Boat Hull by Michele Dragonetti

My recent work has been focused primarily on my Boat Hull series, which began in the marinas of Montauk, NY where I was drawn to boats that were out of the water and in need of repair.

Sanghamitra Sarkar ; Bondas-Children of the nature

The Bonda tribes are most primitive tribe of India who live in the isolated hill regions of the Malkangiri district of southwestern Odisha, India, near the junction of the three states of Odisha, Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh. The Bonda are a scheduled tribe of India, known for their unique culture and traditions.

The Photography of Florin Ion Firimitã

When I finished my first novel, about one year ago, besides a sense of relief (I spent over a decade working on it), I wondered if there were any readers left in the world. At a very basic level, my book is a story about a photographer who needs a rebirth.

Scars by Ljubica Denkovic

Creation is either passion or nothing. The middle way might be safe, but it is also the most uninteresting of them all. My affection towards the extremes cannot help itself but to ask: How do I commit myself completely, how do I fully dive into the creation?

Lanzarote by A.Olle’ Coderch

It was’nt the first time that the island was faced with strong changes in its morphology, although unlike the one that nature itself in the garden of Yaiza led to bury it under the black mantle of lava, entered the night of that September 1, 1730 when the earth opened up

The Visible City by Giuliana Mariniello

The title of the portfolio has been inspired to Italo Calvino’s book, Invisible Cities, described by Marco Polo to Kublai Kan: an atlas of fantasy cities with women’s names. It has also to do with the predominant visual aspect of contemporary cities.

Riad Mirage Club by Loïc Vendrame

Riad Mirage Club is the fifth volume of the long-term and ongoing documentary project Future Rust, Future Dust (2016 – ), which aims to analyse the urban and architectural impact of the last world financial crisis and the burst of the real estate bubble. 

Haunted Souls by Andreas Theologitis

The latest from Andreas Theologitis is a study of the human body. His photographic work turns insistently around the exploration of particular aspects of the nude, where aesthetics are combined with an almost ideological dimension.

Guardian by Yulia Artemyeva

The village is the cradle of the Russian civilization. This is where it has its roots. It has preserved its primeval soul, pure and simple. Through centuries of building a unique eco-system, it has turned into a self-sufficient organism living by its own rules and customs.

Heroes for a day by Juan Rodriguez Morales

When the writer Jerry Siegel and the cartoonist Joe Shuster created Superman in 1933, they did not imagine that their character, dressed in his blue suit and with his cloak in the wind, would become a planetary icon.

Uchilishte by Alexander Dumarey

Ever since 1989, the year communism fell, the Bulgarian population has been in decline. Over the span of 26 years the country has gone from a population of 9 million to something closer to 7 million.

Interview with Olivier Robert

Interview with Olivier Robert

But once I got it in my hands, I couldn’t tell any difference between your laser-printed edition and a traditional magazine. The highlights, midtones and shadows are perfectly balanced.

On the way to happy marriage by Anna Shulyatieva

In modern Russian society, where there is a cult of youth, beauty and overconsumption, the old are left behind.The aged person is associated in the collective consciousness rather with poverty, disability and abandonment than with welfare, peace and love.

Ten Thousand Fish-eye Lens! By Raju Peddada

Water! The cytoplasm inside of our cells is water. Life took shape in water, and is dependent on it. One oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms constitute what we refer to as “H2O.” Oxygen is very electronegative.

Behind these walls by Brett Leigh Dicks

Empty prisons are eerie places. Each prison has its own history, character, and stories to tell, but so too does every cell.

Interview with Adelīna Darviņa

Interview with Adelīna Darviņa

I think it`s a great platform for young artists to rise higher in their career and get recognition from other institutions.

Limen by Katlijn Blanchaert

A dark wood. A dead heart. A face hidden behind a latex canvas gasping for breath in vain. In her photographic  material Katlijn Blanchaert is looking up the edges of the volcano.

Takako Fukaya ; Metamorphose-Transformation

In this series, I am photographing my eldest daughter who is turning 13. She lives a good life, lacking in nothing, and I see her growing daily, mentally and physically, from her gestures, words, and attitudes.

