AmericaShotNostalgia by Mauricio Candela

Dodho Magazine 19 hours ago 11 min 856
A reflection on how fast the world moves today because of technology. And as a result, how younger generations have walked away from the simplest and most basic things in life.

AmericaTribeThe Last Days of Art by Raju Peddada

RAJU PEDDADA 20 hours ago 16 min 769
Art Shay, the master visual diarist of America, passed away exactly a year ago. His gargantuan library of photographs, almost two million, were sifted once again, by his indefatigable and loyal archivist: Ms. Erica DeGlopper, for some unpublished masterpieces.

AmericaConceptFeaturedThree Chapters Of Illumination by Ann George

Dodho Magazine 7 days ago 15 min 885
This series symbolizes a metaphorical journey towards liberated living.  The wolf within the work represents allegorically fear and the temptation to be driven by it allowing its control over our lives.

AmericaConceptThe lost swimmer by Elena Paraskeva

Dodho Magazine 3 weeks ago 5 min 1263
The character in the series serves as an allegory for the self-conflicted individual, the one who is lost in doubt and fear and is unable to be who they are meant to be.


The shadow by Labkhand Olfatmanesh

AmericaB&WConceptThe shadow by Labkhand Olfatmanesh

The first time I experienced a strictly enforced dress code that included completely covering my head with a black scarf was very confusing.  I was 7 years old and just starting elementary school.
4 weeks ago 11 min 1086
Quotidian Life by Daniel Castonguay

AmericaConceptQuotidian Life by Daniel Castonguay

Quotidian Life “ Series “ Living in a great city, I was naturally driven to street photography and depicting the quotidian life in its simplest form. I admit being very audacious not necessarily following the rules surrounding this type of photography in the pure sense of its definition.
1 month ago 9 min 1036
Selah by Rory Lewis

AmericaShotSelah by Rory Lewis

I’m currently working on a new series entitled Selah, taking its inspiration from master artists such as Caravaggio, Ribera and Gustave Doré. The exhibition features famous actors and interesting faces. The collection will be exhibited in London and Los Angeles in 2019-20. 
1 month ago 9 min 1185
Exhibition: Suspended by Massimo Cristaldi

AmericaNewsExhibition: Suspended by Massimo Cristaldi

Philadelphia (13 to 27 April 2019) Gravy Studio & Gallery is proud to present the Suspended, a series of work by Italian photographer Massimo Cristaldi.
2 months ago 8 min 982
You can live forever in paradise on earth by Brendon Kahn

AmericaConceptYou can live forever in paradise on earth by Brendon Kahn

Today’s reality is guided by competition alongside the fierce longing to ascend into what many call paradise. But what lies in this pursuit are strangely manufactured channels of both sincerity and unsettling moments that make us question our ultimate wishes.
2 months ago 11 min 941
Odette England – The outskirts, exposed and punched

AmericaNewsOdette England – The outskirts, exposed and punched

New York (March 21–May 11, 2019) Klompching Gallery is delighted to present a solo exhibition of new work by Odette England. This will be the artist’s second solo show at the gallery, and brings together a selection of artworks from three recently completed and ongoing projects.
2 months ago 13 min 1867
Art Performer by Yanika Anukulpun

AmericaCityArt Performer by Yanika Anukulpun

Art Performer is a portraiture project about the unique characteristics of each art performer (singers, musicians, and movie impersonators) on the streets in the United States.
2 months ago 5 min 1123
Imprints by Charlotta Hauksdottir

AmericaConceptImprints by Charlotta Hauksdottir

The physical space of landscapes can be closely tied to a person’s identity, sense of being, and infused with personal history.
2 months ago 8 min 1272
The missing forest by Patricia Ackerman

AmericaConceptThe missing forest by Patricia Ackerman

The missing forest It is not the forest of milk of Dylan Thomas nor the mysterious jungle of Emilio Salgari. It is – just and nothing less – a handful of twigs that the time dried and the eye finished to dissect and isolate, until they float in black chamber, turning them into ideograms of an underground pondering.
2 months ago 6 min 1420
Federico Duenas ; Visual resources

