Shenyi Wang

AsiaB&WConceptDirection by Shenyi Wang

Direction is a fine art photography project to display the high contrast of light and shadow. In this project, I am looking for the charm of light and shadow.
5 months ago 6 min 1176
Of foxes and dames and the doom by Anirban Mandal

AsiaB&WStoryOf foxes and dames and the doom by Anirban Mandal

A young woman, fresh college graduate succumbed to death recently (2019) in Kolkata (India) after she was shot point blank by a man who showed ‘love’ interest to her and she said ‘no’.
5 months ago 9 min 1316
Wanderer by Mushfiqur Rahman

AsiaB&WConceptWanderer by Mushfiqur Rahman

There is nothing more beautiful and liberating than indulging in your (one’s) own pandemonium, nothing more reassuring of one’s existence, both spiritually and physically, and this belief of mine gave birth to this particular series.
6 months ago 13 min 1773
Invitation by Asadur Rahman

AsiaConceptInvitation by Asadur Rahman

Often in life, it seems that we are in control of our activities, surroundings and we can plan, design and even produce accordingly. But with my experience of life, which I would not say differ by an extravagant amount than anyone of you
6 months ago 12 min 3182
Lim Eung-Sik: History Through the Lens

AsiaNewsLim Eung-Sik: History Through the Lens

Beijing (13 Jan – 10 Mar 2019) Limb Eung-Sik was not only a well-known and pioneering Korean photographer, but also an administrator, educator and critic, who made great contributions to the establishment of the theory and artistic substance of photography as a thread of Korean art.
6 months ago 7 min 965
While visiting a charcoal kiln by Sanghamitra Bhattacharya

AsiaStoryWhile visiting a charcoal kiln by Sanghamitra Bhattacharya

“Trees are the earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven.” Overly materialistic world is temporary, that is why we never ignore the nature’s call to enrich human dignity, freedom and genuine well-being.
6 months ago 12 min 1305
Michiko Chiyoda ; Solo Photo Exhibition

AsiaNewsMichiko Chiyoda ; Solo Photo Exhibition

Tokyo (22-27, January 2019) Personal exhibition entitled “The other side of a tunnel ” with two different works in common thread.
6 months ago 4 min 880
FL OF LF by Emel Karakozak

AsiaConceptFL OF LF by Emel Karakozak

In accordance with the visual quality of the universe, when its geometric structure, form, rhytm, color and massic kinesis reduced to body, it reorganizes the senses and attributes meaning to phenomena.  The indefinite combination of the information received is the misconception of the colors, the physical dimensions, the continuity of the rhythm.
6 months ago 5 min 1139
Better Days by Seunggu Kim

AsiaCityBetter Days by Seunggu Kim

Korea has been developed rapidly over 40 years, which caused a lot of social ironies. One of the irony is long working hours with very short period of break. During holidays, Koreans try their best to enjoy it, but due to lack of time to travel, they spend time mostly around city.
6 months ago 10 min 1416
Theyyam – The Dance of Aavtar by Tania Chatterjee

AsiaStoryTheyyam – The Dance of Aavtar by Tania Chatterjee

Theyyam is an ancient folk art form of north Malabar region of Kerala, India. It is living culture of Kerala which can be traced back to several thousand years of rich tradition. 
6 months ago 11 min 1353
Omoide Yokocho (Memory Lane) by Yoshitaka Masuda

AsiaCityOmoide Yokocho (Memory Lane) by Yoshitaka Masuda

After World War II, in 1946, the area near the west exit of Shinjuku Station in Tokyo was in ruins and buried by rubble. After that, people gathered at Shinjuku, which was an important point for traffic, and people started doing business on the streets.
6 months ago 10 min 1374
Grandma By Mushfiqur Rahman

AsiaB&WStoryGrandma By Mushfiqur Rahman

From my very infancy, I haven’t been living under the protective shade of my paternal grandmother ‘Rowshan Ara Begum’ and therefore I could never envision her persona, never understand her sorrows and joys,
6 months ago 9 min 2354
Those who beat drums for others by Pritam Dutta

AsiaStoryThose who beat drums for others by Pritam Dutta

Durga Puja, the grand festival of  West Bengal is incomplete without the rhythm of Dhak. For every Bengali out there, waking up to the sounds of the dhak playing is one of the biggest symbols of Durga Puja.
8 months ago 15 min 1116
Wild Horses by Emel Karakozak

AsiaHabitatWild Horses by Emel Karakozak

Horses and humans have an ancient relationship. Asian nomads probably domesticated the first horses some 4,000 years ago, and the animals remained essential to many human societies until the advent of the engine. 
8 months ago 9 min 1919
Beach or life by Soumyabrata Roy

