Lost in Transition by Ellen Schippers

Amsterdam ( 21 October – 15 November 2017) Red Stamp Art Gallery is pleased to present Lost in Transition, Ellen Schippers’s personal exhibition

The 30 second Project by Matthieu Colnat

So when I went back to my work with photography after a lull of several years, my hunger for pictures naturally drained me to this idea.

Searching for Mu by Paul Cupido

For this work I have journeyed nearly as far away from home as possible. Nevertheless, a journey outward equally means an exploration of our inner selves.

Color Street Photography by Wojtek Ryzinski

Wojtek lives in a rural area of Ireland, where there is not that many opportunities for a street photographer, but he does travel a lot. In his street portfolio, there are pictures from Tokyo, New York, Morocco, India, and many European destinations.

Tubetopia by Romeo

On the underground people are forced to stay in a tight space next to each other, and, even though it’s only for a short time, they share unique experiences that will vanish forever once they leave.

We are one. We are two by Lucía Peluffo

The series explores the relationship between two people. One of them, the author. It shows us different aspects of a “love story”, talking about it between quotes as she is not interested in showing just a romantic aspect of it, but a honest and transparent one.

Enduring Srebrenica by Claudia Heinermann

22 years ago, Srebrenica (UN-protected) was attacked and captured by the Army of Republika Srpska under Ratko Mladić. Following the town’s capture, all the men “of fighting age” who fell into Bosnian Serb hands were massacred in a systematically organized series of summary executions.

60s NYC by Michael Seif

In the 1960s I lived and worked in New York City, carried my camera everywhere, and photographed every chance I had – day and night, above ground and in the subways.The camera forced me to look, and to actually see.

Merhaba Istanbul by Ying Tang

Istanbul is an old city which literally lies on two continents: Asia and Europe. People like to call it the place where East meets West. Istanbul combines the best of traditional and modern life all in one. The call to prayer echoes five times per day in this city that is 99% Islamic.

Zona de Alb by Gilles Mercier

In 1999 I took a path leading away from the main road that followed the Da- nube Delta. Passing through a gate, I found myself within a group of anachro- nistic buildings, attracted by the energy they seemed to emanate. 

The Aesthetics of Serendipity! By Raju Pedadda

What is “chance?” Chance is the occurrence and development of events in the absence of any obvious plan. Chance events are good, bad or neither. Good is referred to as “serendipity” and bad being “unfortunate.”

Crash landed by Ken Hermann

“Crash Landed” is a series of 10 photographs imagining an astronaut who suddenly returns to Earth and finds himself needing to readjust. The project is shoot in collaboration the British Art Director Gemma Fletcher.

10 Great fine art photographers

The great photographs by Riccardo Magherini, Jeff Vyse, Stephanie Pfriender Stylander, Dragos Ionian, Aaron Sehmar, Alicia Moneva, Gianluca Micheletti, Polina Plotnikova, Antigone Kourakou and Margrieta Jeltema.

Anatomy of a photography by Hiroshi Watanabe

I work in the traditional darkroom and make silver gelatin prints just like old days. Prints are then toned in diluted sepia toner for archival purpose and split-tone-like tonality.

Chasing Dreams by Iwona Pinkowicz

Iwona started ‘Chasing Dreams’ in January 2016. She always has her camera with her as she consider it an extension of her body.

Red String by Yoshikatsu Fujii

I received a text message. “Today, our divorce was finalized.” The message from my mother was written simply, even though she usually sends me messages with many pictures and symbols.

Glory to Young Women by Alice de Kruijs

In this work I examined the life of young women around the age of 15, all living in The Netherlands but have their roots elsewhere.

The exposed city by Sevil Alkan

Taking photography by mobile phones created a new trend by changing the border and direction of the photography

Figures in Water by Michael Seif

Michael Seif’s first attempt at photographing the nude began in 1969, as a result of a workshop with Lisette Model at the New School in New York City.

La Jeune Fille Et La Mort by Milana Angelova

Milana Angelova was born in the beautiful Omsk of Siberia. It was said that the day she was born, hundreds of white doves sang songs on the roof.

Europe in silence by Marcin Walko

Europe in silence is the travel through the intimate corners of the old continent. Sharp mountain peaks, passes and uninhabited meadows, forest lakes and all of that shapesowed to the environments.

Amsterdam Story by Werner Mansholt

Amsterdam is world-famous for the historic Canal Ring, Amsterdam’s ‘Centrum’ (Unesco-World heritage), but also host of renowned museums and charming areas.

I am South Africa by Carla Kogelman

Creativity and positive focus and energy are for her the base and the ingredients for growth. To develop, to grow, to have a richer live as a human being.

