Anatomy of a Photograph by Sandro Giordano

That day there were some big clouds moving fast. When I understood that one of them was going to cover the sun, I hurried to put the model in position and tidying up the props around her. After that I ran to get ready to shoot.

Cuba by Raquel Carro

She has dedicated her life to the visual arts, her greatest passion. “Rhythms of a new open Cuba” is a visual narrative of Cuba today. She spent three months travelling around the island staying with locals and sharing experiences with them.

Twilight Time by Zedd

In The Old Testament it has been told that the woman was created from one piece of Adam’s rib. How does woman come into existance? What is the difference of woman from man?

Breathing Skin Series by Luiza Boldeanu

Luiza Boldeanu (Marinas) is a well-known Romanian photographer, specialized in portrait, documentary and fine art photography. She started photography in 2007 when she decided to capture in images.

The land by Michał Konrad

I have worked on “The land” project for the last one and a half years. All photos in the project are my self-portraits. I took photographs in vicinity of the town where I was born and live to this day. The project is a record of my emotions to the place where I have my roots.

Anatomy of a Photograph by Loreal Prystaj

The only postproduction on the photo is a little boost in the contrast and vibrancy.  The effect with the mirror is 100% captured in-camera, by holding an actual mirror, experimenting with different angles, and waiting for the correct lighting.

Nocturnes by S. Gayle Stevens and Judy Sherrod

Our Nocturnes series began as an experiment, an adventure, a collaboration. A pinhole camera-maker and a wet-plate collodion artist collaborated to produce mammoth plate tintypes, echoing the work and process of the early survey photographers.

Fall and get up by Michele Petit

Falling and get up … or from gesture suspended to rebirth … Having discovered 2 or 3 years ago – thanks to an artistic collaboration – the company World Tricot, company specializing in luxury knitwear, which worked for the great couturiers

Michal Baran ; Beauty & Fashion Photography

Michał Baran was born and raised in Poland, graduating in computer science, he worked as a web-master, graphic designer and developer, but his greatest passion has always been photography. 

Underneath the clothes by Lucie Nechanicka

This series of photographs represents nudity in a pure and natural way. It is something innate that has always been here, and always will be.

Heavy Loads of Colorful Fare by France Leclerc

For photographers, food markets are always a tempting place to shoot with their bounties of colors, shapes, textures and people.  Over the years, I have visited a large number of food markets in various parts of the world including many in India.

Inside the camera bag of Efrat Sela

In addition to what I regularly take – the Lowepro bag, Newswear bag, which I finds very comfortable and appropriate for some days, My Canon camera , all variety of lenses- Canon 24 F2.8, Canon 16-35 f 2.8, Canon 24-105 F4, and Canon 50 f1.8.

Sulaiman Almawash ; Photo manipulation and Art

This art Wonderful because it involves the creation of unique images, i like this arts ( photo manipulation art and surreal art , conceptual art). This arts blends reality with illusion to create something truly remarkable.

Agathae by Vito Finocchiaro

From 3 to 5 February Catania honors Agata. Three days of cult, devotion, folklore and traditions that are not found anywhere else in the world.
St Agatha’s day, the most important religious festival in the city.

The void We leave by Oded Wagenstein

The void we leave is an ongoing visual project, about the tenants of an aging community, living in Cuba. As they depart from this world, all they leave is the void between the walls.

En Detail by Sebastian Gruia

I grew up with this around the corner market “Piata Flavia”, and it was always a lot of fun to go there with the hope that maybe, this time, I can find that “golden fish”, meaning something useful and as cheap as possible.

Careful – Soul Inside by Pedro Oliveira

In June 2015, Pedro Oliveira, a Brazilian photographer, living in Portland, OR-USA,  started a personal ongoing series of photographic essays casing lives of real people throughout several cities of the West coast of the United States.

Doormen from Park Avenue New York City by Sam Golanski

Between busy traffic and streams of yellow cabs at Park Avenue in Manhattan you can spot very dapper looking gents standing calmly at the entrances to multimillion condos of Upper East Side area of New York City.

