If you need to improve the clients, subscribers or participants number, merely increase your website visibility.

Dodho is a vertical website and consequently has a widely segmented audience. For this reason, we can guarantee 99% of our visitors are interested in your message. You will reach your customers by addressing the right users through your computer, mobile or tablet.

Dodho is aimed at an audience that likes, lives, breathes and moves through the passion for photography in all its areas and aspects. We have a permanent collaboration between the magazine and the photographers published in it. Every day Dodho continues looking for projects and talented photographers who have something to tell and share with the world, always exploring new concepts through photography in a joint project. For this reason, our website is updated four times a day with more than 1000 articles published per year.

What is our target?

We provide a platform for your advertising based on eight different ways to spread your message to your target audience. We can guarantee 99% of our audience are professional photographers and photography enthusiasts, primarily English speakers with residence in North America and Europe.

Our average user covers an age ranging between 25 and 44 years old of which 60% visits us through MacOS or IOS systems, while only 40% do it through Windows or Android devices. In the genders field, we have a fabulous parity between both sexes and in the peripherals segment, our users prefer to visit us through their desktop devices with 65% of visits compared to 35% of traffic originated by mobile devices. With all this, we can offer more effective advertising and directed exclusively to users who maintain a link both professionally and amateur level with the photography world.


More than 1,000,000 photographers visit us every year. Our promotional packs will help you to multiply your visits.

Banner Home

Your banner with a size of 300x250px will be published in the featured content area.

This dark-colored area is in the upper home part in order to get the largest number of clicks. A Banner is the most traditional and effective way to show your advertising and obtain the expected results, as this ensures that your contest will be printed on screen thousands of times a day due to the high number of visits to our home. Your banner will have a direct link, which will lead many visitors to your website.

Banner Post Page

Your banner with a size of 300x250px will be printed on each article of our website.

This dark-colored area is at the end of each of the articles published on our website. Every day thousands of articles are printed on the screen, which will ensure a high rate of clicks on your business. A promotion included at the end of an article is undoubtedly is one of the traditional ways that has shown better results in the advertising through Banners. All the banners have a call to action to guarantee the best results.

Banner Home
Our marketing consultant can provide additional details.
  • Banner Size: 300x250px
  • Duration: 30 Days
  • Localitation: Home
Banner Post Page
Our marketing consultant can provide additional details.
  • Banner Size: 300x250px
  • Duration: 30 Days
  • Localitation: Posts

Sponsored Article

Due to the saturation of advertising on the Internet, our eyes have developed increasing blindness to advertising spaces.

For this reason, from Dodho Magazine we think a sponsored article is an alternative medium that is gaining importance within any advertising campaign as it continues to demonstrate its effectiveness day by day as it is a direct promotion way. Each article will have an efficient, direct call to action maximizing your results.

Special Post

A more extensive article with more images number has a greater presence and will offer better results.

We believe that sponsored articles are the most viable advertising of the future on the internet. The best way to present your business is undoubted with an extensive article loaded with images providing value to the reader and that can provide the best image of your business. There are infinite possibilities when publishing an article of this type. Allow us to get in touch with you to advise you on the best options according to your business’s type.

Sponsored Article
  • Post Size: 300 Words
  • Images: 1 image
  • Localitation: Home / News Section
Special Post
  • Post Size: More than 300 words
  • Images: Between 3 and 5 images
  • Localitation: Home / News Section

Featured Newsletter

Thousands of photographers receive our newsletter every week; your advertising will be included in our weekly distribution.

Through our newsletter, your advertising will be broadcast massively to people who may really be interested in your message. Our mailing lists are made up of photographers and photography enthusiasts from all over the world. An economic channel, fast and 100% effective.

Exclusive Newsletter

A special shipment will be distributed solely with the message you want to send.

If you are looking for a more immediate answer, the distribution of an exclusive newsletter will give you the expected results. A newsletter exclusively dedicated to your business will get the attention of thousands of photographers and professionals.

Featured Newsletter
  • Banner Size: 300x250px
  • Duration: 1 Send
  • Localitation: Weekly Newsletter
Exclusive Newsletter
  • Size: Special
  • Duration: 1 Send
  • Localitation: Special Newsletter

Big Banner 72 Hours

Large direct advertising including a count-down and a direct button to your website.

Our experience tells us many photographers decide to leave for the last days the presentations and submissions of their photographs to the contests they have previously selected, also the events and courses registrations increase drastically during this last period. With our Mega banner, you will send a multitude of last-minute visits to your Website and will magnify the results of these last days so important for the success of your event.

Post Last Week

Maximize the results of the last days of your contest or event.

Three-quarters of the registrations are made during the last week. This is undoubtedly an important fact we should not overlook. An article announcing the last days of your contest will be a fresh and valuable way to remind thousands of photographers that the deadline for your presentation or registration is coming to an end and will be an essential boost for the final part of your call. The article will have an efficient direct call to action to maximize its results.

Big Banner 72 Hours
  • Banner Size: 1200x600px
  • Duration: 72 Hours
  • Localitation: Home
Post Last Week
  • Post Size: Between 300 and 600 words
  • Duration: 7 days in first position
  • Localitation: Home / News Section



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Dodho Magazine accepts submissions from emerging and professional photographers from around the world.
Their projects can be published among the best photographers and be viewed by the best professionals in the industry and thousands of photography enthusiasts. Dodho magazine reserves the right to accept or reject any submitted project. Due to the large number of presentations received daily and the need to treat them with the greatest respect and the time necessary for a correct interpretation our average response time is around 5/10 business days in the case of being accepted.
- Between 10/30 images of your best images, in case your project contains a greater number of images which are part of the same indivisible body of work will also be accepted. You must send the images in jpg format to 1200px and 72dpi and quality 9. (No borders or watermarks)
- A short biography along with your photograph. (It must be written in the third person)
- Title and full text of the project with a minimum length of 300 words. (Texts with lesser number of words will not be accepted)
This is the information you need to start preparing your project for its presentation
To send it, you must compress the folder in .ZIP format and use our Wetransfer channel specially dedicated to the reception of works. Links or projects in PDF format will not be accepted. All presentations are carefully reviewed based on their content and final quality of the project or portfolio. If your work is selected for publication in the online version, it will be communicated to you via email and subsequently it will be published.
Issue #14 | September 2020
Current Issue
Vicky Martin
Ryotaro Horiuchi
Susanne Mildeelberg
Diego Bardone
Nicky Hamilton
Alain Schroeder
Printed on 80# matte paper 22x28cm | 100 Pages
September 7 to October 31, 2020
Julia Fullerton-Batten
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