Search and Rescue by Alessandro Barteletti

Air rescuers of the 15th Stormo are a special and exclusive Italian Air Force unit: just a little over 200 have been trained in the last 50 years. The department is operative 24/7, with intervention times ranging between 30 and 120 minutes.

One-Sixth of a Second ; Street photography by Steve Geer

Street photography can be fascinating. I think it’s because we are naturally nosy. We want to stare, to absorb the details and imagine the facts. In real time, on the street, we only get a glimpse of passing strangers.

Eqi Glacier, Western Greenland by Andrea Sparrow

Eqi is unique in that as it is forced downhill and around a curve from the Greenland Ice Sheet, it’s layers are turned vertically. This causes the glacier to sheer when it reaches the bay in a near constant manner, into very small fragments rather than icebergs.

The Great Exodus by Mushfiqul Alam

Rohingya people, one of the persecuted minorities in the world, recently become victim of ethnic cleansing mayhem led by Myanmar’s armed forces from last several decades.

Aura by Lorena Cordero

This series is about recognizing yourself in the soul. I appeal to virgins and goddesses of different cultures as a bridge to represent spirituality through femininity.

Zéro, l’infini by Éric Bourret

Nice (April 6 – June 16. 2018) The Gallery Espace A Vendre, based in Nice, is pleased to announce the first exhibition of the artist Éric Bourret. For this solo show, the artist has been invited to fill the brownfield site called Le Château, the largest wing of the Gallery.

Monastery By Xavier Ferrer Chust

The Neamţ monastery, which has its roots to the 12th century, is regarded as the Jerusalem of the Romanian Orthodox Church. Driven by Esteban the great in the 15th century, the monastery precinct dedicated to the Ascension of Christ

In Vacuo by Lise Johansson

The series In Vacuo is a result of my ongoing study of mundane objects, their evocative potential and architectural affordances. In “In Vacuo” I worked with spare parts of household appliances.

Moi–Peau by Runeda

Moi–Peau by Runeda

What’s hidden behind appearances, behind clothes or even behind that skin? It’s the skin as an envelope, an interface that made me wonder and naturally brought me to the psychoanalytic concept of «Moi–Peau».

Inge Morath ; From a photographic cosmos

Berlin (26 Apr – 26 Aug 2018) When Inge Morath met the war photographer Robert Capa at the photo agency Magnum in Paris in July 1949, the life of the 26-year-old Austrian journalist took a new turn.

New York by Christopher Tamas Kovacs

In this series “New York” Christopher confronts the use of color which is quite a departure from all of his previous works which are in black and white, in fact, he is well known as the creator of the all black and white fine art photography.

Strange Female Portraits by Tatsiana Tsyhanova

First of all, Tatsiana’s works in the direction of artistic portrait photography. In the author’s works, there are a lot of features of magical realism, such as directions in literature and art that was born in the 1920s and developed by the 1940s.

Imaginations ; A Series of Whimsical Nostalgia by Nathan Wirth

Robots that serve and protect or destroy; monsters that emerge from the sea; aliens that arrive from faraway solar systems; superheroes that fight crime and unimaginable evils; wizards that orchestrate fellowships; heroes and villains that clash in galaxies far, far, far away

Landscapes by Saskia Boelsums

Saskia Boelsums is a Dutch photographer and her Netherlandish heritage clearly shines through her work.

All of the photographs of landscapes or still life uncover the connection with the 17th century masters of the genre. The dark tones, baroque-like contrasts and clarity of the detail is stunning, as Boelsums’ photographs balance between the real and surreal.

Still Life Part II by Stefania Piccioni

Inspired by the Caravaggio’s dramatic ‘chiaroscuro’ style of light and shadow,  was based on “a whole set of techniques that are the basis of photography”, I tried to recreate the feel of classic still lifes in my  pictures.

Spirit and Dust by Amy Kanka Valadarsky

How do you make sense of death? One minute they are here, living, talking and breathing, the next moment they are not. “Death,” said Emily Dickinson “is a dialogue between the spirit and the dust.”

Hamiltons presents a selection of exceptional and rarely seen Robert Frank prints

London (28 Mar – 11 May 2018) Hamiltons presents a selection of exceptional and rarely seen Robert Frank prints, including pictures from Frank’s seminal visit in 1953 to a coal-mining village in Wales, along with a selection of prints from his sojourns in London, Paris and America taken during the 1950s and early 60s.