AsiaStoryBeach or life by Soumyabrata Roy

Yellow rope knot is at the other end of the sea side wall. This is a type of fishing method, after putting the net in the sea fisherman hold rope (yellow) and run almost 1 km. When a freak vagabond woman stuck in front of a Yellow rope and the sea may want to talk to her.
8 months ago 18 min 976
Expressive Dasara Festival at Kulasekharapatnam by Avishek Das

AsiaStoryExpressive Dasara Festival at Kulasekharapatnam by Avishek Das

Kulasekharapatnam or Kulasai, is a remote coastal town in Tuticorin district in Tamilnadu. South India. Sri Mutharamman temple is located at Kulasekharapatnam village near Thiruchendur 55 km south of Thoothukudi (Tamil Nadu, India).
8 months ago 18 min 1112
Interview with Thomas Phoon ; Finalist in our Black & White 2018

AsiaDnaInterview with Thomas Phoon ; Finalist in our Black & White 2018

As for my opinion of Dodho Magazine, I only have words of thanks for the award and for the exquisite attention I have always received.On the other hand I think they do a great job in the sense of serving as a platform for dissemination for new photographers as is my case.
9 months ago 15 min 1688
The Splitting of the Chrysalis & the Slow Unfolding of the Wings by Yorgos Yatromanolakis

AsiaConceptThe Splitting of the Chrysalis & the Slow Unfolding of the Wings by Yorgos Yatromanolakis

Isolated in the countryside of the island, Ι was constantly confronted with my traumatic past, my memories and myself. Gradually, through wandering in nature, a conceivable field of action was created within me, an intermediate space full of transformative dynamics, a place of becoming.
9 months ago 12 min 1148
Imagine Often Conflicts Illusions by Moin Uddin Ahmed

AsiaCityImagine Often Conflicts Illusions by Moin Uddin Ahmed

‘Simplicity, Mystery and Beauty.’ As a photographer, desire is to try and look beyond the obvious elements of a photograph: subject, time and light. Capturing the human body in motion or static is an art itself and it is one of the most enduring themes in the visual art.
9 months ago 6 min 1068
Vending machines open all night by Yoshitaka Masuda

AsiaStoryVending machines open all night by Yoshitaka Masuda

Vending machines illuminate the passersby with their electric signboard even on a dark road at night. They satisfy the our thirst all night, and keep the neighborhood safe. 
9 months ago 12 min 1491
Noir Bangkok by Radu Diaconu

AsiaB&WStoryNoir Bangkok by Radu Diaconu

“Everyone has heard of it, many have visited, but very few have penetrated its mysteries, which are protected by an almost impenetrable language and alphabet, not to mention the thousand and one superstitions that can come up from behind just when you thought you were making progress,” John Burdett, bestselling British crime author.
9 months ago 10 min 1231
The Untold Story of Varanasi Ghats by Abhijit Bose

AsiaStoryThe Untold Story of Varanasi Ghats by Abhijit Bose

While walking through a very narrow by-lane, I asked the Sadhu, “You mean that we all are actors in this stage called Universe?” He smilingly nodded. “And every action has a story behind it! Just be here and take notes of those and you get the best story of life…” He looked at my camera and the indication was very obvious…. Shoot, shoot and shoot… it’s the stage you get it what you are looking…
9 months ago 16 min 1460
Inferno by Debarshi Mukherjee

AsiaStoryInferno by Debarshi Mukherjee

A major fire broke out at Kolkata’s Bagree Market, which is presumably the largest wholesale market in India. Around 35 fire engines battled for over 55+ hours to bring the fire under control.
10 months ago 15 min 1230
Old Public Housing In Their Pastel Hue by James Teo

AsiaCityOld Public Housing In Their Pastel Hue by James Teo

Architectural photography got James interested in photography in the first place. Buildings and their intricacies – the lines, shapes and patterns.
10 months ago 16 min 1433
Living in Limbo by Biel Calderon

AsiaStoryLiving in Limbo by Biel Calderon

Thailand is a hot spot for urban refugees and asylum seekers. One of the reasons why the number keeps increasing is the relative easiness to enter the country.But the conditions of life awaiting them are far from the idyllic idea that some displaced people may build in their minds. 
10 months ago 10 min 1639
Bangkok Art Biennale 2018

AsiaNewsBangkok Art Biennale 2018

Bangkok (19 Oct 2018 – 3 Feb 2019) Bangkok Art Biennale Foundation’s mission is to engage and inspire diverse Thai, ASEAN and international audiences by actively fostering recognition and appreciation of contemporary art exhibitions know as Bangkok Art Biennale (BAB).
10 months ago 4 min 1536
Durbaan by Jai Thakur

