Cyanotypes by Ruediger Beckmann


Ruediger Beckmann has been working as a photographer for 16 years now. He has come across sheer beauty, vanity, attraction, but also self-doubt, vulnerability, prejudice and resentment.

The main objective is a a reflection, an attempt to capture the reason why we are actually portrayed so often and so differently, depending on our needs and our current state of mind.

It has become a trip towards self-consciousness as the work with every single person progresses over the years.
All photos are analog medium format. A selection has been transferred into Cyanotypes.

In 2010 the artist issued a workbook called »Beyond Vanity« in German and English. [Official Website]

Since 2005 the findings are regularly exhibited at group and solo shows in Germany and Austria.

 Ruediger Beckmann

 Ruediger Beckmann  Ruediger Beckmann  Ruediger Beckmann  Ruediger Beckmann photographer_reclining portrait rough_cyano white_shirt_portrait russian_girl




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