Hakim Boulouiz ; Street Photography

Hakim Boulouiz ; Street Photography

Hakim Boulouiz is a street photographer with a deep passion for urban territories. The city captivates him, fascinates him, amuses him, but it also shakes him up, troubles him and preoccupies him.

Roma neighborhoods in Belgrade, Serbia

Legally Invisible by Oliver Weber

Though many Roma were born e.g. in Serbia or have lived in Serbia for decades, many continue to be unsuccessful in proving their identity, registering their birth or acquiring citizenship and are ‘Legally Invisible’.

New House by Wilfred Lim

New House by Wilfred Lim

Wilfred Lim lived and grew up in a small fishing village at the seaside in Pengerang, Southern Malaysia for 18 years before pursuing education in Singapore.

Earth | Zoe Wetherall

Earth by Zoe Wetherall

The beauty of Zoe Wetherall’s work is in the structured geometry of natural and man-made forms – a natural fit for a little girl who wanted to be a bricklayer when she grew up.


The White Whale by Robert Darch

Born in Birmingham, 1979, Robert Darch is photographer, educator & curator based in the South West of England. He holds a MA with distinction in Photography & the Book and an MFA with distinction in Photographic Arts from Plymouth University.

Alex Righetti | People and Culture

Alex Righetti ; People and Culture

Alex was born in Italy in 1989. A positive and energetic guy who started his personal enrichment travelling and living in different places and living with locals. The people met along his Life are still kept inside like a treasure.


Dwelling 999 by Pietro Sorano

Singh is an Indian boy of 33 years, worker in a barn. He lives in a camper (positioned in front of the workplace), earns 700 Euros per month but spends about 300 for eating / survive.


The South Wind in February by Kazunori Nagashima

The first heavy south wind of this year roared on that sunny afternoon. The spring-ushering wind did not give room to think about anything, but only a consciousness not to fall down to the ground.


Surreal Architecture by Matthias Jung

Collages have fascinated Matthias Jung ever since he was a child. It all began in the photo lab of his father. With scissors and glue, the rst fantastic build- ings were made. Basically, he doesn’t do anything differently nowadays.


My Hearth is An Animal by Katarzyna & Marcin Owczarek

Telling stories is a part of our fine art photography project based on surrealistic imagery. Our new series titled “My Hearth is An Animal” brings elaborate compositions combining human and animal elements.

Maslenitsa | Svetlana Naikele

Maslenitsa by Svetlana Makoveeva

Maslenitsa is one of the oldest Slavic holidays, which has its origins in pagan traditions. In the folk calendar of the Eastern Slavs, the celebration marks the border of winter and spring. It is the analogy of the carnival in European countries.

Downside Up | Alva Bernadine

Downside Up by Alva Bernadine

In my new conceptual series is entitled Downside Up, I literally turn photography on its head because they were all shot while I was suspended upside down.


Wedding day by Mikhail Ekadomov

The visual code of a wedding in the post-soviet states reflects in general a desire to show some sort of grand scale, some material prosperity.

Malleus Maleficarum | Mitar Terzic

Malleus Maleficarum by Mitar Terzic

The book Malleus Malleficarum was written by two Dominicans theologs, Heinrich Kramer and Jacobus Sprenger in 1468 and officials approved by Papa Inocencio VIII.

Alecja | Persona | André Sanchez

Persona by André Sanchez

André Sanchez is an independant Illustrator/Photographer who grew up in Bordeaux and now based in Paris, France, since 2000.

Urban Tapestry | Wing Chan

Urban Tapestry by Wing Chan

Entering the world of Wing Chan’s photomontages is the beginning of a visual adventure. His unique and stimulating images encourage you to take a closer look at the environment of the city.


AQAL Views by Pygmalion Karatzas

‘AQAL Views’ is a series of urban waterscapes from United States by architect and photographer Pygmalion Karatzas.