Presence by Daniel Murtagh

For Daniel Murtagh, the essence of a good portrait is ‘Presence’ , the experience of a person not merely seen, but felt . “I like to compare it to the experience in music , a certain combination of sounds expresses the intent of the composer”

August Sander ; Persecutors, people of the 20th century

Paris (8 Mar – 15 Nov 2018) We can tell from a facial expression the work someone does or does not do, if they are happy or troubled, for life leaves its trail there unavoidably. A well-known poem says that every person’s story is written plainly on their face, although not everyone can read it.

Insurgent Ophelia ; A contemporary representation by Beatriz Glez Sa

The Shakespearean character of Ophelia is immensely complex, and unlike other characters, reveals social dynamics that describe the underlying reality of an entire era. At no time does this fragile adolescent set out to follow her own will

Loyalists; No surrender by Mariusz Smiejek

2018 marks the 20t h anniversary of the signing of Northern Ireland’s peace accord which is referred to by some as the Belfast Agreement, and by others as the Good Friday Agreement . It also marks the commencement of Britain’s exit from the European Union,with Northern Ireland providing Britain with its only land border into the rest of Europe.

The Shadow Of Europe by Jaime de Lorenzo

This is a country in Eastern Europe, located between Romania to the west and Ukraine to the north, east and south. It declared its independence with the same borders as the former Soviet Socialist Republic of Moldova in 1991, as part of the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

How was your day? by Mano Svanidze

“how was your day?” collects scenes from kindergarten life of children. With this project I show parents what their kids do when they aren’t around. I tried to create imaginary space for parents to observe kids and their daily life in an unmonitorred space the kindergarten is.

Haute Photographie Fotografiska Stockholm

Stockholm (12 Apr – 15 Apr 2018) Centered around a group exhibition, Haute Photographie Stockholm presents an array of artists ranging from the grand masters of photography to the most exciting names working with the medium today – with all artworks being available for purchase.

Everyday life’s value by Nathanaël Fournier

In 2008 he spent 6 months working in a restaurant then in a library. He was saving money to buy his first Leica camera. These photos are from the following 2 years of making photography on the streets of a few French cities including Paris, Toulouse and his hometown Lille.

New old melodies by Marco Sadori

But the Georgia, uniquely situated on the map of world between Asia and Europe, has undergone many changes in recent years and is now in a period of strong growth, especially as regards tourism.

Seychelles- From Dawn to Dusk By Abhijit Bose

The Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, off East Africa. Located on Indian Ocean, the natural beauty of its numerous beaches are beyond imagination. There is a saying that Adam and Eve were sent to The Seychelles.

Deformed Figures by Nasos Karabelas

The kind of photography i’ve been dealing with is experimental black and white photography and in particular “the possibilities of deformation of the human body”.

Inner state by Maria Mavropoulou

In this stagnant space, in this gap between eras, Greek landscapes look bizarre, cut off the real world, pending for their unknown fate, as a visualization of the inner state of their inhabitants. The horizon is hidden, preventing us to see what’s yet to come.

Wind of Afro-Turk by Melike Çetin

From the Ottoman Empire until today, Turkey is a country that hosts the many different cultures. One of them, perhaps the lesser known, is the Afro-Turks. Since the 19th century, Black Turks or Afro-Turks, who came to the Ottoman Empire through slave trade, for work or for military service

Leah and Chloe ; Identical twins by Zuzu Valla

Leah and Chloe are Identical twins, born in 2005.  Born 3 months premature, weighing just 2lb 4oz. The girls have grown into strong independent young ladies. They love school, with Maths, P.E and Drama being their favourite subjects. 

Chris Kirby ; We gave you forgiveness… (you kept the Krugerrands)

Two decades after Nelson Mandela was elected, and after the much lauded peace and reconciliation process, racial tension in South Africa is still a major issue. Many believe that the country has become more divided as the economy

Lotus by Margaux

The perspective of discovering new countries and cultures was the main aspiration of this project. Drawn to capture black and white landscapes, it inspired me to communicate the dependent and integral relationship humans have with nature. 