Manual Drying Process of Rice Grain by Avishek Das

Drying of paddy grains are one of the most important step before sending them to Rice mill. Drying reduces grain moisture level to a safe benchmark which is suitable for storage.

Anatomy of a Photograph by Gianluca Micheletti

The image consists of two photos mounted in post-production. I used a Sony A7 camera for both, with a Nikon 70-300mm lens for monkey photography and a Tamron 90mm Macro for the capsule photo.

Interview with Aga Szydlik ; Finalist in our Color Award 2017

Dodho Magazine have been an integral part of my professional career in more ways than one, besides incredible worldwide exposure besides some of the most talented photographers, there is also aspect of mentoring and encouragement from magazine editors

Selfhood by Vicky Martin

The series “Selfhood” was in part inspired by the proverb “The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul” and a desire to challenge the need to see the eyes within a portrait.

To The Edge by Tom Chambers

What mattered was not right before my eyes, but delicately hidden in glaciers, volcanic rock, and ice, all of which have endured over many millennia.

America in a Trance by Niko J.Kallianiotis

About two decades ago my father moved to Scranton, Pennsylvania, and this was only my second experience with the United States.In the late 70’s he took the journey from Greece to the Big Apple to pursue a PhD, which led him to the Keystone State.

Anatomy of a Photograph by Radoslaw Pujan

I took Pentax 67 with 75mm lens and 105mm lens. It was quite dark that day and I used natural light only. So the problem was shallow depth of field.

A Dozen Twilight – Across Oceans By Abhijit Bose

While traveling to different countries for last 10 years, I was lucky to be present in a few occasions when nature took the lead and played with colors.In fact, after witnessing the first twilight while traveling from Kathmandu

Yonder by Jenny Papalexandris

The Yonder Series traces a poetic visual narrative along the Amtrak Crescent line from Penn Station in NYC to New Orleans in Louisiana. The thirty-hour train journey induces deep reverie and contemplation.

Dolomites Diary by Stefania Piccioni

Dolomites are a section of Alps in the north Italy. The Mountains around us of soaring rock spires seemingly suspended above the clouds. The Dolomites are a unique landscape.

One Shot by Max Hirshfeld

Propelled by a sense of immediacy, these photos of everyday people in everyday places attempt to reveal what we often fail to see.

Gigapolis by Markus Kaesler

Attracted by the dynamic pulsation of the cities, people float like magic into the big metropolic areas all around the globe.

Scenes from a memory by Ekaterina Bourindine

I thought that I never remembered anything from those last moments, where I was asked to part from my family and friends and just pick up and leave.

Inside the camera bag of Jorge Fernandez

What I bring with me during my trips depends a lot on the destination and on the kind of project I have in mind, and has also changed with the times since I did a lot of experimentation until I found out “my way”.

Alice Zilberberg ; The Making of Oasis

This project emerged from the realities of struggling with an end of a relationship that was salted dry through infidelity. After a complicated breakup, I found myself on a trip in the desert with a couple that was newly in love

Frenetic City by Zhou HanShun

To say life moves fast in a city is an understatement. People go through life in an uncompromising, chaotic pace, overcoming and absorbing anything in their path. 

Aphasia by Francesco Sambati

Francesco Sambati was born on 12 February 1981 in Lecce , a southern Italian city, more precisely in the southern-most area of ​​the region known as Puglia. He currently works with full-time photography

If I were Brenda Sherman by Angela Sairaf

I’m not sure if Brenda Sherman had come from Glasgow, Edinburgh, Athens, Corfu, Milan or Delhi that day. Or if maybe she had been on my flight from Madrid. Probably not: The pick up guide would not have been there waiting for her.

In the markets by Luisa Nolasco

Luisa Nolasco was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Currently doing a MA in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism at the University of Westminster, in London.

Illuminaries by Max Hirshfeld

When I was asked to participate in Artist-Citizen, Washington, DC, I used the opportunity to retrieve an idea that had been lurking somewhere in my subconscious.