AmericaB&WCityFederico Duenas ; Visual resources

Sight is a continuous stream of visual resources that allow us to understand and interact with the world, but memory is selective and interrupted. Coming from a Cinema background I tend to consider images for what they mean during a temporal dimension, and time makes them ephemeral.
2 months ago 9 min 1063
My story by Jady Bates

AmericaStoryMy story by Jady Bates

I went blind 5 years ago… I began photography only 4 years ago. Surgeries saved my vision (mostly) and once I could see again, I was terribly disappointed in how flat and ugly “reality” looked. 
3 months ago 10 min 1695
Madonna for president by Hal Robert Myers

AmericaStoryMadonna for president by Hal Robert Myers

I recently photographed the Quixotic journey of Joey Allen, a Navajo Indian who embarked on a mission to ride his bicycle from Flagstaff, Arizona, to Monument Valley, Utah, campaigning for “Madonna for President.”
3 months ago 14 min 1166
Roma by Beatrice Hamblett

AmericaB&WStoryRoma by Beatrice Hamblett

Each summer, a large extended family of Roma camp out in an olive grove on the island of Skopelos, Greece. Their family is vast and reaches into many towns on mainland Greece. Last May, I drove into their compound and asked if I could photograph them.
3 months ago 12 min 1093
Hope Collectors by Ari Baiense

AmericaStoryHope Collectors by Ari Baiense

Sustainability, sustainable development, conscious consumption, environmentally friendly and recycling are among the trending expressions nowadays in the media. These were already incorporated in my vocabulary and habits but a few years ago, walking around my home town – Curitiba
3 months ago 12 min 922
Thou Art… Will Give… by Eric T. Kunsman

AmericaB&WConceptThou Art… Will Give… by Eric T. Kunsman

The body of work “Thou Art..,Will Give…’ is derived from the first Penitentiary in the United States. The Quakers started it because they believed they could reform people by putting them in solitaire for the full sentence and provide them with a Bible to give their Penitence. It was their grand experiment to try and help people. Obviously, it did not work.
3 months ago 17 min 1101
Iluikak by Mara Sánchez Renero

AmericaStoryIluikak by Mara Sánchez Renero

Mara Sánchez Renero (Mexico) studied photography in Barcelona, ​​Spain, where she lived for 10 years. She was part of the collective boom of 2008, in Spain, where she was co-founder of the collective Malocchio and PHACTO.
3 months ago 11 min 1260
Havana Stands by Daniel Garay Arango

AmericaB&WCityHavana Stands by Daniel Garay Arango

Through time and elements; through hope and despair; through the eyes of the ones who once left and fought the ruthless sea; the ones who stayed and faced the shape of history, and us, who came in wonder, Havana stands as a monument to resilience.
3 months ago 6 min 1053
Felicific calculus by Eric T.Kunsman

AmericaB&WCityFelicific calculus by Eric T.Kunsman

The felicific calculus is an algorithm formulated by jurist and reformer Jeremy Bentham (1748–1832) for calculating the moral rightness of an action by balancing the probable pleasures and pains that it would produce. Bentham, a utilitarian philosopher, believed this calculus could, in principle, help determine the moral status of any considered act.
3 months ago 12 min 1045
Midway by Paul D’Amato

AmericaStoryMidway by Paul D’Amato

Midway is somewhere between becoming and being; between entropy and stasis; between learning and knowing; between alienation and belonging; between isolation and community; between immigration and assimilation; between urban and suburban; between poetry and blight. Midway is a metaphor and it’s a state of mind. It’s also an airport.
4 months ago 13 min 1272
Adorned by Jady Bates

AmericaFeaturedShotAdorned by Jady Bates

Women no longer feel the need to please the previously-ordained-in-media’s “male gaze.” Females are finding their voice and their own visions in how to adorn themselves: women according to women.
4 months ago 4 min 1771
New York Psychics by Thomas Freteur

