Havana |  David Saxe

Havana by David Saxe

Havana is a city suspended in time, where life slowly drifts to a steady salsa beat. People are civil and friendly—they will argue baseball in the park, walk along the Malecon, make love, marry, and raise families

People of the Earth: San tribe | Aga Szydlik

People of the Earth: San tribe by Aga Szydlik

People of the Earth / Deeply rooted in their nomadic culture and in symbiotic relationship with the animals and plants, San are the original inhabitants of South Africa, aboriginal to sub-Saharan Africa.

Mostki | Platon Terentev

Mostki by Platon Terentev

For about 3 months I tried to take pictures of the landscape in the village. Landscape with a pathway (in russian – mostki). Catch the necessary light that would show them from the side with which they are unknown.

Svetlana | Efrat Sela

Svetlana by Efrat Sela

Svetlana, 46-year-old Christian woman, a survivor, always on the move, she had fallen hard into drugs and prostitution along her path. I’ve met Svetlana for the first time on November 2015 at the “Death Courtyard” in a forgotten dark alley in Tel Aviv.


People of the Delta

For centuries, Ethiopia’s Lower Omo Valley has been a crossroads for many distinct tribes. During times of drought, natural resources become scarce, escalating clashes between groups.


Collection Edward Steichen

The CNA in Luxembourg opens a major space for photography Edward Steichen´s The bitter Years meets contemporary photography.

Uman pilgrimage | Tomer Ifrah

Uman pilgrimage by Tomer Ifrah

Every year, tens of thousands of jewish pilgrims travel from around the world and mainly from Israel to Uman, Ukraine to celebrate the Jewish New Year, during the holiday of “Rosh Hashana”.


Conversations by Philip and Caroline Pegden

It is often assumed that people in large cities are incommunicado and more so now, in a world dominated by social media, played out on the handsets of smart phones. However, this series of photographs highlights that social communication is irrepressible.


About Behind The Scars by Sophie Mayanne

“Scars” is a celebration of beauty, of flaws, of battles won and obstacles overcome. It is about survival, living beyond that and capturing the memories. It is a truly honest depiction of how our history, shown through these scars does not define us but compels us.

Forgotten | Herman Čater

Forgotten by Herman Čater

In the mountains in the middle of nowhere, a full hour’s walk from the nearest village, I met a man, 80 years old, living alone. His name was Stanko. He was kind and invited me into the house. The house was more than 200 years old.


In Parentheses by Philip LePage

They say home is where the heart is. It is a place I have never been able to forget, nor find my way back to. I have always thought of it as a series of islands. It is such an immense, densely populated city.

kings,queens & fairy tales | John Paul Evans

kings,queens & fairy tales by John Paul Evans

The project is a development of work with my partner Peter in which we perform various incarnations of the couple/family/ wedding portrait. These images were initially inspired by the tradition of the painted wedding portrait in western art history.


Terri Gold: Still Points in a Turning World

New York (April 19 – May 11, 2017) Salomon Arts Gallery will feature work by award-winning international photographer Terri Gold, who is known for her poetic infrared imagery of the remote corners of the globe and the indigenous cultures that inhabit them.

Andy Goes In

Andy Goes In

As director, Josh’s documentary work has screened at Toronto International, SXSW, True/False, DOC NYC, Hot Docs and Maryland, and been featured by Vimeo Staff Picks and Dazed & Confused Magazine.


Interview with Yulia Artemyeva

Your print edition is fantastic! Every artists gets a separate section. It was very interesting to look at other projects and find out more about other modern artists. Thank you for the opportunity to become a part of DODHO!

Dissociated | France Dubois

Dissociated by France Dubois

Thoses pictures are driven by the need to feel alive, witnessing the development of someone’s physical & mental condition.What doesn’t kill you make you stronger. That said, some deeper wounds may break some parts of your being forever.

ted cro for dig vid

Ted Vancleave Co-founder of ImageRights

ImageRights International is spearheading the global fight against the infringement of copyrighted visual works by visual artists including photographers, graphic artists and painters. ImageRights identifies, assesses and pursues copyright infringement claims on behalf of its professional artists, agencies and publishers.