Clarity by Patrick Ems

Patrick Ems, was born 1980 in Zurich. Twenty years of photographic experience, he has become an award-winning fine art photographer, known for his unique black and whity style.

The Salton Sea by Jim Riche

The Salton Sea was created back in 1905 when Colorado River breached an irrigation diversion structure and water ran into the then-dry Salton Sink for the next two years.

Anatomy of a Photograph by Fang Tong

This shot is one of a series. There are seven photos in this series, so for doing this kind of work in a series, I need to prepare carefully. I had the idea or theme first, then I tried to find a well-fitting location.

To The Northwest by Giacomo Infantino

His research is based on the in-depth narrative of those places in my province, those peripheral sites to which he has devoted his attention and constant attendance.

Landscapes by Daniel Řeřicha

As almost every person, I took a camera for almost every trip and vacation to make interesting shots of different places. So at the beginning it was just a travelling with compact camera. I started to think more about photography in 2000.

Luna Park by Heinz Innerhofer

Merry-go-rounds have been existing for nearly 400 years now – whether on the Oktoberfest, the Cannstatter Wasen or on Stegener Markt, a market nearby Bruneck, a small town in South Tyrol, close to the Austrian border.

Thaipusam Festival by Jose Jeuland

Little India is the centre of a large Indian community in Singapore and is one of the most colourful attractive places to visit in Singapore.Words cannot express how amazing Little India is, the food, the overall entertainment and attitude. 

Anatomy of a Photograph by Kerekes István

I made the picture in 2009 June, when I was for a little trip in Maramures county, in northern Romania. When I saw this little girl, she was just swinging in the veranda of their house.

Portraits by Cédric Brion

To discover and photograph countries knowing how to preserve the magic of the moment, here is the objective that I aim in my photographs.

Object Diaspora by Jennifer Schlesinger

Object Diaspora presents photographs of objects that have been passed between people and families over time and have become imbued with a special meaning, significance and value.

Solaris by Roberto De Mitri

There are places that emerge in front of us as a direct expression of our own mood. Nature becomes a manifestation and pure expression of our own feelings, transcending the materiality of the elements that compose it.

The Mara by Anup Shah

I live in the wild for long stretches of time. Inevitably, I fall under the spell of wild animals. It dawns on me that these are intelligent, emotional, social and personable beings. I connect with their sentience.

Anthropocene by David Ellingsen

While yet at the threshold of formal geological designation, we have now effectively transitioned from the relative calm of the Holocene into the new Anthropocene epoch.

Stephen Shore: Uncommon Places Vintage Prints

New York (Jan 25-Mar 1, 2018) In the 1970s and ‘80s, Shore embarked on a series of coast-to-coast road trips through the United States to document the modern American landscape.

Marjan Teeuwen ; Destroyed House

New York (Feb 8 – Apr 14, 2018) In her aptly titled body of work, Destroyed House, Dutch artist Marjan Teeuwen reclaims the wreckage of abandoned buildings assembling each fragment in painstakingly detailed installations, set within the original structures.

Live Canvas by Alessandro Risuleo

After twenty years of experience as both art director and advertising agent, which he developed through working at his agency Visual Creative Studio, he has found in photography means for artistic expression that allow him to express his creativity freely.

Kolya by Dima Zharov

Kolpino is a small town in Kolpino district of St. Petersburg, Russia. Here, in a building that once was occupied by a tire shop, Kolya Afanasyev and three more men with musculoskeletal disorders decided to do their powerlifting workouts.

Thierry Dulau : Long exposure in Bask Country and Béarn

I love capturing architecture and landscape in long exposure, and the place where i live is great for that ! A reflex, a nd filter, a tripod, and it’s just i need, to dream and discover the beauty which surrounds me.Let me talk with you, about some photos …

Michael Dannenmann ; Portrait Sittings

Düsseldorf (16 Feb – 7 Apr 2018) David Lynch, Katharina Grosse, Jörg Immendorff, Dennis Hopper, Ringo Starr – stars from the worlds of film, fashion, music, and art – Michael Dannenmann has portrayed them all.