AmericaStoryNew York Psychics by Thomas Freteur

Every single person who lives in New York has probably wondered at least once why there are so many signs offering esoteric and mystical services spread around the city. The little Keano flyer, which you can see in the corner of many advertisements’ frames in most subway trains, was the starting point of my journey within the community of New York’s psychics
4 months ago 24 min 1163
Reno by Jennifer Garza-Cuen

AmericaConceptReno by Jennifer Garza-Cuen

Reno embodies ideas of Western idealism, the frontier spirit, transience, and the gambler’s impulse to risk everything for the chance at a better life. It was founded as a toll, a passage across the Truckee River, and on silver from the Comstock Lode.
4 months ago 13 min 1611
Chaos by Daren You

AmericaB&WConceptChaos by Daren You

One definition of chaos is when nonlinear things are impossible to predict and control. If law and order rule the universe, chaos, by contrast, is the totally disorganized opposite.
4 months ago 8 min 1145
Jasper by Matthew Genitempo

AmericaB&WStoryJasper by Matthew Genitempo

Inspired by the life and work of the poet and land surveyor, Frank Stanford, these photographs of hermetic homes and men living in solitude were taken in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas and Missouri.
4 months ago 16 min 1492
The Abstruse Aesthetic of Ambiguity by Raju Peddada

AmericaTribeThe Abstruse Aesthetic of Ambiguity by Raju Peddada

We exist on small blue-brown marble in the ever expanding nebula of ambiguity – a vast nothingness of cold uncertainty and eternal certainly, that we constantly attempt to decipher with our sciences.
4 months ago 25 min 1622
War Stories I Never Heard by Todd Bradley

AmericaConceptWar Stories I Never Heard by Todd Bradley

War Stories I Never Heard explores discovering a loved one’s World War 2 military stories after their death; and the longing for deeper personal connection with them after they have gone. 
4 months ago 16 min 1077
A New America by Robert LeBlanc

AmericaStoryA New America by Robert LeBlanc

A New America” is the sophomore book release from documentary photographer Robert LeBlanc, shot in over a length of three years, 32 states and 20,000 miles.
4 months ago 18 min 1389
Windows by Mike Chaiken

AmericaNudeWindows by Mike Chaiken

Mike Chaiken’s “Windows” is a photographic series that plays with unexpected textures, lighting, and colors as the viewer gazes, voyeuristically, as if peering through a window, at a nude female.
4 months ago 11 min 1933
No Place to Lay my Head by Ana Luisa Matos

AmericaStoryNo Place to Lay my Head by Ana Luisa Matos

Ana Luisa Matos’ work focus on the concept of home and identity. Her most recent series, No Place To Lay My Head explores her relationship to her home country. Developed during a series of road trips, the work captures her reconnection to Portugal, after having spent time leaving abroad, and coming to terms with her own identity.
4 months ago 8 min 1149
Michael Kenna

AmericaNewsMichael Kenna

Chicago (11 Jan – 16 Mar 2019) We are thrilled to present the 20th exhibition of work by Michael Kenna, and The CEG Salon, as our final shows in our River North location. Both shows open January 11 and run through March 16, 2019.
4 months ago 5 min 823
Carny  by William Bullard

AmericaStoryCarny by William Bullard

For the past few years, I have been photographing the carneys and showmen who work the games or “joints” at the local county fairs in Upstate New York.
4 months ago 9 min 1041
I-57 by Paul Elledge

AmericaStoryI-57 by Paul Elledge

I grew up attending church on Sunday morning and attending motorsports Sunday evening. In an attempt to visualize the emotions and experience of those magical Sunday evenings of my youth I started the project I-57.
4 months ago 11 min 901
The infinite universe by Patty Maher

AmericaConceptThe infinite universe by Patty Maher

Throughout her work, Yayoi Kusama uses polka dots as a metaphor for giving up personal identity and becoming one with the universe. “Far beyond the reaches of the universe,” she says, “infinity is trying to communicate with us” and it reaches out through her work as an infinite series of polka dots.
4 months ago 7 min 1208
Between the pest and the beasts by Anthony Ascer Aparicio