REFUGE | Human stories from the refugee crisis

REFUGE | Human stories from the refugee crisis

A small team of filmmakers set out for Greece, documenting human stories from the frontlines of the European Refugee Crisis, focused on humanity and hope. The world was changing and we found ourselves at a crossroads in history

E.O. Hoppé: Rendezvous at the London Stock Exchange, England, 1937
© 2017 Curatorial Assistance, Inc. / E.O. Hoppé Estate Collection

Emil Otto Hoppé ; Unveiling a Secret

Köln (6 Apr – 30 Jul 2017) An exhibition in collaboration with the Fondazione MAST, Bologna, and the E. O. Hoppé Estate Collection/Curatorial Assistance, California, curated by Urs Stahel.


Interview with Isabella Bubola

I love the big photos! They’re so nice to go through. And I like the feeling of the slightly glossy paper. One thing that I would change, if I’m completely honest, is the font choice and size (I would make it smaller).

'MOURNING IN THE CEMETERY' - PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI. JANUARY 12, 2015. On the fifth anniversary of the devastating earthquake, a young child stands to the side of her mourning mother who lies weeping nearby in the Grand Cemetery of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.

Haiti – The Ongoing Struggle by Giles Clarke

The last 230 years of Haiti’s history, from the days of Napoleonic slavery and the ensuing ‘black revolution’, is a struggle etched deep into the soul of the Haitian people. In 1804, after years of colonial fighting and over 120,000 slave deaths

Planes de Renderos, El Salvador-May 2016: Abigail Sanches from San Luis Stalpa la Paz waiting to be examined at the maternal waiting house which especially helps women who come from areas without access to a nearby hospital wait out the end of the pregnancies in order to be close to a hospital and avoid complications.   Pregnant women in today's El Salvador face a whole host of challenges from the threat of the mosquito born illness, Zika which has been linked to the grave condition of microcephaly in newborns, to the constant threat of gang violence with one of the highest murder rates in the world, to an increasing rape epidemic. However the most important threat to women's reproductive rights is by far the State's criminal ban on abortion. Doctors and nurses are trained to spy on women's uteruses in public hospitals, reporting any suspicious alteration to the authorities and provoking criminal charges which can lead to between 6 months to 7 years in prison. It is the poorer class of women who suffer the most as doctors in private hospitals are not required to report. Roughly 25 women are serving 30 to 40 year sentences on homicide charges for allegedly killing their newborn children. Although the women's stories, most of which resemble premature births or late term miscarigaes are often dismissed in trials, laced with moral accusations, based little on the consitution and scientific facts. ©Nadia Shira Cohen

Yo no di a Luz by Nadia Shira Cohen

El Salvador’s Abortion Ban in the age of Zika. The argument over when the human life begins is one of the most contentious in our world today. There are 66 countries that prohibit abortion under nearly all circumstances—though almost all of them exclude cases where the mother’s life is in danger.

Light and landscape | Trevor Cole

Light and landscape by Trevor Cole

These black and white images are from a diversity of global locations. Ireland, Canada, Iceland, The Faroe Islands and Namibia. They endeavour to convey a sense of space, atmosphere and the way in which light exacerbates tonal contrasts.

MOB | Areg Balayan

MOB by Areg Balayan

For the past 11 years I have lived in Stepanakert, the capital of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, with my wife and two children. On April 2nd, 2016, the military conflict that brought the republic to life started again.

Riccardo Magherini_Dodho-03

Interview with Riccardo Magherini

Dodho on paper, like the online version, has a strong graphic appeal, a neat and impactful layout and a great selection of contents.

Living in Solitude | Manel-Quiros

Living in Solitude by Manel-Quiros

Her name was Reena. It did not matter that she was only twelve, nor did it matter that all she wanted was to survive the streets of Chittagong in Bangladesh, after being thrown out by her stepfather.

Detachment by Nicolas Dhervillers

Detachment by Nicolas Dhervillers

In Detachment, the new photographic series by Nicolas Dhervillers, nature is frozen, cloaked in frosty white. Roads lead to the unknown or disappear round sharp bends. Forests resemble jungles.

Africa – Flashes of light | Ana María Robles

Africa – Flashes of light by Ana María Robles

This series of photos, not represent all of Africa, some people there are, they are the result of having shared some time with them. They opened their houses for me and offered me their food, so I am very grateful.

Urban-Tapestry Photomontages | Wing Chan

Urban-Tapestry Photomontages by Wing Chan

Hong Kong (April 11 to May 11, 2017) Entering the world of Wing Chan’s photomontages is the beginning of a visual adventure. His unique and stimulating images encourage you to take a closer look at the environment of the city.