Berlin After Dark by Sebastian Jacobitz

The Berlin Ku’Damm is the most prominent shopping street in Berlin. Normally the street is filled with people looking for the newest dresses or Cellphones.But when the sun leaves the scene, another characteristic is visible. Almost like a blurry dream, the series displays another side of the street.

The Rite by Szymon Barylski

Jerusalem is a city of three religions, The Wailing Wall is a sacred place for all Jewish people. A pilgrimage to Mecca is the obligation of every Muslim. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is visited by Christians, while Hindus have Varanasi-  known as Benares.

Min Turab by Roger Grasas

In the last decades, the landscapes of the Arab Gulf region have undergone a mutation driven by increased income from the oil, globalization and mass tourism.

The Modern Village; an alpine winter sports resort by Isabella Sommati

Le Corbier is a village planned in 1938 but built in December 1967. It is is an alpine winter sports resort situated in France, in the département of the Savoy. The concept of this village is to protect the safety of pedestrians and skiers

Varanasi Lanes and an affair with life by Abhijit Bose

Varanasi is the oldest living city in the world. The artifacts found are proving that Varanasi (Benaras or Kashi- the other names) were existing from 1800 BCE! The city has its own charm.

Light Landscape by Francesco Candeloro

Light Landscape presents a series of photographic works by Francesco Candeloro in which the “landscape” is the protagonist: visions which are pure and silent thanks to the lack of any human figure in them

Interview with DDiarte ; Finalist in our Color Award 2017

Interview with DDiarte ; Finalist in our Color Award 2017

Dodho Magazine is an excellent publication where we can be always updates in quality contemporary photography art. Life in Color 2017 is a fabulous book with high quality print with awesome images witch everyone who loves photography must have.

Lola Alvarez Bravo ; A Mexican photographer

Horten (18 Mar – 2 Sep 2018) Lola Álvarez Bravo (1903-1993) belongs to the generation of female photographers who took advantage of a wind of artistic freedom to unfold after the revolution in 1910 to 20 in Mexico.

Through the second skin by Richard Westerhuis

A few years ago I suffered from a burn-out, this made my world become smaller and smaller. Protecting myself from the many outside impulses. It became a lonely bubble, turning personally inwards.

Common People by Elio Cremi

I have no problems to say that since three years I am attending a mental health center, as patient, where every week I meet wonderful people. They are patients too. And they are teaching me to observe the world around me in different way.

Andalucía by Achilleas Chiras

These images were shot in Andalucía, that constitutes the biggest part of southern Spain. I narrate a story with color, leaded by the light and the shadows. A story of observation and search on the roads.

Planet K by Sergei Stroitelev

During last year, I traveled several times to the most Western part of my home country – Kaliningrad region. This land has a strange and mystical history. Before the World War II it was a part of Germany.

In Goat We Trust by Mohd Azlan Mam Mohd Latib

Art completes what nature cannot elaborate , and in part, it imitates nature and mocking it humankind in such a  mysterious satirical way. An artist adapt this situation to paint the souls of men .

The Romantic Photographer

What is a romantic photographer? The romantic photographer is a visual alchemist, an organic perceiver. Someone, who projects his inner being: emotions and experiences outward, through the lens, in search of resonance and congruence in his subject matter

Cergy´s Faces, Portrait Photography by Jean Pierre Duvergé

The dream for a portraitist. An image worth more than long speeches, I decided to show this human diversity by photographing anonymous people who could be our neighbors, the shopkeeper we go to every day

Horizons by Henrietta Richer

I´m not interested in illustrating my time. Illustrating the reality of my time is limiting, it does not liberate me. I see no point in adding to the plethora of largely negative images of our time’s tragedies.

Statement of intent, Flowers photography by Heiko Römisch

To make this portfolio I had the idea to show the inside of blossoms before they open all her petals and pistil. For this idea I´m looking for corresponding flower buds.  After testing a lot of flowerbuds in the springtime and summer and experiments to show there inside in a really manner

Projection, Urban landscape by Akis Detsis

The photographs depict the urban landscape as a metaphor of stagnation or of a correlated psychological state. Architectural structures are strict, the third dimension almost disappears

Ape dumma – Open your eyes by Czuko Williams

There is an strong untold story among the ancient tribes who lives in Ethiopia. The story of the loss of traditional way of life due the process of deculturation, transculturation, and mainly because of progress.