My Wonderland | KireevArt

My Wonderland by KireevArt

Photography certifies experience and at the same time narrows – limiting him to searches of photogenic, turning experience into the image, into a souvenir.

Life and culture in Ethiopia | Trevor Cole

Life and culture in Ethiopia by Trevor Cole

These images are a cross section of the diversity of life and culture in Ethiopia. The tribes of the Omo valley, the Afar of the Danakil desert and the Orthodox christians of the highlands.

© Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson / Magnum Photos, Courtesy Peter Fetterman Gallery

Henri Cartier-Bresson at Leica Gallery

San Francisco (Jan 18 – Mar 31, 2017) The Gallery at Leica Store San Francisco, in collaboration with Peter Fetterman Gallery, is excited to announce its upcoming exhibition, Henri Cartier-Bresson.


Street Photography by Paul-Olivier Doury

Paul-Olivier Doury is a French photographer born in 1964 in Bourges, who’s been working for advertising agencies for 30 years in Paris. Beside his professional work he developped a personnal approach on photography through a first research on the movement with images taken in Japan and NYC.

Martin Grabner | Timepiece

Martin Grabner ; Timepiece

In the long-termed, ongoing work “Timepiece” Austrian photographer Martin Grabner is in search of the Lacanian imaginary in architecture and space. The photographs show places and constructions that contain

In Memory | Katty Nucera

In Memory by Katty Nucera

Vietnam, officially known as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, has approximately 89,708,900 inhabitants. If well the Vietnamese population is largely composed of young (in 1989 39% of Vietnamese were under 15 years old) is a culturally unified nation.

frog | Photo manipulation | Sulaiman Almawash

Photo manipulation by Sulaiman Almawash

Photo manipulation is a mix of photography and graphic design. Combining lot of elements and create an unique image. It requires lot of creative skills, is a great source for inspiration and its always great fun and joy when you work on particular concept.

I found these girls playing at the former railway station. They are not permitted to be photographed in public by a stranger, but liked my attention. So they came up with this solution. Many Moroccan and Turkish adolescent girls struggle with their identity in Western society. They need to be obedient, caring and humble according to their own traditions and protect the honour of the family.

I Believe / A portrait of Bressoux by HJ Hunter

‘I Believe’ is a portrait of Bressoux, a multireligious suburb of Liège in Belgium. To me Bressoux is the world in a nutshell. Muslims live together with Kurds, Jezidi’s, Italians, African Christians and Syrian Orthodox on less then a square mile.

Antiques and Beer | Texas Relics | Steve Knight

Texas Relics by Steve Knight

This definition forms the foundation of the photography series Texas Relics by Steve Knight. The photos attempt to represent his interpretation of this definition through the following criteria: preserved history; a stasis that has resulted in decline; a rejuvenation of things once lost


Five minutes with Jose Girl

Jose Girl was born in Zaragoza in 1977, currently residing in Los Angeles; as a photographer she is intimately related to the rock world. Author of 3 books on this photography subject, her great vocation is portrait photography where she develops her full potential as an artist with a unique look endowing her images with a strong personal stamp

Dogfaith | Lost memories | Marcel van Balken

Lost memories by Marcel Van Balken

Marcel van Balken is a self-taught photographer from the Netherlands for about 40 years. His photography has been published all over the world in photo magazines & books, on calendars, on television and the internet.


Zen of decay by Anastasia Sofos

Photographer, Anastasia Sofos takes us on a feast of urban decay from Northern California to the heart of the beauteous, sublime, trailer park wasteland of a paradise, The Salton Sea.

Just a simple glance trapped in an image | Joxe Inazio Kuesta

Joxe Inazio Kuesta ; Just a simple glance trapped in an image?

This reality can be a landscape for some, a portrait for others, a building for others, etc. … In my case, the type of photography I do is street photography and documentary, and the main goal of almost all of them is the human being, and more specifically their glances.

May 2014

Commuting by Lilyan Aloma

It is of great significance that the word ‘commute’ has an added meaning; to commute is to change one kind of payment or obligation for another, that being the underlying factor in my becoming a commuter passenger.