Keepers of the Rain Forest | Aga Szydlik

Keepers of the Rain Forest by Aga Szydlik

Located sixty miles west off the Sumatran coast, lays the tropical island of Siberut, inhabited by the Mentawai tribe, one of the last most pure indigenous Indonesian societies.

Altagracia | Santiago Vidal

Altagracia by Santiago Vidal

The Altagracia Day is a national holiday in the island of La Hispaniola, which is shared by the Dominican Republic and Haiti. This day is celebrated by around 20 million of the island’s inhabitants.

Figures and Incidents | Elvira Kolerova

Figures and Incidents by Elvira Kolerova

Elvira Kolerova is a Russian-born photographer who currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. She holds a master’s degree in American Studies from the Humboldt University of Berlin and is studying fine art photography at the moment.


Sebastião Salgado ; Kuwait: A Desert of Fire

Brussels (25 May – 16 Sep 2017) La Photographie Gallerie presents a stunning series of images by acclaimed photographer Sebastião Salgado depicting the burning Kuwaiti oil fields of the 1991 Gulf War.

Justine Kurland, Claire, 8th Ward (detail), 2012, Archival pigment print, © Justine Kurland, courtesy Mitchell-Innes & Nash Gallery, New York.

The Open Road ; Photography and the American Road Trip

St. Petersburg (9 Feb – 4 Jun 2017) Joy rides, voyages of discovery, surveys, wanderings, migrations, polemics, travel diaries, and assessment of the nation. Is America even imaginable without the road trip?


Interview with Thomas Alleman

It’s lovely and very bold! The use of type is adventurous, and the display of the pictures dramatic. The heaviness and heft of the publication give is real “gravity”, as does the paper stock, which announces a real seriousness…

African Dream | Yvon Buchmann

African Dream by Yvon Buchmann

I had dreamed of it all my life. I had seen so many reports on Africa during my childhood in the cinema of my village that I was convinced to go home on this first trip to Senegal.


100% m² by Kata Sedlak

Fascinated by the inner power of personal relationships within the family, Kata Sedlak documentary captures various moments of her children Stella, Oliver and Alan, getting familiarized with the world, oneself and close relatives.

Tokyo Series | Chris Becker

Tokyo Series by Chris Becker

Chris Becker has lived in some major cities including New York, Minneapolis and Taipei, so when the opportunity arose, he was excited to visit the metropolis of Tokyo.


Irving Penn ; Centennial

New York (April 24 – July 30, 2017.) The most comprehensive retrospective to date of the work of the great American photographer Irving Penn (1917–2009), this exhibition will mark the centennial of the artist’s birth.

Lov’yer by Marta Kochanek

Lov’yer by Marta Kochanek

The world witnesses love between people of all nationalities and races. This planet gives room to those attracted to people of the same, opposite and both genders. It is how this world is constructed. It is how it always was.


A chance to shine by Javier Fergo

I have been taking pictures of Flamenco for over ten years, in different festivals and venues. After so long you get to recognize what is known as “duende” in flamenco.

First and Solemn Communion in Haiti | Frank Verreyken

First and Solemn Communion in Haiti by Frank Verreyken

This series was made at the orphanage Saint-Joseph Ouvrier de Saint-Michel de l’Attalaye, were I stayed for a couple of weeks. It was just before the passage of the devastating hurricane Matthew.

Dark Zoo | Nicolas Evariste

Dark Zoo by Nicolas Evariste

Dark Zoo is the product of several expeditions to various French wildlife parks. Through this series of animal portraits, I’m trying to convey emotions while attempting to disregard the prefabri- cated environment of the zoo


7439 Miles to (re)discover America!

Paris (May 13 – September 9, 2017) No American road trip looms larger in our collective consciousness than the one bound west, and has been both the favorite subject and a formidable challenge for most artists, from Robert Frank to Jack Kerouac.


Moon by Andrea Torres Balaguer

Torres Balaguer creates pictures that suggest stories and invites the spectator to interpret them. She is searching and experimenting with the boundaries between reality and fiction.

Suraiya, 28 y.o., is a survivor. Attacked by her husband for dowry, she had a facial disfigurement and posted her one eyesight. She denounced her aggressor (perpetrator in in prison life time) and after physical treatment and psychological service at Acid Survivors Foundation in Dhaka, she started to work as survivor ambassador for help other women in same conditions. Suraiya was award from Ministry of Women's Affair of Bangladesh for her courage.