Still life by Stefania Piccioni

Inspired by the Golden Age of Dutch painting, Stefania Piccioni tries to recreate the feel of classic still lifes in his photography. His work is painstakingly assembled from shots of Fruits taken with the same lighting,

Walk like a Calcuttan by Anirban Mandal

Calcutta (new name Kolkata) is a great city of India since late 17th century, enriched with history ,culture ,infrastructure  and cosmopolitan environment.

Identity under construction by Camille Szklorz

Western Sahara is the last remaining colony in Africa.Formerly a Spanish colony, it is bordered by Morocco, Mauritania and Algeria and was illegally annexed by Morocco in 1975.

Interview with Stefanie Minzenmay

Interview with Stefanie Minzenmay

Once again the work of different photographers has been very well chosen and combined in this 04 edition, which is a perfect visual and haptic completion to the online dodho magazine.

Nortigo by Pygmalion Karatzas

Architectonic abstractions from contemporary design and cityscapes’ is an exercise in shifting points of view as a gesture to reveal new and interesting information, compositions and feelings from spaces

The water dreams by Patricia Ackerman

In the literature we can find references of water as a symbol of life (when water flows), like death (in stagnant waters), for purification, personification of the soul and of the Great Gods and also as a step of life.

Various moments of religious ritual by Efrat Sela

I am curious about the wide variety of religious ceremonies and events that take place in the State of Israel. This is a partial cluster of different religions and cultures, all deeply convinced in their way.

Ensemble by Varvara Shinkarenko

I’m a self-taught photographer, originally coming from Russia. I’m not a great talker, so trying to explain and express the way I see the world around me through the lens. Photography for me is a unique type of art. 

Electricity in Pakistani schools by Andrea Francolini

Imagine a 5 year old child walking into a dark room. It is dark, dirty and the only place to sit down is on the floor. Would you send your child to school in those conditions? Yet many people around the world do and this especially true for children in northern Pakistan.

Victor Gualda ; Street Photography

My photography seeks the Truth in city streets in an attempt at liberation from the artificiality of television, film or advertising. My goal is to capture an urban landscape and the people who live in and pass through it.

Anirban Mandal ; What if…

Human subconscious is still relatively an unexplored country and a powerhouse of almost unlimited potential. Mind is the fastest thing that can travel crossing any boundaries. It could represent a whole new dimension.

Jennifer Orhélys ; Visual recreation of the unconscious

Jennifer Orhélys’s work also explores how human interact to natural space and captures the fragility of the natural environment. So she translates her relationship with the nature, in geometry, colors, and stagings of light.

Its a Kind of Magic KireevArt

This body of work is, to some extent, an alternative version or a continuation of the portfolio “Palette of Fantasies” presented to this contest as well. Therefore, it is possible to treat both portfolios in a similar way.

Chinese Opera by Tewfic El-Sawy

It is widely acknowledged that Chinese opera (Cantonese, Hokkien or Teochew) in Malaysia (and elsewhere) is on the wane due to the lack of interest from a younger generation.

Dazeley discovers London’s Theatres

As a born and bred Londoner and regular theatre goer, Dazeley had been intrigued to investigate and learn more about the history and what goes on behind the scenes in London’s amazing theatre buildings. 

Skin by Alberto Masala

This project, realized through the use of the drone, is inspired by the method of cataloging the use and covering of the soil known as the Coordination of Information of Environment, which was set up by the European Commission

Lee Atwell ; Color Street Photography

One of Lee Atwell’s best known street photographs is of a woman, walking away from her wearing angel wings and a beautiful silk white dress, through the streets of Seattle, United States.

Interview with Ivan Pushkin

Ivan Pushkin is Russian visual artist working at the intersection of photography and digital media and exploring the perception of reality by contemporary human and society. He graduated from Maxim Gorky Literature Institute and the School of Photography of Elena Sukhoveeva and Victor Khmel.

Ethnic diversity in the Horn of Africa by Trevor Cole

These images are taken in the Horn of Africa where the roots of humankind lie, and arguably is a region of the continent with one of the greatest ethnic diversities. The people are often tribal (Animist) in nature or have recently been converted from animism to Christianity or Islam.