Emily Dickinson by Roberto De Mitri

You cannot know what dimension was…  In which edge of dimension Emily is living… Secret Garden, Limbo or Purgatory. Whatever existence it was, she was there… 

Festa Sant’ Agata in Catania by Werner Mansholt

The festival of Sant’ Agata is the most important religious festival to take place in the city of Catania in Sicily. It is celebrated in honor of the patron saint of the city, and is one of the most biggest Catholic religious holidays

The Concept of Occlusion in Photography! By Raju Peddada

The word “Occlude” is a transitive verb, which means to obstruct, block, or prevent, but in photography, it’s transmogrifies to an intriguing concept. Obstruction or prevention.

Frozen by Romain Tornay

Queen Nature simultaneously revealed two rare phenomena. On the one hand, the temperature remained below the freezing point for fourteen days, which was no longer measured in a quarter of a century.

Duesseldorf Photo Weekend 2018

Dusseldorf (16 – 18 February 2018) For the seventh edition of the Duesseldorf Photo Weekend, more than 40 institutions, galleries and off-spaces will be presenting a wide-ranging program around the medium of photography.

Giovanni Gastel ; Divine Ladies

Luxembourg (25 January – 3 March, 2018) Giovanni Gastel was born in Milan 1955. Influenced by his uncle Luchino Visconti, the famous cinema and theater director.

Michał Drozd and the unique connection of bodies and objects

Michał Drozd (born in 1961) is a Polish documentary, portrait and art photographer, who gained international recognition through numerous awards and distinctions in both Polish and international photography competitions.

Catwoman, Kitchen Sink Drama by Alva Bernadine

When I was a schoolboy I used to come home from school and watch the kitsch 60’s Batman series on television starring Adam West. I loved Catwoman.

Filmy Reality by Subhajit Naskar

In India movies not only represents a mere art form it constitutes a virtually alternative lifestyle. Film posters have always fascinated me with their surreal like imagery.


Love cannot be defined. It is both an essential part of the human experience as well as an entirely personal one. It mutates through time and our relationships with different people. It unites and divides us.

Jorge Fernandez ; Travel Photography

Jorge Fernandez was born and raised in the small Spanish town of Monzon. After finishing high school he moved to Madrid to get a technical engineering degree. In the late 90’s he started to study film photography during a few years and after that he decided to do the jump to digital

Escape by Fang Tong

It seems to be a bright and colorful solo travel; the disguise hides the traveler’s loneliness. The same red dress re-appears in the vivid scenery, but the trip seems to be a series of surreal scenes.

Karavas by Marcel Kolacek

Negombo’s inhabitants are Karavas, Tamil and Sinhali fishermen, who in the middle of the fifteenth century under the influence of Portuguese missionaries converted massively to Christianity.

Magical Bestiary by Patrizia Piga

Humans seem like wanting to outdo God with their imaginative splendor, therefore they invent and create sometimes wonderful things, sometimes aberrations.

Abandoned Souls by Andreas Theologitis

The new project from Andreas Theologitis is a study of the human body. His photographic work turns insistently around the exploration of particular aspects of the nude, where aesthetics are combined with an almost ideological dimension.

Bregenz to Black Forest- A Winter Drive By Abhijit Bose

It was a chance drive as at the last moment the meeting at Black Forest got confirmed. I was in Bregenz, Austria. So we headed to Black Forest. It was a cold February winter and there were hardly any human presence on the road or on the streets.

She Looks into Me by Nuno Moreira

“She looks into me” is a series of intimate images that hold a deep reverence for a time when the mystery of life and…

The Monks of Myanmar by Iñigo Bravo

Myanmar is a religious country with more than 85% of the population practice buddhism. It’s common for children spend period of time as a monk in a temple and at the end decide to come back with parents or follow holy religion.