Erberto Zani ; Documentary Photography

In 2004 I start to work as photographer and journalist for a local newspaper. Freelance since 2008, my reportage are focused on documentary-social themes.


Tribal traits and traditions by Trevor Cole

The Omo valley of Ethiopia is home to approximately forty tribes, living in climatic, social and political margins. I aspire to capture these people as they are, in a state of transition as outside influences increasingly make an impact on their indigenous culture.

At Work-14

Art Work by Kip Harris

When people are in their own workplaces, they are most at ease with themselves. They do not need to “prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet.”

Arzu Ibranoğlu – Turkey

HIPA announces ‘Merit Medal’ recipients for 6th season

The 20 merit medalists will receive a ‘HIPA recognition award’ as well as a copy of the annual HIPA book which features their photographs as well as other finalist and winning photographs from HIPA’s sixth season.


March 2017 : Most Popular Photographers

The Most Popular Photographers published in Dodho Magazine. The great stories by Yolanda Garcia, Lopamudra Talukdar, Magnus Hastings, Joxe Inazio Kuesta, Sadegh Souri, Chris Clor, James Walker, Riccardo La Valle, Javier Corso, Ricky Adam

The Act | Julia Fullerton-Batten

The Act by Julia Fullerton-Batten

In this project I examine the lives of female sex-workers, women who choose to earn their living by exploiting their bodies as escorts, dominatrices, porn actresses, web cam and live sex and peep show performers, striptease, lap dancing artistes, or sexual surrogates as therapy for clients, and transgender people.


Sven Eisenhut director of Photo Basel

Photo Basel is Switzerland’s first and only international art fair dedicated to photography based art. Photo Basel brings together galleries from around the world in a unique, authentic setting.


The Playground Series by by Francisco Diaz & Deb Young

For most of us growing up, playgrounds were more than a place for fun and games- they also provided a fast and hard lesson in how social structure works; they taught us how to be patient while we waited for our turn on the swing, while boys would chase and torment the new girl


Emoi Photographique 2017

Angouleme (March 25th -April 30th 2017) Photographic Emotion is a festival of photography which takes place in Angouleme and the extensive surrounding area of the Charente, from March 25th to April 30th, 2017.


Midnight Modern – Book signing and exhibition

Darlinghurst (18 – 30 April 2017) Black Eye Gallery is pleased to announce the April 2017 release of Midnight Modern: Palm Springs Under the Full Moon Publication and exhibition By Tom Blachford.

Olympe Tits | Visual Artist

Olympe Tits : Visual Artist

Olympe Tits is a self-taught photographer. Born in Marseille, 3rd April 1992, she has now settled in Antwerp, Belgium. She combines this with a life as a contemporary dancer, teaching at the Royal Ballet school of Antwerp and choreographing for dance-theatre pieces.

Daniel | Ô les mains by Jeffrey Vanhoutte

Ô les mains by Jeffrey Vanhoutte

The original idea for this project was conceived around a decade ago after reading this philosophical statement by Wittgenstein.

620 Avenue of the Americas is an architecturally significant landmark of remarkable character, home to leaders in fashion, design, media and technology.

The balance by Edi Chen

It was a cloudy day on July 15, 2016: New York City Center has existed for centuries on Broadway only a few blocks from Times Square. It is Manhattan’s first performing arts center and is built in a Neo-Moorish style.

GREECE. Karpathos. Olympos

Olympos by George Tatakis

George Tatakis likes to make pictures, documenting life. He has been published internationally, including National Geographic and exhibited images so far in New York and around Greece.

Deana Lawson (b. 1979), Ring Bearer, 2016. Inkjet print, 43 x 54 in. (109.2 x 137.2 cm). Collection of the artist; courtesy Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago, and Sikkema Jenkins & Co., New York

Whitney Biennial 2017

New York (17 Mar – 11 Jun 2017) The 2017 Whitney Biennial, the seventy-eighth installment of the longest-running survey of American art, arrives at a time rife with racial tensions, economic inequities, and polarizing politics.

Herbert Dombrowski: Derby II, 1957, 31 x 30,5cm
Courtesy Galerie Hilaneh von Kories

Herbert Dombrowski ; Shift and Striptease

Alkersum (5 Mar – 18 Jun 2017) The black-and-white works of the Hamburg photographer Herbert Dombrowski (1917 ̶ 2010) offer a subtle and captivating look at everyday life in the Hamburg districts of Altona and St Pauli in the 1950s.