Herbarium by Guillaume d’Hubert

graphic research, based on the forces linescreated by nature to allow the plants to ensure their survival and to replicate themselves.

Intimate New York | Andreas Theologitis

Intimate New York by Andreas Theologitis

“Intimate New York” represents for him another view to the architecture of NYC. An hommage to architecture and womans body.


Birth of a ship: Book Announcement

This is a book far from a project one would normally label documentary; I am hesitant to describe the images even as still lives; this is too immobile a term.

Tomasz Margol | Street Photography

Tomasz Margol ; Street Photography

This is probably the first time in history, such a large-scale project of photographic exhibitions and art, in general, took place in urban space.

My mum | Viet Van Tran

My mum by Viet Van Tran

I started photographing my mother at the time she became seriously ill, (ten month ago) and continued shooting until my mother will get better, until now. I want to fix some moments forever, not only in my mind and heart, but alsoin a concrete and tangible shape.

Homemade | Adele Schelling

Homemade by Adele Schelling

The initial drive for Homemade is the stubborn desire the artist has felt to grow roots in the U.S.A, having moved to NYC from Switzerland a little over a year ago. There are a variety of ways to ground oneself into a different culture

In conversation with camels | Abhishek Dasgupta

In conversation with camels by Abhishek Dasgupta

For ages, camels have been a useful and revered animal among the people of UAE. This project attempts to dwelve into the relationship between the animal and the people, beyond the camel safari and camel race

David Gleave | Candid camera captures Manchester Street life

David Gleave ; Candid camera captures Manchester Street life

Manchester photographer David Gleave has collated a number of striking images for his debut publication, In The City. As the title implies, Gleave’s primary theme is the characters and scenes to be found at the heart of our larger urban communities.


Disconnected by Alice de Kruijs

Often we reach to nature to find peace of mind and think about our lives. It makes us stronger and self confience. This connection is very strong, but there is a down side to this.

Promised Land | Michał Konrad

Promised Land by Michael Konrad

Michael Konrad (birth name Michael Smuda) born 02.10.1983 year in Wodzislaw Slaski, Poland. Conteptual photographer, self-portraitist. He is married and has three daughters.

The Butterfly Effect | Matthieu Colnat

The Butterfly Effect by Matthieu Colnat

This is the story of a puppet discovering life inside of her through the world around her, and becoming a real woman. Puppets and dolls are artefacts of childhood.

Ride Or Die | Maya Smira

Ride Or Die by Maya Smira

The photographs expose a new social phenomenon that is growing in the remote and wild south and north of the California, of a new generation of “fower children”, also called hippies or “pirates”.


Alienated by Pietro Sorano

We are increasingly alienated from TV and technology. We’re like “detached” from time, engraved into a sterile monotony, and suspended in a sobering reality.

Bin Uthup | City-Monochrome

Bin Uthup ; City-Monochrome

Binoy Uthup is a City, Architecture, Interior, Landscape and Wildlife photographer who uses techniques such as Digital Blending, HDR, multiple exposures, vertical panorama, etc., to create unique looking images.

Accents and form
 | Dasha Matrosova

Accents and form
 by Dasha Matrosova

Spots, lines, shapes , shadows and lights …- all that is about graphics which I want to talk about. Every photographer has personal features and unique style of shooting. Everyone has strong and weak sides.


This Is Not a Tower by Denis Esakov

The story is old: iconic objects crumble into dust or, at best, provide a suitable background for selfies. One dramatic fall from grace has been particularly striking: the shift from tower

Girls in the village of Baluwa, Gorkha District. Near the epicentre of the 2015 earthquake which killed 9,000 people.

Stranded by Szymon Barylski

In 2015 (2072) Nepal was destroyed by two powerful earthquakes. The first one measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale struck on 25 April, another 17 days later, i.e. on 12 May. These earthquakes killed nearly 9,000 people, destroying over 600,000 homes.