Figures on Land by Michael Seif

At the same time Michael Seif began to photograph “Figures in Water” in 2003, he began photographing “Figures on Land.” To Seif, the watery figures are alive, fluid, creatures of nature.

Interview with Nicky Hamilton

Interview with Nicky Hamilton

Honestly I was blown away by the print edition, the quality of the work throughout and the production of the printed article where so good.

Way of the blace by Mitja Kobal

Japanese master sword makers, had to find new ways for the finest blades in the world to come to the light after the katana – Japanese sword, had been proclaimed to be an illegal weapon after the second world war.

Lost America by Matthew Portch

Lost America examines a quiet stillness in a forgotten landscape that is, in a sense: ‘on-pause’. Backwater towns and rural corners are juxtaposed against the ambiguity of isolated suburbia.

Egg- A Day in winter by Abhijit Bose

When I got a call from my friend that he was going to meet me and would take me to his village, I was thrilled. And he took me to Egg, a small village near Bregenz, Austria. Though we went through a cold shivering evening of February

Tropical Sighs by Caroline Gavazzi

Caroline Gavazzi has photographed a number of plants held in a greenhouse that both protects and imprisons them, depending on your point of view.

Story from the South by Bayu Wira Handyan

Story from the South is my effort to record my born city, a small city located on the south coast of Java. Born, grew up, and spent my adolescence life there makes me know every corner of the city as I know my own body.

Serenity in the gardens of Versailles by Gregoris Mentzas

Visiting the gardens of Versailles, one of the most visited public sites in France and an UNESCO World Heritage site, creates feelings of calmness and solitude, deepened by the geometrical formality of the sharp lines

Unconscious Color by Ivan Clemente

Shape and color, basic framework for most arts. It seems that we are able to process color in a non conscious way, quite likely that paves the way for abstraction.

No place for a man by Mitja Kobal

The objective of our tour on Greenpeace’s ice breaker ‘Arctic Sunrise’ to the Barents sea was to make noise by protesting and spreading awareness that Norway is expanding it’s drilling exercises far north into the pristine Arctic.

Nexus by Elizabeth Koning

A Scene from an Unknown enlightenment and Luminous Land. Noticing the details, light, shapes, colors, textures, people, trees and flowers. Everything around me looked bright and different.

Ghats of Varanasi by Saptarshi Choudhury

From when I started street photography since 3 years back, Varanasi was the first destination on my bucket list. Some days ago, I packed my bag and went to explore the beauty of Varanasi.

Matryoshka Dolls by Sascha Bauer

I have asked my mother to tell me about the similarities and differences she sees in me, her and my grandmother. I have learnt a lot about three of us from what she told me.

Lovers by Ljubica Denkovic

Bodies beaten by beauty reside within the cages of their own emotions, but they are also interwoven with other bodies. The cruel secret of attraction joins those bodies together.

Iceland by Alvaro Tejero

Iceland, a paradise for photographers and lovers of nature and landscape. A unique and wonderful country. For those of us who live in Europe it is fortunate to have such a relatively close territory.

Simple Variations by Francesca Pompei

We think that architecture should be one continuous experience, from town to architecture and from architecture to structure… When we encounter a piece of architecture, the experience begins before we enter the space.

Mood of the Market by Christine Norton

Trinidad and Tobago is known as an oil rich twin island state in the Caribbean with a diverse population. Today, composed of largely Indo- and Afro-Trinidadians, we have been rated among the happiest countries in the world. 

Embracing Winter by Paul Bride

The clock on the dashboard of our rental car reads 3:45am. It’s funny to think that we have saved money, written proposals, met with sponsors to travel half way around the world to search for horrible weather to climb in. 

The Photography of Elena Oganesyan

People tend to hide their innermost feelings. We don’t like to discuss them or express them in daily life. Through photography I connect with my own hidden fears and desires – I can fix my inner chaos.

This new moon phase by Kazunori Nagashima

The night until the early hours of the following morning, a waxing moon was just like a thin wire, it was going to be a almost new moon. Her unpredictable and bewitching movement appeared from the completely dark shore