The Beach, seascape photography by Duncan MacArthur

I made these photographs on the Scottish Hebrides island of Harris, the very north-west fringe of the British isles and of the European continent. The Atlantic Ocean is the power that be.

Fresnel by Hakim Boulouiz

Fresnel is a photographic research of the “mystery” in the streets. From day to night, from east to west, dipped or at a distance, it is a spotlight on anonymous streets, where meetings are woven and destinies intersect.

An evening in Har Ki Pauri By Abhijit Bose

To describe the rich cultural tradition of India, it would be incomplete if “Ganga Aarti” of Har Ki Pauri is not mentioned. In fact it is the heritage any Indian could take pride in.

Exclusive interview with Reza, the photographer of just causes

Reza is a person with his light and one of the best-known photographers in the world, he has shot his camera capturing the beauty and war, for the National Geographic and other prestigious international media such as Time, Stern, Newsweek, El País, Paris-Match, Geo.

Solitude(s) by Antoine Buttafoghi

My work revolves around loneliness, even solitude, so many and varied. Loneliness is also the realm of photographers. For if love belongs to the poet, the novelist’s fear, loneliness belongs entirely to the photographer.

Naked Notes, Nude photography by Andreas Theologitis

Andreas Theologitis try to go beyond a mere study of the human body. These images, similar to his former works, turn insistently around the exploration of particular aspects of the nude.

Exclusive interview with Scott Kelby

We had the honour of being able to interview Scott Kelby; a highly expected interview that we now have the pleasure of being able to publish in Dodho Magazine. Without any doubt, currently, Scott Kelby is one of the best photographers, with an incredible mastery of colour and light.

Dear Japanese: Children of war by Miyuki Okuyama

The Netherlands made contact with the Indonesian archipelago in the 16th century. Over three hundred years of contact with the Dutch gave rise to a population of Indo-Europeans—Dutch citizens sharing both European and Asian ancestry.

Tales of a City II, Street Photography by Seigar

Tales of a City II  is an urban series made of individual tales from London, in 2017.  Each image captures a photo-narrative. It is a set of street photography. Most of them are spontaneous instants.

Yonder, A poetic visual narrative by Jenny Papalexandris

The Yonder Series traces a poetic visual narrative along the Amtrak Crescent line from Penn Station in NYC to New Orleans in Louisiana. The thirty-hour train journey induces deep reverie and contemplation.

Jacob Riis; How the Other Half Lives

Jacob Riis photographed his masterpiece, seventeen photographs published in 1890 under the title “How the Other Half Lives.” The book discovers the wild social inequalities existing in the city

Robert Frank and The Americans, the book that changed documentary photography.

The Americans is the greatest work of Robert Frank is an undeniable fact, not only it became one of the most influential books in the photography history, but it reinvents completely the way you look and tackle any photographic project building the pillars of the new documentary photography.

Zurumbático by Luis Cobelo

Someone who acts in a foolish way. A ninny, bewildered, slow, somber, melancholic, enigmatic, half-drunk, half-mad, and with bad temper. A trance-like sensation.

NYC Photography by Jan Stojkovic

My project NYC is a series of photographs of everyday street life in one of the most iconic cities in the world. I use photography to tell stories about ordinary people in their everyday environment.

Valkyrie Inc by Reka Nyari

It touches a visceral urge to fortify ourselves, to add a shield to our vulnerable body. Nyari’s series Valkyrie Ink portrays Eowyn, a young woman who endured a great deal of trauma since her childhood and who

The changes of Maïdan by Thomas Girondel

In 2017 I decide to see Maïdan again. The war has since broken out in the Donbass, a new president is in power, while the nationalist parties have moved closer to the new government.

Perpetual Motif by George Vogiatzakis

A vicious circle. A perpetual motif, whose beginning may be in the photo shooting, in the previous unanswered question that I had raised or in the phrasing of the question itself. A paradoxical, a tormenting process.

The Dance behind the Mask by Pritam Dutta

In Purulia Chhau dancers wear large stylised masks while performing and hence the evolving of Chhau Mask making. This dance form is predominantly seen in the states of Odissa, West Bengal and Jharkhand

Le Temps des fleurs by Thomas H.P. Jerusalem

One of the strongest arguments against photography as an art form is the ability of a viewer to simply and quickly take in all of the aspects of a photo, and move on.