Pure silence of White by Tatsiana Tsyhanova

Tatsiana Tsyhanova found her passion for photography at the age of 17 when she received her first Polaroid camera. She knew from the moment she took her first picture that was her part of life.

Marching the MacLehose | Ethan Lo

Marching the MacLehose by Ethan Lo

Ethan Lo is a Hong Kong based photographer. His photography focuses on land use and environment, he uses photography to document time and changes of the landscapes,

Invasion | Andrey Semenov

Invasion by Andrey Semenov

Earth equally soaks up temple and shit. Close your eyes for a minute, and cities surrounding you will disappear. So-called artefacts, like buildings, highways, airports or shopping malls, which are considered to be the proof of superiority of certain species of this planet.

Emptiness by Emmanuel Monzon

Emptiness by Emmanuel Monzon

The work of Emmanuel Monzon focuses primarily on the idea of urban sprawling and the urban expansion of its periphery. Monzon photographs urban banality as though it were a romantic painting, trying only to be “stronger than this big nothing” in controlling the space by framing the subject.

Dulcis Domus | Mirna Pavlovic

Dulcis Domus by Mirna Pavlovic

Dulcis Domus is an ongoing project that documents the many abandoned villas, palaces and castles found across the urban and rural areas of Europe. Theirs is a different reality than our own.

After the Firebird | Ekaterina Vasilyeva

After the Firebird by Ekaterina Vasilyeva

Russian village is rapidly sinking into oblivion. The sad statistics shows that in Russia over the last two decades almost 25 thousands rural settlements disappeared with the map of Russia.


Howard Schatz ; 25 years

Moscow (19 Jan – 12 Mar 2017) Howard Schatz is an award-winning photographer who has received international acclaim for his portrait photography and work in various genres including studies of dancers, athletes, and human body.

Enrique Metinides, Untitled arrest C. 1952 , © Enrique Metinides

Enrique Metinides ; The Mexican photographer

London (9 Feb – 24 Mar 2017) From 1948 until his forced retirement in 1979, the Mexican photographer Enrique Metinides took thousands of images and followed hundreds of stories in and around Mexico City

Discus | Terence Bogue | Nude Photography

Discus by Terence Bogue

There is an awkward element in beauty that raises it from the bland to the intriguing. I am constantly intrigued by façade, costume, uniform and adornment – their role in perception and prejudice.

Floating | Kicki Lundgren

Floating by Kicki Lundgren

Floating is my most recent project published by the publishing company Journal, Gösta Flemming, at Polycopiés in Paris this year. The whole thing started in the beginning of the 90s when I photographed a man at a local swimming facility with my newly purchased Nikon AW.

The Capsule | Shyue Woon

The Capsule by Shyue Woon

Located in Ginza, a prime district in Tokyo – Nagakin Tower is a 13 storeys Tower designed by Kisko Korawara in 1972. The tower has set the aesthetics typical of architectural dystopias.

Soap opera |  Fang Tong

Soap opera by Fang Tong

The soap opera format is a form of performance which most appropriately reflects a current state of life. The stage is always full of charm for me.

Wardrobe by Yulia Artemyeva

Wardrobe by Yulia Artemyeva

Food, home, clothes, taken in their broad anthropological sense, serve as a continuation of human corporeality and the closest zone of our self projection.

Necropolis - A City dying of Pollution | Zahir Abbas

Necropolis- A City dying of Pollution by Zahir Abbas

India is facing a severe pollution threat with daily average figure crossing the “severe” or even “Hazardous” marks a set by WHO. Unfortunately, no one seems to care as this ghostly poisonous air engulfs us in a deathly hug. Every day a bit tighter.

Marie Antoinette revisited | Rob Linsalata

Marie Antoinette revisited by Rob Linsalata

Marie Antoinette was, in every way, the pop superstar of her time. At the age of 14, she became a ripe offering of peace as the promised bride to young king-to-be, Louis XVI.