AmericaB&WStoryBetween the pest and the beasts by Anthony Ascer Aparicio

And now who are we? Where are we? Where do we go? If the last trace of innocence disappeared as life was transformed into survival. While fear intoxicated our human condition and duel consumed our calendars.
4 months ago 19 min 1147
Vanishing Faces Tibet by Larry Louie

AmericaB&WFeaturedStoryVanishing Faces Tibet by Larry Louie

The current pace of development around the world has brought widespread concern about a loss of diversity in nature and the need to protect endangered species.  But the changes brought by the forces of globalization, industrialization and urbanization affect not only animals and plants.  People and cultures, ways of thinking and ways of living that have been in existence for thousands of years, are also at risk.  
4 months ago 14 min 1567
Nor a woman less by Patricia Ackerman

AmericaStoryNor a woman less by Patricia Ackerman

One of the procedures of the legitimization of oppressive practices is to reduce subordinated individuals to the category of mere body. The objectification that affects women is a decisive factor in the outbreak of violence of which they are victims.
4 months ago 10 min 1195
Midwest Memoir by Michael Knapstein

AmericaB&WConceptFeaturedMidwest Memoir by Michael Knapstein

There is a certain magic to the American Midwest. Honest. Modest. Understated. Sometimes unappreciated. Often overlooked. I created Midwest Memoir as a way to help others see the American Midwest in a whole new light.
4 months ago 11 min 1682
Hypothesis by Claudio Mortensen

AmericaConceptHypothesis by Claudio Mortensen

The central idea for Hypothesis Project came to me during a theatrical performance, that I had the opportunity to photograph in 2016. Once the performance started, immediately came to my mind, a memory of part of poem from a Brazilian poet, Carlos Drummond de Andrade.
4 months ago 10 min 1138
Chasing Light by Riel and Bianca Sturchio

AmericaStoryChasing Light by Riel and Bianca Sturchio

Chasing Light is an ongoing collaborative photography series and community engagement project. My twin sister, Bianca, and I use photography as a means to explore our dynamic as siblings and our experiences of owning queer identities and disabled bodies.
5 months ago 12 min 1343
Keep Going by Ana Leal

AmericaConceptKeep Going by Ana Leal

During 2017 and first semester of 2018 I went through a very difficult period of my life. I was living in the US and had to move back to Brazil due to family issues. 
5 months ago 9 min 1103
Ansel Adams at Museum of Fine Arts Boston

AmericaNewsAnsel Adams at Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Boston (13 Dec 2018 – 24 Feb 2019) Ansel Adams is the rare artist whose works have helped to define a genre. Over the last half-century, his black-and-white photographs have become, for many viewers, visual embodiments of the sites he captured: Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks, the Sierra Nevada, the American Southwest and more. These images constitute an iconic visual legacy—one that continues to inspire and provoke.
5 months ago 23 min 806
The manila Project by Larry Louie

AmericaB&WStoryThe manila Project by Larry Louie

The world’s population has increased from 4 billion to 7 billion since 1975 with the majority of the population surge occurring in developing countries. Today, it is estimated that over 4 billion people are living in urban centers with one quarter of these people (1 billion people) living in slums, and shantytowns within these centers. 
5 months ago 16 min 1098
David LaChapelle ; Will you still love me tomorrow?

AmericaNewsDavid LaChapelle ; Will you still love me tomorrow?

New York (13 Dec 2018 – 2 Mar 2019) “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?” is the first exhibition of David LaChapelle’s work at Staley-Wise Gallery in more than ten years. Many of the works included have never been previously exhibited.
5 months ago 4 min 789
The Anonymous Artists by Raju Peddada

AmericaTribeThe Anonymous Artists by Raju Peddada

By what mechanism do I see beauty in decay or distress? Why does a defaced-distressed message incite me? And, how can defacement delineate the mundane mess, from aesthetic magic? The answers may reside in the cognitive theory, which, for the most part, is concerned with the development of an individual’s thought process
5 months ago 27 min 2158
Abstract photography by Sharon Tenenbaum

AmericaTribeAbstract photography by Sharon Tenenbaum

I always felt that abstract photography was something one needs to mature into.  It takes insight and patience to see what is insinuated rather than what is implied. 
5 months ago 10 min 2178
Interview with Oliver Klink, first place in our black & white 2018