Legends of Burlesque | Jane Hilton

Legends of Burlesque by Jane Hilton

London-based photographer Jane Hilton has had an obsession with American culture since her first trip to Tuscon, Arizona twenty-five years ago.


Matilde Pernille ; Conceptual Photography

This photo series is a collection of old and new pictures, taken between 2014 and 2017. The later years I have been drawn to a darker mood in my working, and it’s not so clean either, like my earlier photography.

A Show of Hands | Tim Booth

A Show of Hands by Tim Booth

A Show of Hands is an extensive photographic study of the hands of Britain by the photographer Tim Booth, who has turned images of people’s hands into an alternative form of portraiture.

Scenes from Lower Bavaria | Bernd Walz

Scenes from Lower Bavaria by Bernd Walz

This part of Bavaria has vast agriculturally used rolling hills in the west, and the river plain of the Danube marks a natural border to the mountains of the Bavarian forest in the east.


The Act ; Julia Fullerton-Batten

In ‘The Act’, acclaimed fine-art photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten portrays the lives and skills of women who voluntarily engage in the UK sex industry as their career.


Riga Photomonth 2017

Riga (8 May – 31 May, 2017) The international Riga Photomonth 2017 festival will offer exhibitions and lectures, artist talks, film screening and other events under the common theme of Facts and Clarifications.

11_michgan and monroe 642am

Absence of Being by Susan Burnstine

Susan Burnstine’s Absence of Being is a subtly indelible photographic exploration of the philosophical yet emotive belief that although we exist in the perpetual present, the traces of the past persist in the here-and-now, however much they seem to be effaced.

Surfacing | Philip LePage

Surfacing by Philip LePage

Some pain can’t be shared, some truths can’t be acknowledged. In his artists statement Philip LePage states: “25 years ago I woke up in a hospital with no memory of how I had gotten there. A Certain Distance is an ongoing series of images exploring the things I haven’t been able to say to anyone.


Tickets to Dreamland Statement by Diana H. Bloomfield

Amusement parks offer an almost overwhelming kaleidoscopic display of colors, neon lights, endless forms and shapes, and mythical creatures—moving around us at dizzying speeds and directions.


Javier Corso Founder & Director of OAK Stories

At OAK we execute each project with the utmost informative rigor and the highest audiovisual quality. Depending on the subject and the goals we have set for ourselves, we choose the best combination of platforms and means to optimize the dissemination of the resulting work.

Why Drag? | Magnus Hastings

Why Drag? by Magnus Hastings

Magnus Hastings is a portrait photographer whose current series of large-scale photographs, and accompanying book, Why Drag?, focuses on the phenomenal artistry and counter-cultural spirit of the international drag scene.

Surreal portraiture |  Glass Skin | Germaine Persinger

Surreal portraiture by Germaine Persinger

A New York based art photographer and model, Germaine Persinger discovered her passion for visual storytelling and still photography while completing her Masters degree in landscape architecture.

Amidst all the despair and the gloom, perhaps all in not lost. There are still good samaritans who have in recent years tried to brighten at least one day in their dull life by bringing many of them together to celebrate the festival of colour - Holi. I was fortunate enough to be a witness to one such celebration, where the widows throw themselves with unrestrained vigour at the colours being sprayed all around. For a few hours they forget who they are, how they have lived a confined life for years but soak in the festivities all around. Life comes a full circle for them.

Journey of the indian woman by Lopamudra Talukdar

India is a country in a hurry, a country everyone is waking up to and taking notice of. While our scientists are reaching out to the moon our industrialists are taking the world by storm with major acquisitions.

Matrimonial Ties | John Paul Evans

Matrimonial Ties by John Paul Evans

Matrimonial ties is a project that encompasses varied responses and challenges to the historical and cultural significance of the wedding portrait in western culture.

The Way of the Bushmen | Goran Jovic

The Way of the Bushmen by Goran Jovic

Bushmen once were hunters; nowadays they mimic their hunting days for visitors. A hunter knows his bow and arrow. As they search for they prey with such vigilance, even lions seem trepid.

Emotions | Jady Bates

Emotions by Jady Bates

Anger is both relief and a body flood to action; transitory though it may be.
Love is surreal – learning and accepting, joyfully, yourself and others.