Muse for Youth by Victoria Art

The conceptual laboratory UBERlab took part in the project “Muse for Youth”. This is a project whose aim is to draw the viewer’s attention to the question of the life path that we choose.

Lighthouse Keeper by Eugene Serov

The Chirikov Lighthouse is located in the north of the Okhotsk Sea coast on the Staritsky Peninsula, 18 kilometers away from Magadan, and reaching it from May to September is only possible by small boats

Crucification – A Painful Devotion by Avishek Das

Gajan is a Hindu festival celebrated mostly in the Rural part of West Bengal. Gajan spans around a week, starting at the last week of Chaitra continuing till the end of the Bengali year.

September 2017 : Most Popular Photographers

The Most Popular Photographers published in Dodho Magazine. The great stories by Olga Sondyk, Albertina d’Urso, Yulia Artemyeva, Gabriel Carpes, Yaroslava Tarasova, Maria Plotnikova, Danny Van der Elst, Darren Lewey, Piper Mackay, Felipe Fittipaldi

Ice is Black by Laurent Baheux

Navigating landscapes as pure as before the Anthropocene era. Encountering the marvels of the animal kingdom—living symbols of life in the wilderness.

Architectural photography by Pamela Aminou

My choice of subjects come from my interest of aesthetic and how we are able to shape the world around us. Each subject documents our generation, our growth, and connection to the environment around us.

Unspoken Places by Babis Kougemitros

In the series “unspoken places” I attempt to explore uncharted urban and  peri-urban  aspects of contemporary reality, with a glimpse that is mainly  personal.

What He Left Behind by Virginia Kluiters

There is a horrific beauty to my images—deep reds and purples transform my settings into twisted, violent Valentines where reality is warped.

Gray souls by María Tudela

It is between reality and non-existence where I would encompass my work, in that thin line that separates you from reality, but does not disconnect you from it.

The Sound of Silence by Thomas H.P. Jerusalem

One of the strongest arguments against photography as an art form is the ability of a viewer to simply and quickly take in all of the aspects of a photo, and move on.

After his morning swimming by David Scouri

Most people are looking for a quiet place, an island of sanity, in our existential space,and some of them find their sanity and balance closest to the sea. Some of them arrive early in the morning for a swim, a daily habit they apply every day of the year.

Sandra by Anna Ajtner

I started my education in this field in the years 1989 – 1993 at the State High School of Fine Arts in Bydgoszcz and I gained there the title of technician of art

Anatomy of a photography by Lotta Van Droom

The homogeneous surface reminded me of a brightly intense fabric and I imagined how I can bring those colors and shapes into everyday life and what I can replace it with.

Underwater World by Isabella Sommati

“The first time I dove I felt fear, the second time I experienced wellness, the third I was on the front line to paradise”. In the universe of the salted bubbles, Alice in Wonderland would have mistook the White Rabbit with the Mad Hatter

Northern Chad by Joxe Inazio Kuesta

It could be said that Chad is formed by three great zones: one to the south that would be the fertile one, the savannah; another central one that would be the sahel, and the north that would be the desert, the arid zone.

The colorfull grey by Saptarshi Choudhury

Street photography is all about the realness, the true story of this society. The drama constantly happening in this world, and a perfect street photography is all about to capture the moment, to portray the story, to paint the colors

Michael Massaia ; Deep in a Dream: New York City

New York (Sep 28 – Nov 25, 2017) ClampArt is pleased to announce “Michael Massaia | Deep in a Dream: New York City”—the artist’s first solo show with the gallery

Creative Nudes by Roberto Manetta

My passion and projects comes from nature, adventure stories, fantasy films that have contributed phenomenally to my project ideas and the major part of my photographs.

Ten Days in Tokyo by Olga Sondyk

This is a diary of the western visitor who wants to monumentalize everyday life where all details matters and every object has its own importance and beauty.

Southern Province by Vassilis Konstantinou

In the context of this wandering, the photographer direct his gaze and lens to things simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar, focusing on the intermediate zones between the past and the present

Parallel anxieties by samad ghorbanzadeh

According to Theories of Dr. Freud ; Unconscious, place of Suppressed desires like that sexual desire and other desire that registered and entry to unconscious of childhood.

Anatomy of a photography by Jelena Osmolovska

This photograph is one of “Wonderland” series picture. My series “Wonderland” is about feelings when your town becomes too small for you.

Portraits by Maria Plotnikova

Photographer Maria Plotnikova was born and raised in Moscow, lived in South America for several years. Until 2010 she worked as a sports and reportage photographer in the federal media

America by James Featherstone

America, Looking In is an assortment of candid street scenes, tender encounters, peaceful landscapes and abstract reflections that present a glimpse into the neglected corners of America.

Taxonomie of Fear by Alnis Stakle

My most vivid and, at the same time, traumatic childhood memories are associated with fear of death and the different coping mechanisms for dealing with it.