AmericaDnaInterview with Oliver Klink, first place in our black & white 2018

We need more presence like Dodho that features inspiring images and creative photographers. Going back to my earlier comment about where you spend your time, browsing Dodho is certainly worth every minute to read stories and get inspired by amazing photographers.
5 months ago 20 min 2027
Not A Feast by Jady Bates

AmericaShotNot A Feast by Jady Bates

Women are still struggling with being considered beautiful by the old, stereotypical standards, but I believe women are changing the status quo. It is still most women’s inclination to pose and adorn herself according to what a man would want.
6 months ago 6 min 2316
Raising Goosebumps by Cate Wnek

AmericaConceptRaising Goosebumps by Cate Wnek

Often a hyperawareness within me detects something elusive that could happen to my children, or me —however protected I imagine us to be. 
6 months ago 7 min 1456
Maiffer by Jonathan Lanza

AmericaB&WStoryMaiffer by Jonathan Lanza

Besides the incomparable issues that Venezuela faces, the country also has to deal with the upcoming complications in universal problems such as deaths caused by cancer and how they have been increasing ever since the financial crisis began to lash the oil nation in 2014.
6 months ago 9 min 1783
Unraveling Snag by Wes Bell

AmericaB&WStoryUnraveling Snag by Wes Bell

As I pulled away from Mom and Dad’s condo, I looked back one more time and snapped two photos of Mom as she waived goodbye from the sidewalk. She was fully dressed, her cheeks noticeably hollow and her expression strained and apprehensive. 
6 months ago 25 min 2268
Assorted boxes of ordinary life by Amy Friend

AmericaConceptAssorted boxes of ordinary life by Amy Friend

Inspired by a small, found archive of personal photographs, documents, and objects, Amy Friend presents a new body of work that considers how identity comprises both fact and fiction.
6 months ago 9 min 1440
The Rug’s Topography by Rana Young

AmericaConceptThe Rug’s Topography by Rana Young

The Rug’s Topography began with me photographing my intimate partner of six years. Simultaneously, we were facing an internal conflict: how we identified as individuals differed from the roles we occupied in our partnership.
7 months ago 13 min 1114
Garage Project by Vanessa Filley

AmericaConceptGarage Project by Vanessa Filley

The Garage Project began in 2011 when, each morning, I would take my two small children and two large dogs on a long walk, exploring the alleys, streets and beach front of our town.
7 months ago 9 min 904
The Eyes of a Stranger by William Bullard

AmericaB&WShotThe Eyes of a Stranger by William Bullard

Since I was a young photographer, the elusive question has always been “what is the essence of photography, why does it enthrall me, what does it do that no other medium can?” 
7 months ago 27 min 1309
Population 800 by Christine Armbruster

AmericaStoryPopulation 800 by Christine Armbruster

While obtaining my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Brigham Young University, I spent a lot of my time running away, finding a need to get out of Provo, then Utah, and then the United States. My flights resulted in a myriad of adventures, stories, and long road trips. It was during these long drives that I consistently ran into small Utah towns, consisting of a corner store, a post office, and children racing down…
7 months ago 13 min 1100
Hope of eternal life in paradise by Matthew Hall

AmericaConceptHope of eternal life in paradise by Matthew Hall

 I can not recall who said it, or what the exact quote is, but it is something like “I photograph things to see what they look like photographed.”  I quite like this approach to photography. 
7 months ago 11 min 784
Interview with Alain Schroeder ; Honorable mention in our black & white 2018

AmericaDnaInterview with Alain Schroeder ; Honorable mention in our black & white 2018

Belgian photographer Alain Schroeder has been working in photography for more than three decades, first as a sports photographer for 15 years (shooting 500 magazine covers during his tenure), before turning to book assignments spanning travel, fine-art and architecture.
7 months ago 35 min 1168
Human Nature by Lucas Foglia