Michael O. Snyder ; The River, The Moon, and I

Michael O. Snyder ; The River, The Moon, and I

Everything that exists, exists in motion. What seems to be the most permanent, the mountains, the trees, the moon in the night sky, is decidedly not. “The mountains”, says Dogen “are walking.


True Fiction by Nashalina Schrape

This project attempts to make sense of a world that can at once be beautiful, uncertain, fragile and frightening. Like fairytales, I hope my photographs inspire awe, otherworldliness, and mystery.

Empire of the Third Dimension by Simon Butterworth

Empire of the Third Dimension by Simon Butterworth

Simon Butterworth first became interested in Hong Kong’s high-rise residential buildings during a month long visit in 2013. It wasn’t his first trip to HK but it was the first time he had explored the outer reaches of the city where most of the large housing schemes are situated.

Freckles | Zuzu Valla

Freckles by Zuzu Valla

My grandfather was a keen amateur photographer shooting amazing black and white photographs. I always admired other photographersí work, never thinking that one day I would follow my grandfatherís footsteps.

Jimmy Nelson | Before they pass away (Part II)

Jimmy Nelson ; Before they pass away (Part II)

Brussels (9 Dec 2016 – 25 Mar 2017) A year after the international success of Jimmy Nelson’s Before They Pass Away exhibition, La Photographie Galerie is delighted to bring you his new exhibition, Before They Pass Away Part II.

Fetish Balland | MagLau

Fetish Ballad by MagLau

MagLau has just released his new book Fetish Ballad with German publisher Verlag Kettler. It is the result of a three years’ road trip into the underground world of Tokyo, Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels and Berlin.

Afromexican healers for the Costa Chica | Annick Donkers

Afromexican healers by Annick Donkers

At the end of last year my attention was drawn to the coastal region of Guerrero known as Costa Chica, located to the south of Acapulco.

Circus Roncalli – Behind the Curtain | Christina Czybik

Circus Roncalli – Behind the Curtain by Christina Czybik

The flavor of Popcorn is blowing through the historic circus wagons – probably every other text about the visit to a circus starts with these words. I am smiling, but it is the first thing that I am sensing, too.

Toys | Boguslawa Trela

Toys by Boguslawa Trela

The idea of these photographs, was born out of my anxiety, caused by striking, socially fully accepted overconsumption. Nowadays, the excess in my country becomes a norm, people buy more and more, ignoring individual, social and ecological costs.

A walk to Remember | Amit Paul

A walk to Remember by Amit Paul

Kolkata Rainbow Pride Walk is a movement for equal rights for people of diverse gender, expressions and sexual identities has seen some very contrasting developments in the past couple of years in India.


Minors of Human ; A photography exhibition by Anik Rahman

Bangladesh (5-14 January, 2017) Experience the journey of Anik Rahman, as he walks through life and immerses himself into humanitarian stories both inside and outside the borders of Bangladesh through his solo exhibition.


December 2016 : Most Popular Photographers

The Most Popular Photographers published in Dodho Magazine. The great stories by June Korea, Ole Marius Joergensen, Kai Nagayama, Jady Bates and Krisztina Laki .

Sleep paralysis | Nicolas Bruno

Sleep paralysis by Nicolas Bruno

Sleep paralysis is an experience in which the individual becomes conscious and is left immobile in a state between being awake and asleep.

The Pasar Palam | Aryan Pramudito

The Pasar Malam by Aryan Pramudito

It was a rainy dusk in Jakarta, on mid December 2016. Me and my family went to a Pasar Malam, a local Night Festival in Jakarta.

June Korea | Still Lives: Eva

June Korea – Still Lives: Eva

I began photographing dolls in 2001 to listen to their voices, and see their secret lives once again as I did in my childhood. And after a few years of inviting them into a photographic world I staged, I started asking myself, “Why do I really photograph dolls?”