Inside the camera bag of Karolina Wojtasik

I’m actually shopping around for a new bag now, with the amount of travel I do they really don’t have a long life. I would say a essential feature is be able to hold my computer comfortably and something that sits well on my back for long days.


AIPAD Photography Show New York 2017

New York (30 Mar – 2 Apr 2017) One of the world’s most prestigious annual photography events, The Photography Show is the longest-running and foremost exhibition dedicated to the photographic medium.

HM The Queen, Buckingham Palace, 2008 © BRYAN ADAMS

Bryan Adams Exposed

Remagen (19 Feb – 20 May 2017) World-famous of course in his own right as a musician and composer, Bryan Adams has established a formidable reputation for himself over the past decade as a photographer of international repute.


Interview with Julie de Waroquier

First of all I love the cover, it’s very catchy and intriguing. The pictures have a great impact on the inside too, and I really enjoyed discovering the other photographers’ works, all very creative.


Chasing Mirrors by Joxe Inazio Kuesta

Many times I read and hear people say that some photographs have souls, that they reflect an essence, that they transmit a purity. And perhaps it is true, because often when I see a photograph taken by me I perceive something that I find difficult to express in words, and that it could well be that soul

Underground Moscow - Berlin | Birka Wiedmaier

Underground Moscow – Berlin by Birka Wiedmaier

In my series, Underground Moscow – Berlin I try to capture these two places in a different way, to show the ongoing movement, the business of the places, where you are in a constant crowd – still alone.

Captura de pantalla 2017-03-24 a las 10.58.22

The Universe of Mitar Terzic

Mitar Terzic presents a phantasmagoric universe with the masks that he draws and makes by himself. Black & white photos, in square format, are both intriguing and poetic and take us into a world where everyone can imagine his own versión of the story.

© Robert Frank

Robert Frank ; American contacts

New York (7 Mar – 8 Apr 2017) First published in France in 1958, then in the United States in 1959, Robert Frank’s “The Americans” exploded onto twentieth-century photography redefining what a photograph and a photography book could mean.


Photo London 2017

London (18 May – 21 May 2017) Photo London has announced the Public Programme for the third edition of the Fair, featuring 87 galleries from 17 countries, Photo London presents new photographers, new work by established Masters and gems from the history of photography.

View of inside the abandoned barracks Serbia, Belgrade main train station. People live there in inhumane conditions.

Warehouse by Szymon Barylski

Serbia, Belgrade near the main train station where around 1,000 people are seeking shelter. Mainly Pakistanis and Afghans live in a derelict warehouse. The warehouse occupied by men and minors, they’re living in extreme conditions

Mom, Dad, Dog | Joachim Michael Feigl

Mom, Dad, Dog by Joachim Michael Feigl

The photographic work mom, dad, dog is concerned with interactions and emotions within families with dogs. For thousands of years, humans and dogs have been living together in intense relationships.


Lath mar Holi by Nilanjan Ray

Lath mar Holi is a local celebration of the Hindu festival of Holi. It takes place well before the actual Holi in the town of Barsana near Mathura in the state of Uttar Pradesh.


Inside the camera bag of Marcello Perino

The photographic equipment I take with me in my bag varies a lot depending on the journey I decide to embark on and the type of photography I decide to do; for example, if I decide to do street photography only, the equipment I bring is the following


Photo basel 2017

Basel (14 Jun – 18 Jun 2017) Photo basel, Switzerland’s first and only international art fair dedicated to the photographic medium, is delighted to announce its gallery list for the third edition.


Dangling Conversation by Janez Vlachy

It is always great fun and an adventure to look at Vlachy’s work, old or new. For quite some years, as in his first series Nudes, he is pursuing the same conceptual path In his new Dangling Conversation series.

Omri Shomer | Street photographer

Omri Shomer ; Street photographer

Omri Shomer is a street photographer, 34 years old, based in israel. He recently married to Tamar, and a father of Noam,his daughter. He started to take photographs at age 13, both stills and video.


Albinism by Georgina Goodwin

Georgina Goodwin / These images are of people with Albinism taken on assignment for CNN during the world’s first Mr and Ms Albinism Pageant held in October 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya.

Ghost Town ni Naru by Jasmin Gendron

Ghost Town ni Naru by Jasmin Gendron

Its a project that suggests a questioning about human decisions in which he presents an aspect of the Japanese culture that does not conform the idea of Japan.