AsiaStoryDurbaan by Jai Thakur

Durbaan, literally means the person who guards. Here, it signifies guarding our heritage and culture. This photo story reveals the true identity of these unsung heroes who unconditionally dedicated their life for the royal families of Mandawa. 
10 months ago 18 min 1893
Vintage Abstract by Avishek Das

AsiaConceptVintage Abstract by Avishek Das

The Statesman Vintage & Classic Car Rally is an annual vintage car rally in New Delhi and Kolkata and the oldest, continuously-run such event in India and the sub-continent. It started in the year 1964 in New Delhi, and was brought to Kolkata in the year 1968 as The Statesman Vintage Car Rally.
10 months ago 6 min 1348
My mother is by Ji Yeon Yu

AsiaStoryMy mother is by Ji Yeon Yu

An existence of family is much more special to me, since I am not able to see them anytime for over 9 years. At the age of 14, I came to America to study abroad. I still remember the moment that me and my parents cried and cried in the hotel after the first week of school.
10 months ago 10 min 1440
A river named Kolkata by Debarchan Chatterjee

AsiaStoryA river named Kolkata by Debarchan Chatterjee

Kolkata or Calcutta is the capital of West Bengal and sits in the bank of Hoogly River. It is the financial and cultural hub of eastern India and boast a mix of different culture and colours all together. As the city stands on the bank of river Ganges, it has a very unique set of weather.
10 months ago 17 min 1402
Landscapes of Japan by Jun Pagalilauan

AsiaB&WHabitatLandscapes of Japan by Jun Pagalilauan

Jun Pagalilauan is Filipino  Architect based in Singapore. His intrinsic passion in fine arts depicts the fiber of his works through his lens. 
10 months ago 9 min 3275
When the ground falls by Debarchan Chatterjee

AsiaStoryWhen the ground falls by Debarchan Chatterjee

Many people were feared trapped underneath, some still in their vehicles. One person(Soumen Bag, 28, was travelling from Silpara to College Street) was killed on spot and 24 were injured and they have been shifted to the hospital.
10 months ago 13 min 1261
Street Photography by Amir Lavon

AsiaB&WCityStreet Photography by Amir Lavon

More than anything Street Photography is an attitude, it is an openness to being amazed by what comes your way, it is unlearning the habit of categorizing and dismissi the everyday as being ‘just the everyday’ and beginning to recognize that extraordinary
10 months ago 12 min 1561
I´m the street by Omri Shomer

AsiaCityI´m the street by Omri Shomer

I’ve thought about it more than once, where does my urge to go out and take pictures in the street comes from. After all, it is not a natural thing to go out and photograph strangers.For seven years now I worked as a copywriter for advertising companies, responsible for ideas, new stories.
11 months ago 10 min 1758
After Gorkha by Irene Barlian

AsiaStoryAfter Gorkha by Irene Barlian

Sixty percent of the cultural heritage that includes temples, monasteries, stupas, monasteries, and other historical buildings were severely damaged or even completely destroyed. Gorkha, once a historical figure known for his courage and strength
11 months ago 13 min 1368
Reborn – A performing art by Toru Takagi

AsiaConceptReborn – A performing art by Toru Takagi

There are several spaces formed by concrete walls and staircases, which is characteristic of Ando architecture, in the park beside the art museum, which was designed after the Great Hanshin Awaji earthquake by Tadao Ando.
11 months ago 14 min 1869
Unnatural by Anirban Mandal

AsiaConceptUnnatural by Anirban Mandal

‘Unnatural’ is the extended and more elaborate project of ‘The ghosts among us’ series by Anirban. Questions about the existence of life after death, spirits and unknown entities in our well known environment have been raised since long.
11 months ago 5 min 1402

B&WConceptEuropeFeaturedPilot by Mano Svanidze

Dodho Magazine 2 months ago 8 min 1377
We live in a boom of scripted TV series where watching TV shows take the face of addiction. It has brought many changes in people's behavior and their response to others.

AmericaFeaturedShotNostalgia by Mauricio Candela

Dodho Magazine 2 months ago 11 min 1607
A reflection on how fast the world moves today because of technology. And as a result, how younger generations have walked away from the simplest and most basic things in life.

CityEuropeFeaturedSidewalk Theatre: Street photography from New York City by Mathias Wasik

Dodho Magazine 2 months ago 13 min 1423
There are few cities that inspire the modern world as much as New York City does. It’s ever growing, ever rising – a kaleidoscope of American culture.

AmericaConceptFeaturedThree Chapters Of Illumination by Ann George

Dodho Magazine 2 months ago 15 min 1462
This series symbolizes a metaphorical journey towards liberated living.  The wolf within the work represents allegorically fear and the temptation to be driven by it allowing its control over our lives.

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