Place to Be by Kostyantyn Smolyaninov

No wonder, because the most interesting thing for human is another human. I feel the space around person that I see through the lens is no lesser important than the individuality of portrayed person.

The life of a Laundry Worker by Sagar Chatterjee

The life of a Laundry Worker is hard work. Expect long hours in hot rooms filled with steam, and lots of time on your feet. You also often have to wear protective gear, like rubber gloves or paper masks, in order to keep yourself safe from diseases.

New personality by Inna Mosina

The colors and elements that make up the scene put an emphasis on the significance of each work, as well as the faces of the women portrayed.

Purtraits – Pure portraits by Danny Van der Elst

Contrary to commercial photographers, I am not looking for perfect images. Rather than showing my photoshop skills, I choose to show genuine people with real feelings.

Anchors by Yulia Artemyeva

While working on this project, I was looking at reasons why people choose to stay in bed while the society requires them to be active from morning till night, unless they get sick, either physically or emotionally.

The homeless people by Johann Walter Bantz

During a walk on Normandy in the direction of the coast, I saw on a hill a small camp of Roma who had a rest there with their horse-drawn caravans. My desire to photograph a Rome family began to happen.

In search of light by Bhaskar Kundu

Almost every year, around the monsoon time, various parts of the country get affected by intense flood. States of Assam, West Bengal, Gujarat, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh are among the worst affected.

Robert Rutöd: Fair(y) Tales

An expedition through the grotesque realm of must-haves and mega-trends. It seems as if there is a constant factor amidst the diversity of our dreams: The longing for a heavenly life, the hope for permanent feeling of happiness.

Alan Gandy ; The People of Vélez-Blanco

In March of 2016 Alan Gandy and his wife Elle arrived in Vélez-Blanco for an overnight stay. Whilst sat outside Bar La Sociedad in the village that evening, they noticed that almost everyone frequenting the bar

Nilanjan Ray; Varanasi – A sacred City

The name Varanasi possibly originates from the names of the two rivers from north and south: Varuna, still flowing in Varanasi, and Asi, a small stream near Assi Ghat. 

In my Backyard by Agnieszka Sosnowska

My home is a farm in East Iceland. I photograph myself, students whom I teach English, new family members and friends. The inclusion of myself into these places represents a connectedness to a place.

Train to Varanasi by Anirban Mandal

Varanasi in India is not just another tourist place which attracts backpackers, pilgrims, photographers and common tourists from all over the globe; it is also one of the oldest living cities in the world.

Grey Vista by D.P. Mahardika

This work was taken during the eruption of Merapi in 2010. Seismic activity around the volcano increased from mid-September onwards, culminating in repeated outbursts of lava and ashes.

Looking for Franz Kafka’s Prague by Alicja Brodowicz

Hand in hand, we walked the streets of Prague, under the scorching July sun. What would Kafka think of today’s Prague? Would he learn to navigate the car-filled streets?

10 Talented Australian photographers

The great stories by Tim Yare, Terence Bogue, Bill Gekas, Cam Attree, Christopher Morris, Liam Lynch, Christopher Robert, Anastasia Fua, Pia Johnson and Morganna Magee.

Backlands Sertão by Felipe Fittipaldi

Migrations tend to appear as the visible side of often invisible phenomena. The great human displacements, as a rule, precede or follow profound changes, be it from the economic and political point of view, or in social or cultural terms.

Vitamin D by Taushik Mandal

Healthy bones need vitamin D to absorb calcium and phosphate from our diets. These minerals are important for teeth and muscles as well. A vitamin D deficiency can make bones go soft, weak and leads to deformities.

Road 65 – Life on the Wadi Ara Route by Amir Lavon

The road, covering a total length of about 90 kilometers, starts at the western edge of the Caesarea interchange on Highway 2 and passes the southern part, Willows Iron. It is also known as the Wadi Ara Route.

Words In Sight ; Kick Starter Campaign

Renowned photographer Gillian Hyland will launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new book entitled Words In Sight on Monday 18 September.

ImageNation Paris

ImageNation Paris

Paris (November 10th to 12th 2017) ImageNation meets Paris, the city that saw the birth of photography almost two centuries ago.Thanks to the many festivals and fairs which are frequently held in the French capital, Paris is, more than ever, the crossroads of the new trends

Anatomy of a photograph by Zuzu Valla

The series ”In The Bath” came into my mind one day when I was walking home from town, feeling weary of life and the weather.

We’re Happy Together by Gabriel Carpes

In this series called “We’re Happy Together” Gabriel Carpes photographed his family in the years following his father’s passing and his sisters moving away from their hometown of Porto Alegre to different parts of the country.

