Interview with Philippe Marchand

Born in 1961, Philippe Marchand lives in Nantes in Brittany (West of France). He shares his time between illustration and advertisement works and more personal photography projects.
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Tell us a little about yourself?

I am a self-taught photographer, I am a professional since twenty years and I lives in Nantes in Brittany. I love to be dragged out of the comfort of my house to admire the unique light and atmosphere of the Breton coast, whatever the weather.

What was your first camera?

I discovered photography when I was 16 through a friend who was studying art. He lent me an old Russian camera of his, a Zenith E.

Why do you love photography? ¿Why did you start taking pictures?

I have an endless admiration for those writers who in a few sentences are able to evoke the touch of rain on skin or the smell of a crushed mint leaf between ones fingers. The work I want to develop concern the emotions that the sea
Can inspire in each of us through evocative images and not the Translation of a reality. Shooting is the first part of a process which also includes a long “dark room” work to try to recreate the “Feeling” of the moment.

Who are your influences?

It is whilst looking at Jean Loup Sieff’s photos that the importance of mastering lab
work was revealed to me. Otherwise, I very much like the works of Sally Mann and Michael Kenna. I was also influenced by some writers, like Jack london and Alain Fournier etc…

How do you describe your photographic style?

My photographic style is based on feelings. I am trying to capture the atmosphere of places and poetry and mystery that surrounds it. What kind of impression do you hope to leave upon other’s who see your photographs? I would like my photos are fragments of history which speaks to everyone’s imagination

What projects are you currently working on?

Currently I work for different companies, and I continue my project around Seafarers

What aspects of photography are challenging for you?

In the last decade photographic technology has developed incredible tools for photographers, you just have to remember that this is not the pen that is the writer. The most important thing is to master the technique that you will achieve the image youhave in mind

What tips or hints do you have to share with aspiring photographers?

Copy the photographers you admire and you will find your own style

Any final thoughts?

I wish a long life and much success to Dodho magazine

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