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Marco Mazzei is italian and he was born in 1978. His passion for photography is related to his passion for traveling.
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Marco Mazzei is italian and he was born in 1978. His passion for photography is related to his passion for traveling.

He says that he simply likes to photograph what attracts his curiosity. He also loves shooting analog and to develop films in his own darkroom. Marco likes all kinds of photography and Street Photography is one of his favorite.


Picture N. 1 : I took this picture in the center of Rome at the beginning of spring 2013. There was a little bright light created by the sun between two buildings. On the background there was a beautiful wall of a very old building. I positioned myself opposite to the light and i waited for the right charachters to take a picture.


Picture N. 2 : I took this picture in the center of Rome at the beginning of spring 2013. It was early in the morning and all stores were opening. I presume that the man standing there was waiting to open the store and he was waiting inside the store looking outside as you can see from the picture.


Picture N. 3 : August 2013, NYC, 5th Avenue. | It was a beautiful morning with a beautiful light. While i was walking i noticed this man with that nice dress and the great contrast between ligh and shadow and took the picture.


Picture N. 4 : August 2013, NYC, 5th Avenue. | 5th Avenue stands for fashion and shopping. When i noticed this woman with this beautiful hat i couldn’t resist to take her picture.


Picture N. 5 : August 2013, NYC | I asked to that lady if i could take a picture of her. This picture is unstaged as she was getting ready for me to take pictures and suddenly i took a picture. I also have other pictures of her when she was watching the camera and staging the pictures. I loved the natural and sensuality of this lady.


Picture N. 6 : August 2013, NYC, 5th Avenue. (Tiffany Buiding) | I was standing at the corner of the street waiting for something going on to take a picture. As you know 5th Avenue is really crowded but there was a moment that that spot was completely empty and that lady was so centered to the corner and very focused on her phone. Since she was very focused i had the time to position myself i order to give a good geoometric apperance to the picture.


Picture N. 7: August 2013, NYC, 5th Avenue. | Standing at the corner i noticed this very beautiful woman walking and took the picture. I like her dress and her class.


Picture N. 8: August 2013, NYC, 5th Avenue. | While walking i noticed that on the other side of the road there was this Jewish man. He was extremely focused reading his book. After 30 seconds i decided that i had to cross the road and take his picture. Once i reached the man since he was very focused to read his book also this time i was very lucky to have time to position myself right in front of hime and take his picture.


Picture N. 9: August 2013, NYC, 5th Avenue. (Trump Tower) | While walking i noticed a man nice dressed man talking with Trump Tower guard and i took their picture. After i noticed that the man had his eyes closed and the other man looks like he wants to waking him up. Obviously is only my imagination but i like that effect.


Picture N. 10: Broadway, NYC, August 2013. | While walking i noticed this man. He was a street vendor. I like the way he was dressed.


Picture N. 11: August 2013, NYC, 5th Avenue | I saw this man walking on the sidewalk. I decided to be in fron of him so i could face him and take his picture. Therefore i used to go his direction with a faster pace. Once i made sure that i was ahead of him enough to turn around and position myself to take a picture i stopped, i turned around and took his picture.


Picture N. 12: NYC August 2013 | I was waiting for the train and i noticed this scenario. It made me remember something back in the time, something old. There was only this man and i loved how the train station looks.


Picture N. 13: NYC August 2013. | In this picture i was attracted by the shadows, the strong colors and light.


Picture N. 14: Chefchaouen 2012 | During a motorcycle trip in Maroc we decided to visit the beautiful town of Chefchaouen. One of the reasons why this city is famous is that the majority of the houses are blue. It was middle june and in Maroc gets really hot in that period. Apparently the lady in the picture was seated in the shadow to escape from the high temperature. I was attracted by the strong colors and contrast between the blue of the house and the lady dress. There is also a little kid hiding behind the door playing with that lady.


Picture N. 15: Jakarta 2012. | I was walking near the sea at Ancol, Jakarta. I noticed these two men and the beautiful background.


Picture N. 16: Manhattan, 8 Avenue, August 2013 | When i saw this lady dressed like a hippy i couldn’t resist to take her picture. I wanted to give to this picture this vintage tone.

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