A Certain Distance | Philip LePage

A Certain Distance by Philip LePage

25 years ago I woke up in a hospital with no memory of how I had gotten there. A Certain Distance is an ongoing series of images exploring the things I haven’t been able to say to anyone.

From the Bottom to the Hilltop | Theo Gould

From the Bottom to the Hilltop by Theo Gould

13th November 1985 was Colombia’s worst natural disaster. The volcano Nevado del Ruiz erupted near the towns of Armero, Chinchiná and Villamaría, killing around 23,000 people.


Urban portraits by Jan Møller Hansen

Dhaka city is one of the fastest growing mega cities in the World. The population is more than 15 million and every day some 400,000 people are settling in and around city in hope of creating a new livelihood and find jobs.

El fin del mundo | Britt Vangenechten

El fin del mundo by Britt Vangenechten

Shipwrecks and Indians, fire and water, these and other images evoke the mystery and legends surrounding Tierra del Fuego. It’s a vast archipelago of thousands of islands, at the very bottom of the earth.

winner of 4th Ozone Zone Salon soon

Krisztina Laki ; An emotive standpoint

Krisztina Laki, a mother of three children lives in Kaposvar, close to the southern border of Hungary. Like many lovers of photography, Krisztina was creatively inclined from childhood.

You as angel | Jady Bates

You as angel by Jady Bates

This series depicts the process we all go through in learning to love oneself. It is an awkward, joyful, illuminating, exhausting, humorous and messy affair. Rapprochement is a word I believe approaches this state.

Honger Li | Survival and Faith

Honger Li ; Survival and Faith

Poverty, backwardness, prosperity, prosperity is not the essence of human existence! Thousands of years of prosperity embodies a nation’s self-confidence, perseverance!

The highest state of morality | Sotiris Tsagatakis

The highest state of morality by Sotiris Tsagatakis

603 Syrian refugees were on hunger strike in Syntagma square, that lasted for approximately a month, demanding basic travel documents in order to make their way into Europe.

The barks must have been still; 
as still as the masts caged in a line, 
like the soldiers in a strike, 
by the wall, for ever.

Awakening of a morning by Sourav Sil

There is no alarm clock anymore on the shelf. The phone alarm breaks under the pillow, somewhere into the oblivion of sleep and the ignorance of time.

Bulgarian Roma in Greece | Vaggelis Kousioras

Bulgarian Roma in Greece by Vaggelis Kousioras

There is a large increase in Greece of Bulgarian Roma, who because of short distances come in the country by car. The Bulgarian Roma are EU citizens and have the same rights with the other citizens.

Nikola Olic ; Architectural Photography

Nikola Olic ; Architectural Photography

I´m a Serbian photographer living and working in Dallas, Texas, focusing on architectural photography and abstract structural quotes that reimagine their subjects in playful, dimensionless and disorienting ways.


The Balkan Photo Award 2016 is now open for entries

Like in the previous years, the Organizing Board of the Balkan Photo Festival (BPF) has now announced a call for entries to its photo contest for the selection of the best photographs in the past year called the Balkan Photo Award 2016

Bandage Portrait | Kai Nagayama

Bandage Portrait by Kai Nagayama

This series I named Bandage Portraits. It is meant to explore the state of emotional destruction and resilience. It is so easy to be ignorant to your own feelings even though you are aware of them.

Portraits | Ozark Henry | Joaquin Cortes

Portraits by Barbara Oizmud

Barbara Oizmud was born in Pescara in 1977. From 2003 to 2006 she worked as a cartoonist collaborating on projects with RAI, a major Italian TV station.


Portals by Olga Rook

Olga Rook had always been intrigued by intangible matters such as time. She went on to study history and obtained her master’s and then PhD degrees in the Mediaeval and Early Modern history and did research in Renaissance culture.

Swee Oh ; Street Photography

Swee Oh ; Street Photography

Swee Oh is an internationally acclaimed fine art photographer, based in San Francisco, California.She is originally from Malaysia.Her work is focused in her two favorite genres of photography.