AmericaConceptHuman Nature by Lucas Foglia

I grew up on a small farm thirty miles outside of New York City. The forest that bordered the farm was my childhood wilderness, a safe and wild place to play that was ignored by our neighbors who commuted to Manhattan.
7 months ago 12 min 2026
The Concept of Visual Parataxis by Raju Peddada

AmericaTribeThe Concept of Visual Parataxis by Raju Peddada

I am a writer by passion and a photographer by design. What I mean by this is that writing requires a lot of practice, dedicated labor every day, just to attain mediocrity. It is a very discouraging avocation.
8 months ago 19 min 2922
Shine Huang ; Fine China – a story about traditional porcelain makers

AmericaB&WStoryShine Huang ; Fine China – a story about traditional porcelain makers

Fine china is a project been developed earlier this year. I went to the porcelain Capital, Jingdezhen, China to discover the traditional process of making fine china. The entire project is been shot on Ilford HP5 Film. 
8 months ago 18 min 1461
Alterego by Ben Zank

AmericaConceptAlterego by Ben Zank

While his field of study was journalism, Ben Zank found a more direct means of expression in photography, after he discovered a Pentax ME Super in his grandmother´s attic.
8 months ago 6 min 1519
How Will We Stand? by Stefani Reynolds

AmericaCityHow Will We Stand? by Stefani Reynolds

Romanticized versions of history not only influence the way we look back, they play a prominent role in determining one’s perception of the present. 
8 months ago 10 min 1253
Wildlife by Michael Pachis

AmericaHabitatWildlife by Michael Pachis

The goal of my animal portraits is to create a connection to our fellow creatures of the earth that will inspire the viewer to see the worth of that individual, thereby creating a desire to protect the species and the eco systems they thrive in.
8 months ago 7 min 2011
Klompching Gallery present Binary Code by Max de Esteban

AmericaNewsKlompching Gallery present Binary Code by Max de Esteban

New York (Sep 14–Oct 26, 2018) With the Binary Code series, Max de Esteban continues his examination of our world, as mediated by and through technology, through creating photographic imagery that is informed by and utilizes the traditions of appropriation and remix.
8 months ago 10 min 1353
Running from the Sun by Parker Reinecker

AmericaStoryRunning from the Sun by Parker Reinecker

There is a place that seems so far from here. A place where the sand, the dirt, the rock and the sky live in harmony. Where the sun beats down on the man formed brick and the asphalt of the journey to the West. It washes away the dark of the night before and leaves the walls and the road worn like an old, well worked, pair of blue jeans.
8 months ago 15 min 1614
Fever by Cate Wnek

AmericaConceptFever by Cate Wnek

The cold air is unmoving, except for when the wind thrusts it violently making me bend in its wake. Trees mockingly bloom with snowball cotton tops. Gale force winds throw the storm door off its hinges as I make my way outside. I hear the birds who have come back to our yard to sing, though the snow clings, swaddling the muddy earth.
8 months ago 15 min 1407

AmericaConceptFeaturedThree Chapters Of Illumination by Ann George

Dodho Magazine 7 days ago 15 min 885
This series symbolizes a metaphorical journey towards liberated living.  The wolf within the work represents allegorically fear and the temptation to be driven by it allowing its control over our lives.

AsiaFeaturedStoryVegetable Peddler by Yoshitaka Masuda

Dodho Magazine 7 days ago 10 min 857
In Japan, baby boomers continue to grow older, and the population 75 years or older has grown to be 13.3% of the total population. 6.1% of these women and 2.7% of these men cannot go out shopping or ask a relative living elsewhere to assist them.

B&WConceptEuropeFeaturedGhost by Naoual Peleau

Dodho Magazine 1 week ago 8 min 822
The memory is fragile. I’m afraid of closing my eyes once too many and blow away all my memories in one blink. I shoot and I forgot, I have stopped struggling.

EuropeFeaturedStoryO-Young Kwon ; Documentary photographer

Dodho Magazine 1 week ago 14 min 1122
I met O-Young Kwon in Germany when he came back to Berlin, where he was born and grew up. He looks at his friends’ photos of their mutual residency in South Korea, home country of his parents.

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