Reka Nyari ; Limited Edition Fine Art Photography Book

The book features over 80 photos, most of them never before seen online nor in print. Each edition is carefully numbered and signed by the artist. This book will only be printed once, and is limited to 500 copies +25AP

Errance Urbaine by Xavier Rey

The work of Xavier Rey is in the early years focused on landscape photography, mainly in long exposure and tends more and more to be part of a research and study on blur.

Inside the camera bag of Lucio Farina

Usually I carry all the gear I describe above, sometimes I rent another camera so it’s easiest to change from a focal to another.
Battery chargers, straps, cleaning kit and travel plug adaptor.

Olympe Tits : A different photographic vision

My work is an infinite going on of pictures that are all explaining the same. The characters will always been put in an new space with new impulses and new colors.Olympe’s dance experience helps her to achieve a different photographic vision.

Luma Koklova ; There are types of beauty that eschew prettiness

The stories of the street are mine,the Spanish voices laugh. The Cadillacs go creeping now through the night and the poison gas, and I lean from my window sill in this old hotel I chose,yes one hand on my suicide, one hand on the rose.

Still Beating by Tom Chambers

Narrative Art refers to visual imagery which tells stories, engages the imagination, and stirs the emotions. These stories transcend culture and are relatable to all.

Silence of breath by Yoko Naito

Once we all,  animals and humans – lived in harmony on the same land. Animals stayed on the land and adapted. Whereas we, humans, left this land to build our civilizations.

Message from the Aral – Documentary Photography by Iulia Galushina

Scientist from Kazakhstan Boris Smerdov is 77 years old. Half a lifetime he has spent “deeply worried about” the Aral Sea. On retirement, the scientist has been descrambling the secret signs he discovered at the bottom of the Aral Sea.

Hidden Souls – Street Photography by Omri Shomer

It is said that the eyes are the window to our souls. Studies show, through their eyes, it is possible to know everything about a person. When people are sad or worried

Reka Nyari ; Valkyrie Ink

New York (March 1 – April 15, 2018) Emmanuel Fremin Gallery is pleased to present Valkyrie Ink, an exhibition of new large-scale grisaille photographs by Reka Nyari.

Anatomy of a Photograph by Sandro Giordano

That day there were some big clouds moving fast. When I understood that one of them was going to cover the sun, I hurried to put the model in position and tidying up the props around her. After that I ran to get ready to shoot.

Cuba by Raquel Carro

She has dedicated her life to the visual arts, her greatest passion. “Rhythms of a new open Cuba” is a visual narrative of Cuba today. She spent three months travelling around the island staying with locals and sharing experiences with them.

Twilight Time by Zedd

In The Old Testament it has been told that the woman was created from one piece of Adam’s rib. How does woman come into existance? What is the difference of woman from man?

Breathing Skin Series by Luiza Boldeanu

Luiza Boldeanu (Marinas) is a well-known Romanian photographer, specialized in portrait, documentary and fine art photography. She started photography in 2007 when she decided to capture in images.

The land by Michał Konrad

I have worked on “The land” project for the last one and a half years. All photos in the project are my self-portraits. I took photographs in vicinity of the town where I was born and live to this day. The project is a record of my emotions to the place where I have my roots.

Anatomy of a Photograph by Loreal Prystaj

The only postproduction on the photo is a little boost in the contrast and vibrancy.  The effect with the mirror is 100% captured in-camera, by holding an actual mirror, experimenting with different angles, and waiting for the correct lighting.

Nocturnes by S. Gayle Stevens and Judy Sherrod

Our Nocturnes series began as an experiment, an adventure, a collaboration. A pinhole camera-maker and a wet-plate collodion artist collaborated to produce mammoth plate tintypes, echoing the work and process of the early survey photographers.

Fall and get up by Michele Petit

Falling and get up … or from gesture suspended to rebirth … Having discovered 2 or 3 years ago – thanks to an artistic collaboration – the company World Tricot, company specializing in luxury knitwear, which worked for the great couturiers

Michal Baran ; Beauty & Fashion Photography

Michał Baran was born and raised in Poland, graduating in computer science, he worked as a web-master, graphic designer and developer, but his greatest passion has always been photography. 

Underneath the clothes by Lucie Nechanicka

This series of photographs represents nudity in a pure and natural way. It is something innate that has always been here, and always will be.