Every day color by Steve Knight

Steve Knight became interested in photography 45 years ago after attending a college screening of the 1949 movie The Third Man.  Taken with the imagery, Steve sat through it twice and to this day cannot tell you what the film was about.  

Antonie by Liliana Pham

I have been a model since 2009. I’ve done it for more than 7 years. It was my hobby and I was building a network of contacts that have been useful for the field that I studied, which was Fashion design.

CUB by Tianqi Song

My work base on my memory and situation. I am keep wandering around, I aim for nothing, but for aimless experience and self atonement. I hope from my works, at least on my image perception

David Scouri; Street Photography

David Scouri 40, lives in Tel Aviv, creates photography series out of interest and understanding of the environment.My attraction and interest in photography started when I was 12, and kept taking picture of my family members

Brighton 67 by Thomas H.P. Jerusalem

Brighton wasn’t exactly the coolest place in England. “A lot of old people, mum!” So Taylor wasn’t too excited to visit her Grandma for the weekend, as a London girl, the seaside town wasn’t what she was looking for.

Northern Fort by Jelena Osmolovska

Series “Northen Fort” Was captured in Liepaja. It is about Historical error , the consequence was the destruction of fort. Karosta was constructed in 1890-1906 as a naval base for the Russian Tsar Alexander III

The Wolfsschanze by Chiara Raffo

The Wolfsschanze was the most famous and most used Führer Haupt Quartier of Hitler, who spent a lot of time there to coordinate the troops during the invasion of Russia.

Between Grief and Nothing by Sharbendu De

A mind traumatised by a tragic occurrence may enter a dystopian realm. Between Grief and Nothing is a crossover documentary series (2015 – 2016) that portrays a dystopian state of mind triggered by traumatic events like disasters.

Desert Car Wash by Markku Lahdesmaki

I found the focus of my latest project just down the road from my Palm Springs home. I was taking my car for a wash when I discovered a true gem in the desert, The Desert Hand Car Wash.

Shynesthesia by Diana Sokolíc

For more than 15 years I have been creating lumino-kinetic objects. They are made out of transparent Acrylic plates and colored LED-light. The light changes its color constantly so the objects never looks the same.

The Story Of one Family by Anna Galley

This story is about my grandmother. She is now 90 years old. She has 5 children, 10 grandchildren, and 5 great grandchildren. This story shows how one person is able to pull together a large family and keep  love in this family for many years.

Diamond Days by Manuel Armenis

The quintessential trait of the mundane is, of course, its lack of spectacle. It is recognizable to us, familiar, in its plainness and with its non-event-character. Due to those alleged properties it is a world that gets all too willingly labeled boring and banal.

Survival by Taylor Pool

What does it mean to survive, and what are we surviving from? With all people, in all different walks of life, we are survivors. Some are survivors from wars past and present, others from devastation, hardships, miseries, and misfortune; either physical, emotional, or mental.

Dialogues of Gogo and Didi by Alexander Chernavskiy

We know, long time, even though, but time is up, whole world will not save us from time of Godot, which is close and vague, implicit, out of voice, itching and harlotry, all life gushes out the skin, then a temptation without a body

Gilles Altieri director of Galerie Du Canon

The Galerie du Canon, founded in 2017 by Jacques Mikaélian and Gilles Altieri, represents contemporary and confirmed artists and develops a policy of promotion and support for young creation.

Thanking the Sun by Amlan Sanyal

“Chhath” is an ancient Hindu Vedic festival of prayer and purity observed with somberness and strict discipline. The Chhath Puja is dedicated to the Sun and his wife Usha in order to thank them for bestowing the bounties of life on earth and to request the granting of certain wishes.

It will have another title one day by Anna Block

In her ongoing project “It will have another title one day” Anna Block explores her experience of encounter with a place and her strong inspiration with it. In this work she constantly resorts to metaphor of a body

N.O.A.H by Tao Ho

Compared to the subject he photograph, he is more aware of the relationship between him and the photography. Sometimes it is close, sometimes opposites.