Costly Signals by Danny DeGennaro

A costly signal is an evolutionary trait that develops despite it not being in an organisms best interest. In the case of a peacock, males develop elaborate plumage to attract females and display dominance

The Black Thursday by Sandipan Mukherjee

A Flyover became curse of the Daily life of Kolkata. The fault of Structural design, choice of Material & a stupid engineering has wiped out the huge numbers of innocent life & injured more than hundred.

Indian Photography Festival – Hyderabad 2017

Madhapur (21 Sep – 08 Oct, 2017) The exciting 3rd edition of the Indian Photography Festival (IPF) – Hyderabad, is about to begin from 21st September to 08th October at the State Art Gallery, Madhapur.

Last Love by Yaroslava Tarasova

A family of two elderly people is not something that is associated with a crazy reckless love, but it is a possibility not to be alone, something which gives meaning to one’s life.

Detroit From Above by Brian day

Brian Day was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1977. He is currently Chief Technology Officer at a health care organization in Detroit, where he has worked since 2008.

Las Marias by Allison Dinner

Las Marias is a sisterhood of few special women that formed out of a shared passion for riding motorcycles. While there are a few all female MCʼs in Mexico City, none are like Las Marias.

Forms of mental illness by Ritam Talukdar

Within each of us there lies a small portion of unsatisfactory statement that slowly over the passing time, turns onto us, even if we try to be significant we find some part of it to be missing.

Nomads by Darren Lewey

Nomads in Morocco number around 5000 and are rapidly dwindling. The lure of education for their children and work in towns and cities for young males means the nomadic way of life is becoming less practicable.

Psyche of Saudade by Alex Righetti

The people relationship always caught my interest, especially as a photographer of street portraits.I could tell you about the experiences I had with strangers for hours, being able to shutter the barrier and understand how perfectly

Horror’s Aesthetic in Ambiguity! by Raju Peddada

What is it about Horror, the macabre, that when it’s vague and banal, effects us more than when it’s clear? If horror is something that is sensed or felt, how can we manifestly depict or articulate it?

Borders by Orhan Talibov

As an artist when shooting body parts, I see infinite beauty. In fact, for me, the human body is the greatest piece of art created. There are endless possibilities: a hand can be captured in any number of ways

World Press Photo 2017

Vienna (15 Sep – 22 Oct 2017) Autumn in Vienna is the season of World Press Photo. As the Photo of the Year the jury of the 60th annual Photo Contest selected an image by Turkish photographer Burhan Ozbilici

Metanoia by Raziye Koksal Kartal

It’s a metamorphosis from the egg  to the butterfly. This metamorphosis is the biggest one  in nature,  if we dont count  the transformations of  the life and death instincts in the battlefield of human soul.

Self Portrait Diary by Alicja Brodowicz

A moment comes every once in a while when I feel the urge to make a self-portrait. However, these portraits are not about documenting physical appearance and changes in my looks

The shaded gardens of Bucharest by Margrieta Jeltema

Under the shady branches families gather, children play near fountains, mothers feed their babies, a grandmother reads a book for her grandson, a woman sits knitting, an old man sleeps.

Lifepod by Gianluca Micheletti

My project consists of inserting some primates – they share with humans up to almost 99% of DNA – in safety capsules that will regenerate a form of primordial life, in a future day, after the extinction of the human breed.

Suri Portraits by Piper Mackay

Inspired by their environment of wild trees, exotic flowers and lush vegetation. The Suri tribe use the clay soil of bright yellows, startling whites and rich earth-reds to paint each other’s bodies and make bold decisions about their outfits.

Intimacy by Roberto A. Cabrera

When I photograph bodies I tend to see them as abstract forms. I like to catch the fragment, but also certain intimate atmosphere that should not be always plainly erotic.

Five minutes with Alice Zilberberg

Five minutes with Alice Zilberberg

I predict that my work is going in a personal direction that is driven from my personal life and experiences. I find myself re-inventing what I do every few years, so I will never know exactly what’s next.

Between Intervals by Maren Klemp

My goal with this project is to raise awareness of mental health. “Between Intervals” is a plunge into the darker sides of the human mind, and the photographs are visual representations of conditions associated with mental illness.

Crystal Man by Eltaj Zeynalov

21 years-old Elvin Mirzoev was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), commonly know as britle bone syndrome. At present Elvin works as an actor for an inclusive theater ƏSA Teatrı in Azerbaijan.

Yet another day by Fabio Agatino

Pietro Lupo village is a rural settlement, part of the municipality of Mineo, in the province of Catania. Built in 1940 at the behest of the fascist regime at the hands of the colonization of the Sicilian Latifundia

Still by Philip LePage

Love cannot be defined. It is both an essential part of the human experience as well as an entirely personal one. It mutates through time and our relationships with different people. It unites and divides us.