Woman + Wolf by Sisters Of The Woods

Reclaiming her power within, Woman + Wolf is the exploration into the wild woman archetype, a deep-rooted connection to self, spirit, nature and a woman’s innate wildness: the female psyche mirrored within the wolf.

Varanasi Ganga Aarti by Abhijit Bose

Varanasi is the oldest living city in the world. The artifacts found are proving that Varanasi (Benaras or Kashi- the other names) were existing from 1800 BCE!

Lost Values by Stefano Barattini

Seeking for lost values. Values of an Italian productive society downsized by the advent of outsurcing practices leading to the improvement of the tertiary sector, which replaces manufacturing most of the times.

The Experimental Self: Edvard Munch’s Photography

New York (21 Nov – 5 Mar 2018) The Experimental Self: Edvard Munch’s Photography, opening November 21, 2017 at Scandinavia House: The Nordic Center in America, brings the photographic work of the master painter to NYC for its first showing in the U.S.

Interview with the director of Galerie Thierry Bigaignon

Located in the thriving Upper-Marais in Paris, France and nested in a magnificent 17th century mansion, the gallery offers a true contemporary space which is both open to the outside and accessible to everyone

Nathan Wirth ; Twilight by the Sea(sons)

I first decided to pursue photography for many reasons: a love of black and white photography, a desire to reflect the silences of nature through imagery, and a wish to express a kind of visual poetry. 

Faubourg Treme by Alexis Pazoumian

There are many similarities between Louisiana and my country of origine, Armenia.That they are a victim of a natural disaster or a crime against humanity, a doggedness of the history

Voidness by Maria Kokunova

This project has become a visual expression of my pregnancy journey and experience of giving birth. I’ve been child free for a long time. But one day I’ve understood that something inside me has changed

Anatomy of a Photograph by Patrizia Piga

I used a still-life table, a Fatif studio stand with an Hasselblad 500CM on it, and a Leaf Mamiya digital back. Hasselblad 120 macro lens. The light came from Profoto Strobo Flashes. The image was edited with Photoshop CS6

Origins by Rachel Jump

Over the last year, my mother endured countless invasive and painful procedures after a doctor discovered multiple cysts during a mammogram. One morning, my mother complained of a deep ache emanating from her breasts.

Cosimo Manlio De Pasquale ; Photographer and Traveller

The passion for photography was born by traveling, for the need to freeze an emotion, to fix it forever and to have the chance to revive it, then matured also in an emotional quest for the daily life, but the journey gives me the opportunity to tell and remember the places through always unknown emotions,

Luca Tombolini ; LS X

Luca was born 1979 in Milan. He completed humanistic studies and then a degree in Sciences of Communication, with a major on visual rhetoric in Cinema in 2005.

Anatomy of a Photograph by Anja Matko

The equipment I used was my Canon 5D mark II with Canon EF 50 mm 1.4 USM lens. Considering that the photo is a self-portrait, I also used a tripod and a wireless trigger.

Suspended Cities – Portraits from the underground by Martino Chiti

This work is reflected in and transcends the images shot by Walker Evans in the New York subways in the 40’s. It doesn’t make reference to any specific place but to distant and different cities which appear here as if closed in one single space.

Milos Nejezchleb ; Conceptual Photography

Passion, endless space for dreaming, the ability to express and, last but not least, sense. All this is photography for me. My name is Miloš Nejezchleb and I am from Czech Republic.

The Anonymous Man by Lisa Saad

This series of images is based around the idea of a dreamscape. Each image represented itself to me in a flash, as a fleeting moment in full realisation or as a tone of color.

Keyhole by Erwin Olaf

This is what you see when peering through the keyhole of Erwin Olaf´s installation. A girl in a red coat sitting on the floor. A woman, with her back towards the camera.

Far North by Irene Tondelli

Far North by Irene Tondelli

“Old, wild, north. Kiruna is the northernmost town in Sweden, situated in the province of Lapland. More than a decade ago, the mining city of Kiruna made a big decision: to move itself brick by brick 3 km to the east.

Vertigo by Gihan Tubbeh

Vertigo is inhaled upon excess. The explosion of reality arises upon an anguish born under the physical encounter with things. Little happens on the ground, only from time to time emerges a horse, a soaring bird

Pleasure Island by Federico Arcangeli

Rimini is a town on the Adriatic coast, on the Italian east coast. A well-known tourist destination, it’s always been considered the capital of clubs and nightlife. It counts 150.000 inhabitants

First Call Out by Jen Davis

Since the publication of my first monograph “Eleven Years,” I found that most of what I wanted to say in this self-portrait series had been said, and I was interested in taking a break from the intensity of looking at my own body.

Sweet dreams by Tripod City

Photo collective “Tripod City”,  aka Charlie Kwai, Chris Lee & Paul Storrie travel abroad to challenge stereotypes and reveal a fresh, modern perspective on developing countries with their photography.

Seeking Beauty by Berber Theunissen

Berber Theunissen / These images are powerful and simultaneously stilled by the simplicity of their composition, their spherical colors, cuts, depth, claire-obscure, close cased shadows and overexposed segments.

Transposed by Sisters of the woods

To change a relative place, perception or normal order of… Transposed is an ongoing series of abstract monochromatic works expanding on notions of reality. 

Ghost Cars by Frédérick Carnet

Dresden  (Nov 7–Mar 4, 2018) When I met Frédérick Carnet, he was about to finish a work on the pilgrims of Camino Francès.

October 2017 : Most Popular Photographers

The Most Popular Photographers published in Dodho Magazine. The great stories by Ilva Beretta, Iwona Pinkowicz, Timo Heiny, Massimiliano Mozzano, Michael Seif, Ying Tang, Salvatore Matarazzo, Wojtek Ryzinski, Ken Hermann and Manuel Armenis

Places by Lisa Shalom

I live in Italy and my project is a collection of photos from places that I frequent regularly. From the Vatican to small shops around my neighborhood here in Sicily, these are the places that I have come to regard as home and are very familiar to me.

Barbara Hammer ; Truant: Photographs, 1970-1979

New York (22 Oct – 26 Nov 2017) Throughout the 1970s, filmmaker Barbara Hammer toured the United States, Africa, and Europe, making film after film about women and the lesbian experience

Africa by Timo Heiny

I try to hold tight on my photographs what I felt during my journeys, the intuition of a nativeness. Maybe it is the mystical idea from the beginning of humans, an original relationship between human and nature

Green and blue by Ignacio Heras

In this dossier in color and nature, I have sought and tried to base it on two main colors, the blue that transmits tranquility and relaxation, and in many cultures associate it with the eternal, since things seem more infinite and great as the sea and heaven. 

History of Russia by Makoveeva Svetlana

This project brings together 14 of the characters involved in the reconstruction of various periods of Russian history: from the 9th century when we find the earliest mention of the Ancient Russia, until the end of the second world war.

Siggi’s World by Frédérick Carnet

Siggi is a strange person who can’t let you staying stoical. The day after my arrival in Iceland, at Grindavìk campsite, I meet Jeff, a Quebecer.

Embryo by Federico Massimiliano Mozzano

Embryo is the choice between freedom and constraint, action and reaction.We are born naked and we dress experiences, positive and negative.

Aman Chotani ; School Experience in Hikkim, Spiti

Aman Chotani ; School Experience in Hikkim, Spiti

I believe in Stars, the man who sees the stars gets connected to his soul. It makes me feel alive, capturing the stars is one thing and living it is another.

Folktales by Francisco Diaz & Deb Young

In this series, our exploration of myths, fables, fairytales, nursery rhymes and idioms opens the discussion on how these mythical qualities can be interpreted today.

A Nobel´s Mess by Wiebke Bosse

Wiebke Bosse is always looking for unseen, ephemeral moments and situations.At the Cercle Suédois during Paris fashion week, she had the incredible chance of shooting in the inspirational mess inside Alfred Nobel’s former office.

Jakob Tuggener ; Machine Age

Winterthur (Oct 21 to Jan 28, 2018) Jakob Tuggener is one of the exceptional figures in Swiss photography. His personal and highly expressive photographs of boisterous parties given by the upper social classes are legendary.